Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Doug Steele: running with the devil solo lesson

VH: Runnin' with the Devil Solo

Andres Ludmer: jason becker lesson


Victor de Andres: tribute to randy rhodes

Backing track and tab

Como tocar Crazy train de Ozzy osbourne en la guitarra.

Artur Cabanas: from sagrada familia to montjuic

A cool solo video from Artur Cabanas based in Barcelona, one of my favourite cities!

artur cabanas - yamaha guitar hero 2

Web Sites:


Artur Cabanas, Guitarrist in Barcelona. Im a guitarrist and songwriter in Barcelona and my first rock solo album will be released online at the end of April. The band members are: Artur Cabanas (guitar and composition), Carlus RamiĆ³ (bass), Frank Hinojosa (voice), Roger Guardia (drums) and Dany Campos Danytec (keyboards).

After attending and receiving a music education in several music schools in Barcelona; I developed and improved my music skills as a self-taught guitarist in numerous concerts, jams and recording sessions. I also worked making arrangements for the production company Linfinit.
At present, I work as a guitar and combo teacher in the music school Akords and I play in the band The Sleepwalkers. I also perform in television shows as an extra.
I played my song Moksha in the YAMAHA GUITAR HERO II final contest, which took place in the Artist Factory (Madrid) last March 15th. Artur Cabanas is a guitarrist and songwriter in Barcelona and his first rock solo album will be released soon.

After attending and receiving a music education in several music schools in Barcelona; Artur developed and improved his music skills as a self-taught guitarist in numerous concerts, jams and recording sessions. He also worked making arrangements for the production company LInfinit.

At present, he use to work as a guitar and combo teacher in a music school (Akord's) and he plays in the Country Rock Band The Sleepwalkers. He also performs in television shows as an extra.

He played his song Moksha in the YAMAHA GUITAR HERO II final contest, which took place in the Artist Factory (Madrid, March 15th '09). His live performance was recorded in video in which you can see him playing with a yamaha 112v

Dallton Santos: the audio sessions

Some mor ecool guitar playing from Dallton... enjoy!

Audio Sessions : Sorry Mr Sco

Alberto Carcano: bumblebee at 200bpm

Alberto Carcano back with another classic!

Flight of the Bumble Bee - 8 Tapping guitar (200 bpm)

Parker Wallace: slimer, epic win flowing through this shred this entry

You know it's good when Rob Chappers says:
The word Epic does not adequately describe the win flowing from this video ;-)
I got so excite I had to post:
There are not enough stars for this effort.. Shred junior, Shred Medium, Shred Moogle love this!!! Fantastic job! That guy in the car as well!!! LOL Get out of the way NOOB! Brilliant!!!!

Parker Wallace aka Slimer and his getaway sidekick driver Slob deliver there very own "Shred This":
This is Slimer's entry for the shred this competition, he is 9 yrs old and has been playing for only 4 weeks! Thanks Laurie for your support to guitarists all over the world! Thanks to Tom for the awesome backing track! Thanks to whoever else is involved that i left out!

shred this competition entry- Slimer

Slimer playing heavens door after only playing guitar for 3 weeks!

Slimerplaying Heavens door

Jack Gardiner: by your side ballad!

OK we are back in business thanks to Gatsby and the google boys! I missed some time but I hope to catch up!

Jack Gardiner says:
This one's a bit different from what i usually do i suppose. I wanted to go for a more melodic approach but demonstrate some use of technique. I don't know whether it works but ahh well :) I enjoy improvising over this kind of backing!! I hope you guys like this! I wrote this with the image of someone close to me in mind. I hope it portrays this! Thanks again guys. Comments/subscribers/ratings are much appreciated!!

Very tasteful Jack, great to see original compositions!

'By Your Side' Orginal Composition (Jack Gardiner)

Alex Hunter: tribute to shawn lane

One of my all time favorite songs. Written by that genius Shawn Lane. Great song, great time to test out my new PC and cameras! Let me know what you think.
same here Alex, great job mate!

Alex Hunter Plays "Get You Back" (720p)

Luc Oggel: tribute to john petrucci

Luc-O: Under A Glass Moon solo

Bill Ruppert: after mission at orange... just face it!

Total guitar nuts like me recall Bill Ruppert from his appearance on the track "Face it" from Mark Varney Guitar One the Edge Volume 1 CD and also on Guitar Techniques Mission at Orange solo lesson, so it was really cool to catch up with Bill Ruppert again!

Bill Ruppert says:
My name is Bill Ruppert and I thought this would be of interest to your viewers.

I have developed a video series for the effect pedal company Electro-Harmonix called "Effectology."

Every two weeks I present a new video on how to produce "impossible" sounds using just a regular guitar and EHX effect pedals.

This week I recreate the synthesizer classic "Autobahn" by the band Kraftwerk.

All sounds were created using just a regular guitar and effect pedals! No keyboards, samplers or midi pickups were used.

Nine examples of what is possible

Electro-Harmonix Effectology

The "How To" info and settings are here:

Thank you for your help. I think this would be fun for your viewers to see.

Vinnie Moore: chiari 28-07-2009

Vinnie Moore & Arrhythmia Voodoo Chile Jam@Chiari (bs) 28.07.09

Kee Marcello: live at gasoline

ARRHYTHMIA AND KEE MARCELLO live@Gasoline 06.10.09

Marco Iacobini: seicorde clinic

Marco Iacobini Clinic@Seicorde

Alex Stornello: great clinic video posted

Clinic Alex Stornello@Seicorde

Clinic Alex Stornello@Seicorde

News: bandcentral!

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  • Kelly Simonz: open house

    Four videos featuring Kelly Simonz

    Kelly Simonz open house

    Chris Pallas: the camera may be bust but the playing isn't... shred this!

    Truth In Shredding fans should recall Chris Pallas for his recent win of the Sound Of Summer petruccifever competition, so I really appreciate the time taken to get this one live.

    Chris Pallas says:
    Hi friends! This is my entry for the "Shred This" competition held by Rick Graham, Tom Quayle and Laurie Monk (thanks so much for the organization guys, you're making all youtube guitarists communicate and unite as one)!

    This video has some great new stuff from me:
    1) New HD cam *which is defunct so I recorded at the 2nd best resolution cause it was messing badly*, probably not so great video quality for HD but hey, it's my first time here
    2) First video with the sound of my Mesa Boogie properly recorded with a decent mic (channel 2 was used, big challenge for me to play with a mid-gain sound) and lastly
    3) First *home* video that I am playing standing u! lol xD
    Also some post-production was done to polish the track with some effects and an intro!

    Anyway, the backing track proved really really inspiring and at least I had a great time playing over it, let's hope you'll have equally great time watching it :)

    Peace and good luck to all my co-competants!

    Chris Pallas - "Shred This" Competition Entry

    Fran Alonso: shred this, ala las palmas 2!

    Yes Fran Alonso is back again, based in Gran Canaria, on the north of the island. With his second entry to the Shred This competition. More fiery rock licks and some cool harmony guitar augmentation to the backing track. If your in Las Palmas and you see Fran Alonso, say hi and good shredding mate!

    Fran Alonso - Shred This Competition (Second Entry)