Bill Ruppert: after mission at orange... just face it!

Total guitar nuts like me recall Bill Ruppert from his appearance on the track "Face it" from Mark Varney Guitar One the Edge Volume 1 CD and also on Guitar Techniques Mission at Orange solo lesson, so it was really cool to catch up with Bill Ruppert again!

Bill Ruppert says:
My name is Bill Ruppert and I thought this would be of interest to your viewers.

I have developed a video series for the effect pedal company Electro-Harmonix called "Effectology."

Every two weeks I present a new video on how to produce "impossible" sounds using just a regular guitar and EHX effect pedals.

This week I recreate the synthesizer classic "Autobahn" by the band Kraftwerk.

All sounds were created using just a regular guitar and effect pedals! No keyboards, samplers or midi pickups were used.

Nine examples of what is possible

Electro-Harmonix Effectology

The "How To" info and settings are here:

Thank you for your help. I think this would be fun for your viewers to see.