Parker Wallace: slimer, epic win flowing through this shred this entry

You know it's good when Rob Chappers says:
The word Epic does not adequately describe the win flowing from this video ;-)
I got so excite I had to post:
There are not enough stars for this effort.. Shred junior, Shred Medium, Shred Moogle love this!!! Fantastic job! That guy in the car as well!!! LOL Get out of the way NOOB! Brilliant!!!!

Parker Wallace aka Slimer and his getaway sidekick driver Slob deliver there very own "Shred This":
This is Slimer's entry for the shred this competition, he is 9 yrs old and has been playing for only 4 weeks! Thanks Laurie for your support to guitarists all over the world! Thanks to Tom for the awesome backing track! Thanks to whoever else is involved that i left out!

shred this competition entry- Slimer

Slimer playing heavens door after only playing guitar for 3 weeks!

Slimerplaying Heavens door