Monday, 21 September 2009

News: violin shredding!

Bryan Aspey: tribute to Racer X

Super sound on his guitar, Bryan Aspey adding his own unique twist on this Racer X solo... one mean sounding amp... this guy shreds!

When attempting to hang with the masters of Terrifying Guitar, you know that you've GONE TOO FAR! Here goes a shot at full speed.

Racer X - Gone Too Far (solos)

Memo Master: early morning shred

As part of the service Truth In Shredding is providing, keeping you up to date with the latest guitar related news, reviews and interviews, we want to build up the promotional aspect of the blog. What I am looking for is new, high quality videos for the Truth In Shredding YouTube Channel... you can found out about the details in this post.

Memo Master amazing shred, just 19 and with 4 years playing behind him. Here he has an early morning jam running over a number of his techniques.

Memo Master is the first guitar player to take advantage of the Truth In Shredding promotion offer. You can find more details:

Memo Master: morning shred

Joe Stump: metal express radio interview

JOE: Cool question. I’ve always loved to play and enjoy practicing. On the road everybody’s got their laptop out looking for a wireless connection and I’m over in the corner of the dressing room playing away. In my younger days, I played continuously 6-8 hours a day at least and that continued on when I was gearing up for my early solo recordings. I still practice all the time -- at least 3 to 5 hours a day when I’ve got a day off. And at Berklee, I’m there 3 full days a week (when I’m not touring) with a guitar in my hands playing and teaching high tech shred/speed metal anywhere from 6-10 hours/day. I feel very blessed that I spend everyday doing what I love and I’m always trying to improve as a player and overall musician.

MER: Can you read sheet music as quickly as you can play?

JOE: I can read. I really only read when helping my Berklee guitar students trying to develop their reading skills and I also play various classical things on my own: Bach violin sonatas, partitas, inventions, Paganini caprices, etc. I have used sections of classical pieces in my recordings and sometimes I’ll just work on a classical bit because it’s a different kind of discipline than Hard Rock/Metal/Shred stuff and always quite humbling. But I’m not a monster sight reader by any means as what I do doesn’t require it, but it’s a nice skill to have.
full interview

Fredrik Thordendal: bleeding New Zealand tour dates!

MESHUGGAH will play two shows in New Zealand in March 2010.

The band's schedule is now shaping up as follows:

Jan. 16 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Danish Metal Awards
Feb. 20 - Brisbane, Australia - RNA Showgrounds
Feb. 21 - Sydney, Australia - Eastern Creek Raceway
Feb. 26 - Melbourne, Australia - Showgrounds
Feb. 27 - Adelaide, Australia - Bonython Park
Mar. 01 - Perth, Australia - Steel Blue Oval
Mar. 03 - Wellington, New Zealand - SFBH
Mar. 04 - Auckland, New Zealand - Transmission Room

Tom Hess: working on vibrato technique

Guitar Vibrato Technique

Saggese Francesco Antonio: another good day to shred!

more high density note rippage from Saggese Francesco Antonio, shred!


Rob Johnson: shred tactics II

Clip from Rob Johnson's Chops From Hell Instructional DVD "Shred Tactics II" available at

Rob Johnson's Shred Tactics II Sampler



News: how to tune a guitar!

At last I can tune my guitar... yes, pitch pipes not working for me. I'd though of getting one of those electronic tuners for shred medium... but may be following these methods will help ;)

Learn all the tricks how professionals tune an electric guitar or acoustic guitar. This tutorial covers everything from how to set up your guitar, how to check intonation, how to fret correctly, different tuning methods, western 12-tone equal standard tuning system, different tuners and much more. Custom

HOW to TUNE a GUITAR 01 | Electric Acoustic - always perfectly in tune



Joop Wolters: still fighting the credit crunch

Joop Wolters speels it out nice and clear... it's tough in guitar land at the moment. !

Jopp Wolters says:
Yes the fourth album is coming along at the moment. I am in the process of selecting and finishing songs that will be on the final CD, it all has to make sense together... and I am still writing new material in between... I never stop with that...

As all of us, I feel the impact of the crisis all too clearly, I am not left out and in order to finish the fourth CD I am still trying to save a budget for the studio's, mastering, artwork, studio-musicians (if necescary...etc....) just to finish it the way I want it to be and that it will be the best possible product. Unfortunatly record sales are so low for the last few years that it is not possible to invest even money earned from selling CD's back into producing the music..!!.. so I have to invest out of my own pocket again!!

Anyway still gonna finish the CD and dedicate this fourth release to the the people that showed real long time support and heartfelt dedication to my music. I guess in the beginning of 2010 it can see the daylight if everything goes right...

You can help Joop out by buying his music from Lion music

TD Clark: master class, tickets available

I am hosting a Guitar Master Class on Saturday October 10th from 1 to 3 P. M. at Studio T in Aurora.

We will cover Soloing and using Scales and Arps melodically in your soloing, plus writing a great song, How do we do it? We will learn new scales and arps and approaches to using those new scales and arps in class with backing tracks.

Each participant will get and information packet full of scales and arps and tabbed out exercises to work on. Plus each will also receive a jam tracks disc to work on applying those new techniques at home.

Cost is $70 for the 2 hour workshop

RSVP space is limited

Chris Impellitteri: 100 greatest guitar players all time...

Chris Impellitteri is in this months Classic Rock Magazine issue titled 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time, as chosen by the 100 greatest living guitarists. If I see it I'll publish it!

Impellitteri "Last of a Dying Breed" Music Video

Joel Rivard: ready for a new CD

I contacted Joel Rivard, uber player from Liquid Notes records JAM CD, to find out what he's been up to since the JAM release.

Joel Rivard says
I've been doing a lot of jazz gigs over the last 5 years that's about it.
Right now I'm working on a fusion instrumental CD. Not sure yet if it will have real drums or programmed, depends on record labels $$ status.

I've been playing a LOT though, hopefully it will show on new recordings. My chops are out of control but the trick is to somehow make music with it :)

Which sounds really great to me... waiting with anticipation. In the meantime you should grab a copy of the towering JAM release.

J.A.M. : J.A.M.

A magical marriage of hard rock, jazz, blues, metal and fusion by 3 of guitar's most exciting practicioners, Joel Rivard, Alessandro Benvenuti and Milan Polak. With guest key solos from Lale Larson.
Genre: Rock: Progressive Rock
Release Date: 2004
  • Download Album (MP3)
  • Buy CD

News: Rush charity auction

Grapes Under Pressure presents...
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **the Grapes for Humanity Charity Auction
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **At 5:00 pm today, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson will launch an auction of rock memorabilia on eBay as part of their Grapes Under Pressure initiative in support of Grapes for Humanity, an organization that helps to raise funds to benefit humanitarian causes around the world with the assistance of the international wine community.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Included in this auction will be:
  • A Geddy Lee Signature Fender Jazz bass AND a rare Garrison G-50E Custom Acoustic guitar used by Alex on the Snakes & Arrows tour. They have both been signed by Geddy and Alex as well as by members of Depeche Mode, TOOL,The Fray, Pearl Jam, Judas Priest and many more in Support of Grapes for Humanity.

  • A Gibson Les Paul Axcess "Custom Shop" guitar which was used by Alex Lifeson in a recent secret session. The guitar will be autographed and will be accompanied by a signed photo of Alex with the Guitar.

  • A Sabian Paragon Diamondback Chinese 20" Cymbal, from Neil Peart's personal kit, with Neil's signature

  • A rare limited edition Airstream Epiphone Trailer Park Boys "The Movie" guitar signed by Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Geddy and Alex.

  • A Jane's Addiction prize pack which includes a signed cymbal and poster from their most recent tour with NIN.

To check out these items online, please follow this link:( and BID.Grapes Under Pressure

ALL proceeds will be directed to Grapes for Humanity

The focus of Grapes for Humanity is to provide a better quality of life for victims and survivors of disasters. We help these individuals become self-sufficient citizens to go on to lead fulfilling and productive lives. Funds are raised through various international wine events, wine auctions, corporate and private home wine tastings. Through our partners we direct the proceeds of these events to those in immediate need. Grapes for Humanity is an organization that is run on the strength of its volunteers. We pride ourselves on the fact that all monies raised go directly to our chosen partner.

The chosen partner for this auction is HALO for their on-going work with victims of landmines in Angola. The money we raise through the on-line auction will be matched by the Julia Burke Foundation in California.

As part of the CITY SONIC short films being premiered at TIFF, Geddy Lee takes viewers on a tour of the historic Massey Hall with director Bruce McDonald. Rush ended their 2112 tour with sold-out concerts in June of 1976 at Massey Hall, which were recorded for the double-live album All the World's A Stage. It was a first for Rush, but not the first time singer/bassist Geddy Lee felt magic on the legendary stage at Massey.

See behind the scenes here:

Geddy Lee on Massey Hall:

Geddy Lee on Massey Hall:


Alex Lifeson in SUCK:

SUCK, the new film from director/writer Rob Stefaniuk, is a "rock and roll vampire flick: which features cameos by Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, Moby - and Alex Lifeson as the border guard. To Read more about SUCK 'Click Here.'

Geddy Lee on Massey Hall:Suck

Tom Kopyto: picking sequences

Clip from Tom Kopyto's Chops From Hell Instructional DVD "Picking Sequences & Modes" available at

Tom Kopyto's Picking Sequences & Modes Sampler



Akira Takasaki: loudness 1989 2

Loudness - S.D.I. (Live at Tokyo Dome, Japan, 1989) HD

Loudness - Running for Cover (Live at Tokyo Dome, Japan, 1989) HD

Loudness - Crazy Doctor (Live at Tokyo Dome, Japan, 1989) HD

News: marshall haze demo!

Guitar World presents Gear Spotlight, a segment featuring the latest and greatest gear available to guitar players.

Today the spotlight is on the new Marshall HAZE 15 amplifier.

Gear Spotlight: Marshall HAZE 15

Victor de Andres: bachenker

Bach meets Michael Schenker.

Luke Fortini: space travel

Instrumental shred song composed and performed by italian guitarist Luke Fortini

Space Travel

Osman Cenan Cigil: kandirdim solo

Kenan Dogulu - Kandirdim Solo Played by Osman Cenan CIGIL

Elliot Noble: tribute to Rusty Cooley... 15 years old!

Rusty Cooley Sweep Picking Arpeggios by Elliot Noble

Joop Wolters: facebook fan page

Joop Wolters has a facebook fan page... join him!

A reminder of just how great Joop is... his really cool Shred This entry!


Dragianni: give me a riff

The mini epics continue. Dragianni manages to add a significant amount of musical flesh to the drum bones backing track... enjoy!

Dragianni - Give Me A Riff Competition Entry

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: metalichika tour reviews

Thanks to Jenn for the info

Here are three concert reviews from Mr. Big's recent mini-tour of Spain.


Madrid "collected in the wild":

Madrid "e-mailed to me":

Photos and videos are included in every review.

News: the gear page

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