Joop Wolters: still fighting the credit crunch

Joop Wolters speels it out nice and clear... it's tough in guitar land at the moment. !

Jopp Wolters says:
Yes the fourth album is coming along at the moment. I am in the process of selecting and finishing songs that will be on the final CD, it all has to make sense together... and I am still writing new material in between... I never stop with that...

As all of us, I feel the impact of the crisis all too clearly, I am not left out and in order to finish the fourth CD I am still trying to save a budget for the studio's, mastering, artwork, studio-musicians (if necescary...etc....) just to finish it the way I want it to be and that it will be the best possible product. Unfortunatly record sales are so low for the last few years that it is not possible to invest even money earned from selling CD's back into producing the music..!!.. so I have to invest out of my own pocket again!!

Anyway still gonna finish the CD and dedicate this fourth release to the the people that showed real long time support and heartfelt dedication to my music. I guess in the beginning of 2010 it can see the daylight if everything goes right...

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