Sunday, 11 October 2009

Richie Kotzen: live Bristol Fiddlers 09-10-2009 part I

Brilliant Show. Richie Kotzen is just amazing. One of the finest singers I have heard... then add to this some of the best guitar playing I've heard.... just killer. If you get a chance to see Richie live then you must go!

The remaining dates:
Oct 12th: Robin 2, WOLVERHAMPTON
Oct 13th: 12 Bar, SWINDON
Oct 15th: Rio’s, LEEDS
Oct 16th: Club Academy, MANCHESTER
Oct 18th: Trillians, NEWCASTLE
Oct 19th: The Classic Grand, GLASGOW
Oct 20th: The Caves, EDINBURGH

Richie Kotzen: live Bristol Fiddlers 09-10-2009

Chris Geden: photos and blogs!

What with his photo talents... Chris also builds web sites and does a little blogging on the side! His blog covers upcoming musicians.

Check out Virtuosic Synergy:

Daniele Gottardo: is on twitter

Daniele Gottardo is on Twitter:

Rob Chappers, Eddie Kramer, Chris Geden: Chris's photo delight

Some super cool photos from Chris Geden... here is a sample

Check out all photos:

Guthrie Govan, Andy Wood: suhr promo

Here's a sneak preview of an upcoming full-page ad in Guitar World's holiday issue. Thanks to Andy Wood and his management for their help in putting this ad together. The ad is really more about the players than the gear and I like it that way. These guys deserve all the attention that they can get and the Guitar World audience is probably a better target for them than Guitar Player. It definitely has a younger demographic. Guthrie and Andy are generating a lot of buzz in certain guitar circles (like right here!) and deservedly so. I'm happy for them.

Ruggero Robin: live show date

Host: Ruggero Robin
Start Time: Wednesday, 14 October 2009 at 21:00
End Time:Thursday, 15 October 2009 at 00:00
Location: Grill Pub Ristorante "Le Bronse Querte" Via Mestrina,19 Veggiano inizio ore 21.00

Simone Fiorletta: guitar9 interview

Guglielmo Malusardi: Here we are with your third release. You're one musician that comes up with titles for good reasons (and not just you need it to title each song), so let's start with the meaning of "When Reality Is Nothing".

Simone Fiorletta: You know when you're listening to tracks you're particularly linked to, and while listening to them you start travelling through memories, or unexplored places? Well, that's it! I mean this kind of sensation exactly, the power of music carrying one above the everyday reality.

Referring to each track individually, I can tell you that the one entitled "Thanks" is to express my gratitude to my parents. "My Brother", as you can easily guess, was inspired by my brother. "Dance In The City" was composed thinking of all of the times you go out purely for enjoyment. "I Believe In You" was written while my girlfriend was preparing for her thesis and I wanted to show her my support. Her life inspired me on another song, entitled "Loneliness In Your Eyes". I wrote this track when she was having a bad time due to a bereavement. On "Laura", I imagined what my girlfriend would be like if she was a song. "Oh No, Once Again?" is the follow up to "Brawl in A Saloon" (from the album "My Secret Diary"), you know the typical saloon fights you see in the comical movies, don't you!? "Ehy...What's Up?" was composed thinking of the times you see one of your friends particularly happy and instinctively say, "Hey! What have you been up to?"; Finally, I wrote the song titled "Like a Bird" in reference to birds' flight, which is liberating from everything and everyone, as if in that moment you're living and directing you own dream.

Guglielmo Malusardi: Tell us about the creation process, when did you start to compose tracks?

Simone Fiorletta: I started after a few gigs in a trio called "Surfing With Joe", a Satriani cover band. After this experience, I felt the need to write new material for a solo album, which was last October. Since I teach at music school (called Music Station) in the afternoon, I could only work on it in the mornings; despite that the album was ready in a very short time.
full interview

George Lynch: classic rock interview

George Lynch is in trouble — or at least trouble trails the guitarist's latest tour.

Cruising through Texas to the next Souls of We gig, Lynch keeps his eyes peeled for police cruisers, trades jokes with his band mates and conducts a Classic Rock Revisited interview — all while driving the boys through Lone Star speed traps. It’s enough to stress the most dexterous of multi-taskers, but Lynch shrugs it off.

“It's how things are today,” says Lynch, happy to handle his own affairs after tasting the benefits and drawbacks of “handlers” who scheduled interviews, booked tours and basically coddled rock stars through the ‘80s. Things are different nowadays. With an unstable economy and downsized record industry, many rock artists not only release their own material, but also handle their own business, a DIY ethos that seems cut from Henry Rollins’ life story, not from a guy who played stadiums and toured with Van Halen.

But Lynch isn’t complaining. Many years have passed since Dokken played arenas and ruled the airwaves, and chances of finding “In My Dreams” on Clear Channel play lists are about as likely as Aquanet spraying its way into Lynch’s darker locks. And that suits the guitarist just fine.

“There's so much going on right now. I really keep busy.”

As if designing guitar prototypes for ESP and educating students in his online guitar academy weren’t enough, Lynch has spent the past few years releasing solo material, re-leasing vintage recordings, splashing paint on canvas, exorcising his darker musical demons with Souls of We and resurrecting Lynch Mob, his first taste of musical freedom after parting ways with Dokken. With Oni Logan back behind the microphone and Marco Mendoza and Scott Coogan holding down the rhythm section, the band's as muscular and mighty as ever.

“Oni is sounding great,” says Lynch, happy to welcome his erstwhile writing partner back in the fold. Smoke and Mirrors picks up where Wicked Sensation left off, but digs deeper than its Wicked predecessor — and much deeper than the self-titled sophomore effort released after Wicked.

From “21st Century Man” to “Mansions In The Sky,” Lynch's latest offering promises the game sweaty groove as Wicked Sensation while rekindling the guitarist’s passion for ‘70s rock and timeless blues. The album comes months after another George Lynch announced his arrival. Another Lynch? Well, if Souls of We is any indication, Lynch “suffers” from multiple musical personalities.

Hunger for straight-ahead rock keeps Lynch Mob pumping, while Souls of We explores darker territory. Both vehicles offer catchy melodies that truly rock, but Souls of We owes more to Alice and Chains and Soundgarden than Lynch Mob's more streamlined veneer.

But it's the latter vehicle that has longtime Lynch disciples particularly excited, and they can look forward to a Lynch Mob tour. Some dates might even feature Dokken on the same bill. But Lynch dodges specifics. And attempts to dodge traffic tickets cut short the following interview, leaving questions about future Lynch/Pilson material, a Dokken reunion and reasons for Mick Brown's absence in the Lynch Mob lineup unanswered. But read on as “Mr. Scary” drives the Lynch machine through Texas...
full interview

Nico Stufano: a trace of jazz 1992

I am so pleased I found this one... it's so difficult to find any videos of this guy!

Nico Stufano Quartet -1992
Nico Stufano: guitar
Davide Santorsola: keyboards
Poldo Sebastiani: bass
Mimmo Campanale: drums

Nico Stufano - Trace of jazz - live 1992

Raphael Fraser: spots.. may the force be with you

spotted by Raphael Fraser... LOL cool find dude!

K-ON! Trooper

Tokyo Rock Trooper

Dont Say Lazy

Rusty Cooley: pro shot soloing

Rusty Cooley Live Solo Performance PRO NAMM 2008SHOT

Brett Garsed: matrix gate

Performed live at the St. Andrew's Auditorium, Mumbai on 08/08/2008.

Virgil Donati & Brett Garsed (Matrix Gate)

Paul Gilbert: clinic crossroads

5 videos in this player

Paul Gilbert: Clinic Crossroads

Paul Gilbert @ Clinic Obiettivo Musica Latina

Floyd Fernandes: fluid fusion over giant steps

SICKTASTIC Floyd noodling over Giant Steps at home ..

Floyd's Channel:

Floyd Fernandes - Giant Steps improv

Nat Janoff: in a jazz mood


Jose De Castro,Mattias IA Eklundh, Guthrie Govan,Richard Hallebeek: acoustic

Want to be one of the best on acoustic? Then you'll need a great guitar... Acoustic Glory - Win artist endorsements and gear from Faith Guitars & Shadow electronics

In the meantime checkout the guitar fire power dedicated to delivering acoustic alchemy!

Mattias Ia Eklundh Jose De Castro Guthrie Govan Richard Hallebeek Rares Totu Andrei Balasa in Friendly Jam after Ziua Chitarelor

Kurt Rosenwinkel: tvjazz interview I

(HD) Kurt Rosenwinkel excerpt - interview part 1

Nat Janoff: hitting the jazz

"Shorter Times" performed by Nat Janoff Group. Nat Janoff, guitar; Fran├žois Moutin, bass; Dan Weiss, drums. Recorded @ Michiko Studios NYC 6/10/09.


George Lynch: lords of metal interview

You are seen as a real guitar hero and you’ve even got a Grammy nomination for best instrumental song in 1989 with ‘Mr. Scary’. Doesn’t this label of guitar hero put any pressure on you when releasing new stuff?
It’s a healthy pressure I think. I don’t put any pressure on myself, since I take the whole guitar hero thing with a grain of salt. I don’t think I’m a guitar hero, the real guitar heroes are guys like Hendrix, Page and Clapton. Guys like Randy Rhoads, Warren De Martini, Jake E. Lee and myself are also great guitar players but we’re building on the shoulders of our predecessors if you know what I mean. I don’t take the whole guitar hero thing too seriously.

Have you been following Dokken during the last couple of years? If so, what do you think about their last couple of albums?
I don’t really follow them, I’m aware of them. When a new record comes out, I’ll give it a listen and I’m sure Don will do the same thing with my records. There’s some stuff on their latest album that leaves me flat and there’s also some good stuff on there. The problem I see is that they’re stuck to a certain formula and they try to reconstruct what we have been doing in the eighties, but I don’t know if the special chemistry that we had back then will return.

full interview

Alex Masi: ripped marbled lagoon

Alex Masi looking particularly lean and mean with his marbled lagoon October 2009.

Andy McKee: acoustic

Want to be one of the best... you'll need a good acoustic... win one: Acoustic Glory - Win artist endorsements and gear from Faith Guitars & Shadow electronics... looking for some tips and pointers, check out one of the best!

Andy McKee - Guitar - Drifting -

Joe Stump, Mike Orlando, Rob Balducci: guitar revolution

Promo for upcoming show

Pamela Moore: acoustic

Gratuitous Acoustic guitar photo: Win one of your own

Jayce Landberg: new CD on the way

Jayce Landberg:
We're glad to announce that all mixing sessions for the new upcoming album have finally been completed and the recordings will now be mastered by Martin Kronlund in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Three of the songs featured on the album have also been recorded in a totally different version and might be released seperatly or as bonus songs in the future.

A released date is expected in Europe for January/February at the latest.

Richie Kotzen: super fan channel

Video's photo's music... check it out and make friends with Michelle Holland

Oct 11th: Mr. Kyps, POOLE
Oct 12th: Robin 2, WOLVERHAMPTON
Oct 13th: 12 Bar, SWINDON
Oct 15th: Rio’s, LEEDS
Oct 16th: Club Academy, MANCHESTER
Oct 18th: Trillians, NEWCASTLE
Oct 19th: The Classic Grand, GLASGOW
Oct 20th: The Caves, EDINBURGH

Lalle Larsson: beautiful keyboard solo

Lalle Larsson Keyboard solo from the Calprog festival 2009. The Power Of Two US tour - Agents Of Mercy & Karmakanic show. Whittier California.

Karmakanic at Calprog 2009 - Lalle Larsson keyboard solo

Shawn Lane: not again 1992

Here Shawn Lane and the Powers of Ten Band play "Not Again", at Neil's club, Memphis, TN, on the 16th Oct 1992.
They played this tune twice at this show (two sets i presume). This was the 1st version of "Not Again" from this show.

Shawn Lane - Not Again (ver.1) (Neil's Club, Memphis - 16th Oct 1992)

Shawn Lane: rice with angels 1996

Here is Shawn Lane, Jonas Hellborg and Jeff Sipe playing "Rice with the Angels", at Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, on the 16th August 1996.

For this video clip i replaced the original audio (from the camera mic) with the audio taken from the soundboard. It took a whole day to perfectly sync the video up with the new audio just for this clip, but the result is worth it! :-)

Hellborg, Lane, Sipe - Rice with the Angels (Ziggy's - 16th Aug 1996) *WITH REPLACED AUDIO*

Charles Shaughnessy: chopstix fusion live

Live Improvisation at a Piano bar in Washington

Charlie Shaughnessy - Fusion Live at CHOPSTIX 10/7/09

Vinnie Moore: USA TOUR 2009 on 7th October - Diesel Club Lounge - Pittsburgh - PA - USA

Obviously the guy who filmed this did not get the full body cavity search for cameras that I had when UFO visited Bristol, UK

USA TOUR 2009 on 7th October - Diesel Club Lounge - Pittsburgh - PA - USA


Only You Can Rock Me

Mystery Train - UFO

Jose De Castro: Bucuresti 12/09/09 2

Jose De Castro Master Class @ Ziua Chitarelor 12 09 09

Alex Hunter: tribute toe Eddie Van Halen

Alex Hunter:
Live footage of Alex Hunter playing EVH's Eruption. Me playing with Three Legged Billy at the OTT Bike Rally in Nacogdoches, Texas on Sept 18TH 2009. Tommy Stanley on Drums and Buddy Harpham on Bass.

Alex Hunter Plays "Eruption" -LIVE

Robert Conti: conti jazz guitar II

See and hear the new Conti Equity Edition archtop jazz guitar in this 10 minute video of excerpts from a recent live performance in Las Vegas, NV USA. The Conti jazz guitar has been designed to Robert's specifications and comprises everything he has wanted in a six string guitar for the past 40 years. Best of all, the guitar doesn't cost $6,000 or even $3,000. Conti simply wanted to make a high quality guitar, at an affordable price that was within reach of any aspiring jazz guitarist.

As with his nearly 30 educational books and DVDs, Conti has once again raised the bar when it comes to high quality products. Be sure to see photos and read the comments of some very satisfied patrons around the world at
No Modes No Scales Jazz Guitar Education

Robert Conti In Concert 6/24/2009 Jazz Guitar

Antoine Fafard: acoustic tapping and bass excess!

Inspired by the acoustic guitar competition to win $3000 guitar I thought I would check out the state of the art in the acoustic world, so over the coming days I will post some great acoustic players. In the meantime check out the competition details:

Tapping experiment on the Ibanez AEG20E - Transparent Grey acoustic guitar. The live guitar part was recorded direct in from the built-in pickup plus with a Rode NT2 microphone connected throught a HHB Radius 40. Antoine Fafard on guitar.


Antoine Fafard is also an amazing bass player: Bass excerpt of "A Freak Az" from Spaced Out's first album and also featured on the "Live at the Crescendo Festival" CD & DVD. Antoine Fafard on bass.

Spaced Out - A Freak Az (bass excerpt)

Spaced Out - Hell's Loop (bass highlight)

A Tune

Spaced Out - Power Struggle (bass excerpt)

Tom Hess: after you learn the fretboard, add cool phrasing to you solos

Learn The Guitar Fretboard Quickly

Discover how to play great guitar solos with better guitar phrasing.

How To Play Great Guitar Solos With Better Phrasing