Monday, 19 October 2009

Rick Graham: apogee test

Just testing my new Apogee Duet interface with Logic. I've not had much time of late so haven't practiced for a while, hopefully this'll get my fingers moving again :p

Improv (Apogee Duet test)

Adam Hughes Henry: the ashes may be lost but this guy has Clapton down to a tee!

Learn how to harness the power of overwrought facial expressions to enhance your guitar playing.

Eric Clapton Grimace Test

Symetrical patterns Part One: Fusion guitar & The Art of not thinking very much

How exactly did he get that damned awful outside sound (and without even thinking all that much)?
Well, it goes like this....

Fusion guitar The Art of not thinking very much Part Two

John Petrucci: Bologna meet and greet

On 28 October in Bologna hold an event not to be missed for all lovers of progressive band Dream Theater. John Petrucci, at one of four Italian dates of the band, will hold a meeting in Bologna that will answer questions and sign autographs. Almost certainly there will be braced for the possibility that the guitar and amaze the audience with his guitar mastery. Petrucci will meet at 14 fans inside AllforMusic for this Meet & Greet to be held in collaboration with Tomassone Mogar. The Mogar for the occasion will give a Music Man Stealth Black one of the participants. To participate you must book the number 0516490868 or send an email to insert name, telephone number and number of participants.

Tony MacAlpine: ring of fire solo


Mark Boals: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Tony MacAlpine: Guitars, Vocals
Vitalij Kuprij: Keyboards
Philip Bynoe: Bass, Vocals
Virgil Donati: Drums, Vocals

Track list:
Introduction - Prelude For The Oracle
Circle Of Time
City Of The Dead
Vengeance For Blood
Death Row
Dreams Of Empire
[Guitar Solo]
Keeper Of The Flame
[Bass Solo]
[Drums Solo]
The Oracle
[Keyboard Solo]
[Vocal Solo "e lucevan le stelle" from "Tosca"]
Bringer Of Pain *
Face The Fire

Fairytales Won't Die
Ring Of Fire

(Bonus Trucks)
Ring Of Fire Members Interview
Multi Angle (Bringer Of Pain)

Special Bonus

*Ring Of Fire Members Interview
*Multi Angle (Bringer Of Pain)
*Booklet with Live Photos

Tony MacAlpine Guitar Solo with band Ring of Fire. Shot live in Tokyo in 2002...

Ring of Fire - Tony MacAlpine Guitar Solo (Live in Tokyo, 2002)

Richie Kotzen: trail out blow out

A young Richie Kotzen from hs amazing Rock Chops video. I have this in VHS format... but as you can see from the video Richie had mind blowing chops in those Shrapnel days.

Richie Kotzen - Rock Chops ending solo

Gary Moore: quadrant 4

Thanks to Mike Blackburn for spotting this one! This is the fusion version of Gary Moore!


News: blabbermouth hacked?

No news feeds for a couple of days... and this is on the home page:

Roadrunner is down for maintenance.
We'll be back shortly!

Kevin Wyatt: the meaning of truth in shredding

Kevin Wyatt - dubbing John Coltrane GIANT STEPS

Kevin Wyatt - Messin around with a Funky Flight of the Bumblebee

Tony MacAlpine: key to the city

CelticusMaximus says:
Rare video(for some odd reason) of Key To The City, of his criminally underrated masterpiece Maximum Security, if you love Guitar music and don't have this album then get your asses to the shop or online store and get this EPIC motherfucker

Tony MacAlpine: Key To The City

Gary Moore: live in Paris 2008

Live at l'Olympia (Paris) - 11/10/2008 - Parisienne Walkways

Parisienne Walkways (1 of 2)

Parisienne Walkways (2 of 2)

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: Mr Big Paris

Mr. Big - Live in Paris, le Bataclan (09/16/2009)

Mr. Big Live ! (Part 1)

Mr. Big Live ! (Part 2)

Mr. Big Live ! (Part 3)

Richie Kotzen: and the beat goes on!

Richard Wright says:
One of the most talented musicians and performers around. One of the greatest guitarists and singers, a true rock legend and my musical hero. I was lucky enough to chat to him, see him play guitar in a music shop.., as if that wasn't enough I then to have the privilege of being the only fan allowed in soundcheck for the Leeds gig as well as being on the guestlist!

He is a really cool, down to earth guy and very humble. His bassist and drummer were also awesome people and musicians.

The gig needless to say was breathtaking, so much so I went to Manchester the next day to catch the next gig!
photo gallery

09.10.09 Bristol, UK, Fiddlers
11.10.09 Poole, UK, Mr Kyps
12.10.09 Wolverhampton, UK, The Robin 2
13.10.09 Swindon, UK, The 12 Bar
15.10.09 – Rio’s, LEEDS Have a great show Tom and George!
16.10.09 – Club Academy, MANCHESTER
18.10.09 – Trillians, NEWCASTLE

Latest gigs
Oct 19th – Classic Grand, GLASGOW
Oct 20th – The Caves, EDINBURGH
22.10 X-Roads - ROMA (Italy)
23.10 Naima - FORLI' (Italy)
24.10 Bluesiana - VELDEN (Austria)
26.10 Smuget - OSLO (Norway)
28.10 Nord Wind - BARI (Italy)
29.10 Rockaway - MACERATA (Italy)
30.10 Borderline - PISA (Italy)
31.10 Il Peocio - TROFARELLO/TORINO (Italy)
03.11 Jas Rod - MARSEILLE (France)
05.11 Salamandra - BARCELONA (Spain)
06.11 Teatro - LAS PALMAS (Spain)
07.11 Rytmo Y Compas - MADRID (Spain)
08.11 Sala Rockstarlive - BARKADERO/BILBAO (Spain)
10.11 Le Splendid - LILLE (France)
13.11 Le Forum - VAUREAL/PARIS (France)
14.11 Borderij - ZOETERMEER (Holland)
15.11 Bosuil - WEERT (Holland)
17.11 Spirit of 66 - VERVIERS (Belgium)
18.11 Franzis - WETZLAR (Germany)
20.11 Exit Chmelnice - PRAGUE (Czech Republic) buy ticket online: or
21.11 Kulturbastion - TORGAU (Germany)
22.11 Mega Club - KATOWICE (Poland)
24.11 Progresja - WARSAW (Poland)
26.11 Blues Garage - HANNOVER (Germany)
27.11 Hamburg Ballroom - HAMBURG (Germany)
28.11 Uhlenspiegel - LEONBERG (Germany)
30.11 Reigen - WIEN (Austria)
01.11 A38 - BUDAPEST (Hungary)
02.11 Heineken Tower Stage - BRATISLAVA (Slovakia)
04.11 Stonenge - SOAVE/VERONA (Italy)
05.11 Corallo - SCANDIANO/REGGIO EMILIA (Italy)

Some older videos:

Richie Kotzen Doin' What The Devil Says To Do

Richie kotzen - Don´t Wanna Lie

Richie Kotzen - Slow (live) 2003

Richie Kotzen covering Sara Smile by Hall & Oates

Richie Kotzen Something To Say

News: Street Musician goes google friend connect just added google friend connect... I think this is going to be something big... with forum and wiki type functionality being added... so you may want to join soon.

Jeff Kollm​an: Chad Smith's bombastic meatbats tour announced

October 19, 2009 - L.A. all-stars CHAD SMITH'S BOMBASTIC MEATBATS, whose debut album 'Meet The Meatbats' was released on Warrior Records/Universal on September 15, are embarking on a one-week tour of Japan starting October 19. The line-up for these shows features guitarist Jeff Kollman (COSMOSQUAD, GLENN HUGHES), bassist Kevin Chown (UNCLE CRACKER, TED NUGENT), and keyboardist Ed Roth (GLENN HUGHES, RONNIE MONTROSE), along with special guest Kenny Aronoff (JOHN FOGERTY, IOMMI) on drums who is filling in for co-founder Chad Smith (RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, CHICKENFOOT). The MEATBATS will unite with Smith for an exclusive Japanese show in early November as part of the Music Fair Japan 2009, Japan's version of the NAMM show, which runs November 5 through 8 at Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama. Dates are as follows:

Oct. 19 - Hip Shot Japan, Koriyama
Oct. 20 - Junk Box, Sendai
Oct. 21 - The Bottom Line, Nagoya
Oct. 22 - Bigcat, Osaka
Oct. 23 - Club Quattro, Hiroshima
Oct. 24 - Gate's 7, Fukuoka
Oct. 26 - O-East, Shibuya
Nov. 07 - Music Fair Japan, Yokohama

Back on home soil, Kollman is set to invade the Baked Potato, 3787 W. Cahuenga Blvd., Universal City, CA on Friday, October 30 with his long-running trio COSMOSQUAD, featuring drummer Shane Gaalaas (B'z, GLENN HUGHES, MSG). Pete Griffin (ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA) will be guesting on bass, with local guitarist Jeff Marshall also making an appearance.

Last but not least, Jeff Kollman's critically acclaimed 2002 collaboration with UFO vocalist Phil Mogg, $IGN OF 4 - 'Dancing with St. Peter', has been re-mastered and re-issued by Marmaduke Records. Re-christened MOGG & THE SIGN OF 4 - 'Dancing with St. Peter', the CD is available from CD Baby and can also be picked up at UFO shows. The title track, 'Dancing with St. Peter', was recorded by UFO for their current album, 'The Visitor.'

Jan Laurenz: return of the Laurenz attractor

This bloke is consistent;y great... just love his playing... may be it's the mountain air.

Fragile cover by Jan Laurenz on ibanez RG 1820 piezo and roland loop station

Steve Conte: new york guitars new solo album

New York Dolls' Guitar Slinger
to release hot new album


Released in the UK/ Europe on November 30th
by Varese Vintage/Colosseum Music

Ian Gillan

"There is very little genuine rock and roll out there at the moment - but Steve Conte has hit the nail on the head with this one!"
- Steve Lillywhite (producer of U2, Rolling Stones, Morrissey)

To rock and rollers around the globe, the legendary Steve Conte is probably best known as the lead guitarist, songwriter/and backing vocalist in the New York Dolls. Conte is also the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for a raft of other bands including Crown Jewels, The Contes, and his latest incarnation - Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth.

Sonically, The Crazy Truth lies somewhere between garage rock and punk blues with hints of Latin-soul in a dark, smoky lounge. It's the Stooges and the Stones versus Morphine and Tom Waits. The vibe is best described by Conte as "classic roots with a modern twist."

click for hi res

Steve Conte delivers the power, soul and raunch. He's a runaway guitar hero on the edge of falling apart - with the voice of a derelict angel. Drummer Phil Stewart is equal parts Max Roach and Keith Moon while bassist Leeko was weaned on The Clash and old school reggae. Says Conte, "This album sounds like a band playing live because it's drums, bass and guitar together in one room, solos recorded live on the basic tracks, rough and tough. It was like doing a gig. I love playing live with this band because it's all about interplay and the moment. We don't just deliver the songs...we JAM!"

click for hi res
Photo Credit: © Paul Bachmann


1. This Is The End
2. Gypsy Cab
3. Texas T
4. The Goods Are Odd
5. Get Off
6. The Truth Ain't Pretty
7. Her Highness
8. Busload of Hope
9. Strumpet-hearted Monkey Girl
10. Indie Girl
11. Junk Planet

Lyrically, the songs reflect two decades of life and excess in New York City...the distractions troubled souls move toward to fill the emptiness. Dive bars, gambling, sex and drugs. It's all there, but not celebrated with the traditional macho rock attitude. It's more about redemption.

On The Truth Ain't Pretty, Conte sings, "I'm always putting the last things first, that's why I'm starting out with the second verse," while on The Goods Are Odd he croons "Drag queens, drama queens, future ex-porn stars, we're all looking for lovers with beautiful scars."

click for hi res
Photo Credit: © Sherry Rubel

Whether he's the morally bankrupt guy "coming downtown in a Gypsy Cab" (from the standout track Gypsy Cab) or riding a Busload of Hope to Atlantic City, Conte offers a sense of optimism in the song This Is The End - "In the end we transcend - we're divine".

Special guests on the album includes David Johansen (New York Dolls) on harmonica,Catherine Russell (David Bowie) and Nicki Richards (Madonna) on backing vocals, plusDanny Ray (Sylvain Sylvain/Johnny Thunders), Kiku Collins (Beyonce) Tom Timko (StevieWonder) on horns.

The album was mixed by the legendary Niko Bolas (Neil Young, Keith Richards) and mastered by Richard Dodd (Tom Petty, Green Day).

click for hi res

Steve Conte and the New York Dolls on tour in the UK from 2nd December

Steve Conte - Official Web Links

Richie Kotzen: leeds 2009

Great song!! What a great voice and check out the crazy guitar shredding at the end with some awesome sweep picking! WoW!

Richie Kotzen - 'Fooled Again' Leeds UK '09 [HQ]