Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tony Smotherman: bet you can't play this 3

Tony Smotherman lays down the ultimate challenge in this exclusive Guitar World.

Betcha Can't Play This with Tony Smotherman

Richie Kotzen: live Swindon The 12 Bar 13-10-2009

Richie Kotzen: live Swindon The 12 Bar 13-10-2009

09.10.09 – Bristol, UK, Fiddlers
11.10.09 – Poole, UK, Mr Kyps
12.10.09 – Wolverhampton, UK, The Robin 2
13.10.09 – Swindon, UK, The 12 Bar
15.10.09 – Rio’s, LEEDS Have a great show Tom and George!
16.10.09 – Club Academy, MANCHESTER
18.10.09 – Trillians, NEWCASTLE

Well, what can I say, another awesome gig. Great venue, although Richie wasn't happy with the sound on the stage and neither was Demian (not sure if Daniel mentioned it), they couldn't hear themselves properly. This didn't seem to impair their performances though and the crowd loved it.

The venue was really small, it was like they were playing in a pub which I like and Richie, Daniel and Demian make a brilliant combination. Richie's playing was spot on, as were his vocals.

The setlist was similar to the last few gigs, he sang 'everything good', not sure if that was the first time. This week is a blur and now I'm suffering from sleep deprivation LOL

Check out the photos

19.10.09 – Classic Grand, GLASGOW
Got back from this gig not long ago, brilliant venue and great crowd. Once again, Richie and the band were on top form.....they seem to be getting better with each night.

Can't remember the setlist but the encores were Shine and You can't save me.....They did 3 songs for the encore and I can't remember the first.....can anyone help out?

Anyway.....must sleep now zzzzzz

20.10.09 – The Caves, EDINBURGH

Latest gigs
22.10 X-Roads - ROMA (Italy)
23.10 Naima - FORLI' (Italy)
24.10 Bluesiana - VELDEN (Austria)
26.10 Smuget - OSLO (Norway)
28.10 Nord Wind - BARI (Italy)
29.10 Rockaway - MACERATA (Italy)
30.10 Borderline - PISA (Italy)
31.10 Il Peocio - TROFARELLO/TORINO (Italy)
03.11 Jas Rod - MARSEILLE (France)
05.11 Salamandra - BARCELONA (Spain)
06.11 Teatro - LAS PALMAS (Spain)
07.11 Rytmo Y Compas - MADRID (Spain)
08.11 Sala Rockstarlive - BARKADERO/BILBAO (Spain)
10.11 Le Splendid - LILLE (France)
13.11 Le Forum - VAUREAL/PARIS (France)
14.11 Borderij - ZOETERMEER (Holland)
15.11 Bosuil - WEERT (Holland)
17.11 Spirit of 66 - VERVIERS (Belgium)
18.11 Franzis - WETZLAR (Germany)
20.11 Exit Chmelnice - PRAGUE (Czech Republic) buy ticket online: www.ticketstream.cz or www.ticketpro.cz
21.11 Kulturbastion - TORGAU (Germany)
22.11 Mega Club - KATOWICE (Poland)
24.11 Progresja - WARSAW (Poland)
26.11 Blues Garage - HANNOVER (Germany)
27.11 Hamburg Ballroom - HAMBURG (Germany)
28.11 Uhlenspiegel - LEONBERG (Germany)
30.11 Reigen - WIEN (Austria)
01.11 A38 - BUDAPEST (Hungary)
02.11 Heineken Tower Stage - BRATISLAVA (Slovakia)
04.11 Stonenge - SOAVE/VERONA (Italy)
05.11 Corallo - SCANDIANO/REGGIO EMILIA (Italy)

Boris Beceric: Milan's TRex monster competition

Boris Beceric says:
Wee strings and me being sooo tired couldn't stop this one.
This is my entry to Milan's competition...thanx for putting it up!
As always I have no hopes of winning anything since the shred master generals are all bound to enter, so this is to showcase focused playing to support a great song.

Milan Polak's "T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition" - my humble entry

Volker Scheidt: melodic guitar guru 2!

In Vivo Rock Guitar by Volker Scheidt

Fredrik Präntare: tribute to Shawn Lane

Fredrik Präntare with a cover of Epilogue for Lisa.... enjoy

Epilogues for Elisabet

t-cophony: twlight

The music chime the sunset at 5 pm.
This's official image video "twilight" from original DVD.
"Twilight" is my old song from 1st album.

Official website

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tcophony

"夕焼けチャイム" Twilight - T-cophony (From original DVD)

Marcel Coenen: become the Sun Caged bass player!

Posted By: Sun Caged
Hosted By: Sun Caged
When: Wednesday, Oct 28, 2009 6:00 PM
Rehearsal Space
Hombergerweg 74
5973 PH

SUN CAGED is working on their third album at the moment, which is the follow up for the CD “Artemisia”. To promote the third album and beyond SUN CAGED is looking for a motivated Bass Player, see the info below !
RSVP not required
Spread The Word...
» Blog this
» Bulletin this
» Invite more people


- No starter, experience and skills wanted. Think about names like Les Claypool, Geddy Lee, Jaco Pastorius, Gary Willis and so on.
- Own Equipment and Own transportation
- Low “B” string
- Affinity with Prog Music.
- Willing to rehearse on a weekly basis on Sunday afternoon in Lottum (Netherlands, Southern Area, close to the German Border)

Interested to become the new Bass Player for Sun Caged ?

Send an MP3 file or a video of your playing to:

Or send a link to your MySpace or YouTube channel where we can see/hear you in action.

We surely would like to invite you for audition with Sun Caged.

Rob Chappers: Monkey Fest 2010 "The festival for guitarists"

You can almost touch it... you can feel it... it's building... the Monkeylord battle drums and rattling... the web site is starting... the anticipation is building, Monkey Fest 2010 "The festival for guitarists" is on the way

\m/ E P I C - W I N \m/

A mini Glastonbury for guitarists!! Set in the stunning countryside of Wiltshire in the UK, live music, great fresh food and air, tuition from industry professionals and a Monkey Lord host!! What more do you want?? www.monkeyfest2010.com

Monkey Fest 2010 "The festival for guitarists"


Eddie Kramer will be launching Monkey Fest and then giving a talk/clinic about what it's like to work with Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai, Eric Clapton and many other great guitar players! Monkey Fest will be held in Wiltshire, UK from 27th - 29th Aug, tons of guitarists from all over the world will meet, drink beer, eat food, learn, shred and sleep in tents...

Tickets available soon \m/ For further info contact rob@themonkeylord.com

Monkey Fest is sponsored by Marshall Amps, Faith Acoustic Guitars and the ICMP.

Monkey Fest 2010 Vlog 1 - Eddie Kramer

Mike Philippov: sweep picking lesson

http://tomhess.net/CorrespondenceGuitarLessons.aspx: Check out this incredible guitar solo played as a direct result of sweep picking guitar lessons from master guitar teacher Tom Hess

Sweep Picking Lesson

Theodore Ziras: harmonic minor lesson I

Theodore Ziras Lick of the Week 51-Harmonic Minor Scale Part1

Zakk Wylde: tna wrestling!

Zakk does the Anthem 10-18-09

☠Noah WVa Chapter Black Label Society☠ | MySpace Video

Akira Takasaki,Chris Broderick: megadeth jam

Akira Takasaki, guitarist for the Japanese heavy metal band LOUDNESS, joined MEGADETH on stage last night (Monday, October 19) to play "Symphony Of Destruction" for the group's encore song in Osaka, Japan. MEGADETH dedicated the track to LOUDNESS drummer Munetaka Higuchi, who died on November 30, 2008 after a seven-month battle with liver cancer.

Symphony Of Destruction (With Akira Takasaki)

News: blabbermouth back?

Not hacked... hardware failure... although if it was a virtualised environment then surely this should have just taken a few others to recover from tap... still at least the news is back!

BLABBERMOUTH.NET In The Process Of Coming Back Online - Oct. 20, 2009
Roadrunner Records' entire web site — including BLABBERMOUTH.NET (which is hosted on Roadrunner's servers) — has been down since Saturday afternoon due to some hardware issues. (A major piece of hardware crashed and has to be replaced.)

We are in the process of getting everything up and running again. Check back in the next couple of hours for all the news that you might have missed

News: the real reason for truth in shredding

Thanks to Charles Shaughnessy... for the tips... stopping learning those legato fusion licks right away...

Tom Walker: Milan's TRex monster competition

This is my entry for the competition. I don't know if wearing a T-Rex t-shirt will work in my favour!! Check out my website for more stuff www.tomwalkermusic.co.uk

Tom Walker's Milan Polak T-Rex competition entry

Luigi Rinaldi: Milan's TRex monster competition

That's my trial for the Milan Polak's T-Rex competition. Apart from who will be the winner, my first intention is to hello a friend playing on his backing track (that DOESN'T MEAN I don't want to win LOL). Ciao uappo, come back soon in Italy!

solo on "Torn" - Milan Polak's T-Rex competition

Rob Balducci: violet horizon lessons III

Welcome to the new Lick Of The Week. In this LOTW I am talking about and playing a bit of my song Float ( I Remember...) from my CD Violet Horizon. This song is a very ambient tune. It was recorded using two different amps, both on clean sounds and I was using different delay and chorus setting on each amp for the track off the CD etc... I had a little bit of an idea of what I wanted to do but it was basically improvised. We also added a keyboard track as well on the recording. We did two takes and I choose the one that is on my CD Violet Horizon. In this demo of the tune, I am using my Ibanez RGA LAC guitar and going into my Cornford MK5011 head and using a Maxon ad 999 pro delay and an Ernie Ball volume pedal.

The name of the tune and the inspiration behind the tune is a very personal one. I have diabetes and I have it since I am 11 years old. When you have Diabetes you sometimes have what is called a diabetic reaction in where your blood sugar goes to low and at times you can pass out or sort of get really out of it as though you feel kind of like you are in a weird space. When you are in this state the people around you are worried and trying to help you and sometimes things can get crazy... but even though I may seem really out of it and people think that I do not hear them or see them, I do. It sort of feels like you are Floating in space or something. I do remember what was going on when I come out of it, hence the title Float ( I remember...)
This demo does not do the tune justice... Please check out the recorded version on my CD Violet Horizon.


10/20/09 Lick Of The Week Track #9 Float ( I Remember ...) from Violet Horizon

Mateus Starling: improv in rio!

Mateus Starling improvisation - playing in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil at October 19, 2009
Recorded at Segunda instrumental, igreja nova vida da Freguesia.

Mateus Starling quartet is:
Mateus Starling - guitar
Julio Merlino - sax
Rafa Maia - drums
Berval Moraes - baixo


Para video aulas e mais informações acesse: www.mateusstarling.com.br

Mateus Starling improvisation - playing in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Alex Hutchings: hits the gas with some beef dampling!

John-Paul Gard (h), Alex Hutchings (g), Filippo Radicchi (d) Oct 9, 2009 "Borgo le Cinischie", Collazzone (Perugia) Italy. First Italian exibition, sponsored by "Borgo le Cinischie".
John Paul is playng a KeyBduo organ by Elvio Previati. Special thanks to "Borgo le Cinischie" and Angelo Maiuli for the video.

"Beef Dampling" - John-Paul Gard (h), Alex Hutchings (g), Filippo Radicchi (d)

Daniel Realpe: b minor improv

An improv with little distortion,

There´s something about blues that makes it very relaxing,

This is whatever came in the moment, don´t expect perfection, :)

Improv in B minor

Alex Berserker: bobby crispy competition

Hi,im Alex!! Here is My Entry to this contest! Hope you Like it!

Got facebook? be A fan And Recieve Instant News!!: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alex-Berserker/282319955110

I Used:

Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR Diamond Series
Ableton Live 7
Sony Vegas 8
Jazz III Picks
Cheap Jimmy Wess Strings (Mexico Style)

Alex Berserker - BobbyCrispy Contest

COMPETITION: Bobby Crispy guitar playing competition

Guitar Video Contest: CONTEST ENDS OCTOBER 31ST, 2009. I'd like to see YOUR guitar playing! So I've made it into a contest. Just make a new video of your guitar playing with my name "BobbyCrispy" in the title ( and maybe "Contest" in the title as well ) so I can find it on Youtube. I have prizes as well!!

1st: "Black Album" by Metallica guitar book with tabs
2nd: Planet Lock guitar strap
3rd: red guitar strap

Last day of the contest is Saturday, October 31st, 2009. Can't wait to see the videos!

Michael Angelo Batio: 2 new product releases

Michael will have 2 NEW products available very soon! The "Shred Boot Camp" CD and Booklet plus a new DVD designed specifically for beginning guitarists.

Also, the NEW "Hands Without Shadows 2 - Voices" CD by Michael Angelo Batio is in stock and available NOW! $14.95 Buy now!
MAB Mach 7 Dble"Hands Without Shadows 2 - Voices" is an all vocal CD of amazing renditions of some of Michael's all time favorite songs and artists. Michael adds his signature lead guitar playing to every song making these renditions truly unique and all his own. Virtuoso drummer Joe Babiak performed on the entire CD as well as new comer Warren Dunlevy, Jr. on vocals.

What Michael does on the arrangements is seamlessly weave many different songs of each Artist into one cohesive and unified track. These are like "MAB style Mashups!"

ALSO, THE NEW "Speed Lives 3 - The Neo Classical Zone" instructional DVD and on screen booklet by Michael Angelo Batio is available NOW! $19.95 Buy now!

Check out our new updated site and new promo video featuring MAB!
SL3 image

The MAB "Speed Kills and Speed Lives Complete" DVD package
6 DVDs only $94.95 Save 20% off of the individual lesson price. Buy now!