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Adam Ironside: a new CD... a life time in the making

Adam Ironside is hard at work on an up and coming CD entitled "Just Like The Detective!"

Adam Ironside says:
Title - I chose Just Like The Detective about six months ago when I spelt my name out to a woman at a call centre I think and she was like 'oh I_R_O_N_S_I_D_E, Just Like The Detective?' I thought it made a cool and fitting name.

Release Date and Availability - TBC. I am hoping some time around late summer. There is a lot of work to do!


1 - Somewhere In Time
This track is a pretty progressive and 'epic' sounding track. Heavily influenced by film music and space. It is supposed to sound fantasy and mystic. This is an instrumental track featuring guitar, but the guitar is not the focus instrument.

2 - First Time Flyer
This is quite an 80's sounding rock track but with a lot of key sig changes. The music is designed to depict the first flight of a bird leaving the nest for the first time, hence the title.

3 - Under No Illusion
The first ballad on the album. Originally entitled Illusion Of Love (on my Myspace) but has since been re arranged.

4 - That Was Yesterday
You all know this one

5 - Just Like The Detective
The Title Track. With this title in mind I immediately though of a 'Bad Horsie' type groovy, simple, honest rock track, and this is what it became.

6 - Unresolving
There is a musician's joke in there, can anyone guess what it is? haha. This is a solo guitar track going through some chords and progressions. It was originally an experiment but became quite musical and my girlfriend really liked it and thought it would break up the album nicely.

7 - The Great Space Race
Picture a drag race, through space. This is what this music is supposed to describe. Epic moments and film music inspired lines galore.

8 - The Devil's Secret Machine
My favourite track on the album. Definitely a film inspired track with epic orchestral parts and a 'scene building' mentality.

9 - Dying To Meet You
Heartfelt, cheesy ballad galore. Inspired by some of my more 'tasteful' influences haha.

10 - That Floating Feeling
Half ballad, half instrumental rock. Some Eric Johnson moments in there but also some more flimic movements in there too.

11 - The Evil Clown College
This started out as a joke between me an a mate a few years back when we tried to write some 'cheesy evil' music haha. This is meant a not so much a joke track but just to finish the album off. A lot of guys seems to finish the album with a country track, I can't play country, so here is a funny evil sounding track.

I hope you guys are looking forward to it! I am looking forward to making it and updating you all on the process too

plus Adam Ironside has been working on some guitar lessons:

Here is my first lesson for youtube. It is an introduction to the Harmonic Major scale. The audio did not turn out as good as I had hoped, I think next time I will try recording guitar and my voice on separate channels.

Let me know what you think.

Harmonic Major Scale Lesson

News: what was that god damn line again?

Thanks to Marshall Harrison for spotting this one... ever get those days when you can't remember anything?

Angry RV commercial

Alex Berserker: Marco Sfogli's shred this too!

Alex Berserker says:
Hey Everyone! Im Alex,18 years old From Mexico City! This is My entry for the contest!

My last attemp had problems with the video,so i redid it all!! hope you like it!

I Used My New BOSS Volume Pedal And A New Footswitch,for controlling parameters In Ableton live,Such As Track volume And Activating The Gater/Leslie FXs ( see 1:30)

Also Used

Fender Mexican Stratocaster
Ableton Live 7
Sony Vegas 8
Db Blue Glitch
Jimmy Wess Strings

Alex Berserker - Shred This Too

News: my new years resolution

Quit blogging and guitar competitions...

damn! blown it already!

Jack Gardiner: Marco Sfogli's shred this too!

Jack Gardiner is off to NAMM but had time to squeeze a solo for the competition!

Jack Gardiner:
First of all i'd like to say thanks to Marco (for the awesome song and backing track), Laurie (for the wonders he does for the guitar world :) ) and the judges, Rick, Tom, Magnus and Chris (for being awesome players!!).
With this, i kept to about 99% improvisation, with this being about my 3rd or 4th run through of the track. Hope you guys enjoy!
Subscribe if you want more guitar videos in the future!

Marco Sfogli's Shred This Too Entry - Jack Gardiner

Sam Bell: tribute to César Manrique

César Manrique

Took a trip to Lanzarote for Christmas 09. Here are some poorly edited together clips of just a small amount of amazing sights to see on the island.

The music is all writen and performed by myself. The first track is called "sidewalking" and the second track is called "lighthouses" you can find more at

Hope you enjoy this video for what its worth :)

Trip to Lanzarote

Michael Angelo Batio: new CD features Vinnie Moore and George Bellas

A new CD from MAB!

Hands Without Shadows 2 - Voices is an all vocal CD. Michael Angelo Batio performs plenty of his signature, virtuoso guitar solos as well on the new album. Special guests on Hands Without Shadows 2 - Voices include Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti, UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore, solo artist George Bellas, Exit The Ride guitarist Bill Peck and DSG guitarist David Shankle. Michael has three Shrapnel Records alumni on his new CD. MAB, Vinnie Moore and George Bellas have all been on records released by Shrapnel and all three of them are on one of the Hands Without Shadows 2 - Voices songs ("Symphony Of Destruction")! Triple the virtuosity on one track!

Track Listing
Dial In That Frequency (0:25)
Tribute To Dimebag (7:37)
Clapton Is God (6:05)
Metallica Rules (8:40)
EVH (8:00)
Symphony Of Destruction (6:43)
For Jimi: All Along The Watchtower (5:41)
Tribute To Randy 2: You Can't Kill... (3:53)
On The Double (3:32)
MAB Forum Shreddathon (9:47)

The players:
Michael Angelo Batio - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Production
Mark Tremonti - Guest Guitar
Vinnie Moore - Guest Guitar
George Bellas - Guest Guitar
Bill Peck - Guest Guitar
David Shankle - Guest Guitar
Ali Campbell - Guest Guitar Solo
Andreas Haukenes - Guest Guitar Solo (yngchtie)
Matthew Haywood - Guest Guitar Solo
Joris Van Daele - Guest Guitar Solo
Jose Salvador - Guest Guitar Solo
Joe Mihaloew - Guest Guitar Solo
Luis Armenteros - Guest Guitar Solo
Nicholas J. Orthodox - Guest Guitar Solo
Nick Dzierzeski - Guest Guitar Solo
Ryan Grima - Guest Guitar Solo
Felix Tejada - Guest Guitar Solo
Jesse Jackson - Guest Guitar Solo
Maxxxwell Carlisle - Guest Guitar Solo

Allan Holdsworth: with Levin, Bozzio and Mastelotto tour europe!

Thanks to guitar channel

All-Star Line-Up featuring Terry Bozzio (drums), Allan Holdsworth (guitar), Tony Levin (upright bass, Chapman Stick, bass guitar), Pat Mastelotto (drums, samples)
Presented by Drums & Percussion, Guitar Magazine, Soundcheck Magazine, Hughes & Kettner & Paiste
06.04.2010 Berlin, Quasimodo
07.04.2010 Hamburg, Fabrik
08.04.2010 NL-Amsterdam, Paradiso
09.04.2010 NL-Zoetermeer, Boerderij
10.04.2010 Münster, Jovel
11.04.2010 NL-Groningen, Oosterpoort
12.04.2010 B-Limbourg, Salle Le Kursaal
13.04.2010 Bonn, Harmonie
14.04.2010 Ludwigshafen, KUZ dashaus
15.04.2010 NL-Eindhoven, MC Frits Philips
16.04.2010 Karlsruhe, Tollhaus
17.04.2010 A-Dornbirn, Spielboden
18.04.2010 I-Milano, Live Club
21.04.2010 A-Vienna,
22.04.2010 CZ-Ostrava, Ostrava NEW!!!
23.04.2010 CZ-Prague, Lucerna Music Bar NEW!!!
24.04.2010 PL-Opole, Open Air NEW!!!

25.04.2010 PL-Katowice, Mega Club NEW!!!
Booking by MAXIMUM Booking:

Art Rodriguez: Genesis 1:4 (Delyriüm)

First song of my band, Delyriüm:

Art Rodriguez - Genesis 1:4 (Delyriüm)

Emil Werstler: Betcha Can't Play This

Dååth's Emil Werstler has an advertisement for his PRS guitar and a well played, clean and fast jazz-shred lick. From Guitar World December 2009.

Betcha Can't Play This with Emil Werstler

Derryl Gabel: farside interview

Looking back in time to Derek Taylor... what ever happened to this incredible player?

How did your studies with Derek Taylor influence your style?

Derek and I became friends through mutual admiration but I have to admit he was a lot better than me at the time (While he was practicing all day I was having to work a day job outside and come home exhausted). We were doing similar things because we were studying the same Shrapnel players and just putting our own touch to it. He showed me the 2 fingered tapping approach initially. He was doing these Paul Gilbert inspired string skipping arps and extending them by tapping the 2 notes on top. I took that idea and started using it with pentatonics on every string and scales as well as arp sequencing. Just last year I saw an old video on Youtube of Steve Lynch from Autograph using the technique back from the mid 80s...

More interesting is the list of players Derryl is digging at the moment... looks like a who's who for TIS fusion dudes!

What musicians (guitarists or otherwise) have caught your ear recently?

I really like Tom Quayle, Alex Hutchings, Daniele Gottardo, John Stowell, Pat Roos, Nick Kellie, Patrik Berggren, Scott Jones, Marshall Harrison, and Floyd Fernandes... I'm sure there are more just can't think of any more at the moment.

full fusion interview

David Shankle: band announce new singer


David Shankle (MANOWAR) - Guitar
Warren Halvarson - Vocals

Uli Jon Roth: dean to create custom sky guitars!

Uli Jon Roth signature Sky Guitar will finally be unveiled at the winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California on January 14, 2010. There will be two different models on display, a six-string and a seven-string version.

This limited edition will be super-custom built 100% to Uli's specifications by the custom shop of Dean Guitars USA. Each guitar will be personally named and approved by Uli Jon Roth. Sky Guitars were the first electric guitars with a truly extended upper range and lots of extra frets

Michael Schenker: new CD announced

Shrapnel Records has set a January 26, 2010 release date for "Instrumental Intensity", a new compilation from Michael Schenker

"Instrumental Intensity" track listing:

01. Achtung Fertig, Los!
02. Old Man With Sheep On Mars
03. Three Fish Dancing
04. A
05. N
06. D
07. Bijou Pleasurette/Positive Forward
08. Captain Nemo
09. Essence
10. I Am Gratetful
11. The Creator
12. [Bonus Track]

Travis Montgomery: all shall perish

Here's my attempt of the solo from All Shall Perish's "Black Gold Reign". I didn't want to tune up, so I shifted the song down 1 1/2 steps. Thanks to retrowheels for the tab! "Awaken The Dreamers" is up next!

All Shall Perish - Black Gold Reign solo

Sam Bell: coast...

"Coast" by Sam Bell

Marco Ferrigno, George Bellas: Adam Ironside reviews Hanging Gardens

Adam Ironside:
A couple of people asked me what I think about various CDs and what kind of music I am listening to at the moment, so I thought I would start up a little mini-review thing, basically just recommending music that I like. I hope you enjoy!


Marco Ferrigno - Hanging Gardens (Mini-Review)

Rob Chappers: Matchless Independence

Rob Chappers Friday Vlog - Matchless Independence:

I use Marshall, Matchless and Coolidge Amps - None of my endorsements are exclusive.

Hi dudes and dudess, I will be making regular weekly Vlogs every Friday - So tune in and chill as I take you on a musical journey! (featuring the ML1)

Rob Chappers Friday Vlog - Matchless Independence

Rob Chappers: ML1 the string stick of command and epic win!

Chapman Guitars ML1 - Email or click the banner on my channel to reserve one now ;-) (Coming soon)

Chapman Guitars ML1

News: win an Ernie Ball/Music Man Albert Lee

Ernie Ball/Music Man Albert Lee:
Model: Albert Lee
Size: 12-11/16" wide, 1-3/4" thick, 36-9/16" long (32.2 cm wide, 4.5 cm thick, 92.7 cm long)
Weight: 6 lbs, 5 oz (2.86 kg) - varies slightly; 7 oz (0.2 kg) more with tremolo
Body Wood: African Mahogany Body
Body Finish: High gloss polyester

Miki Birta: Marco Sfogli's shred this too!

Miki Birta "Shred This Too" Entry

Saggese Francesco Antonio: gtarman shreds in the new year

Escape from new york Cover on guitar


Yann Armellino: the musical contest competition web site!!!

A new great contest and contest web site... with a great playback is open:

Gagnez des CDs de son dernier album « Gimme the sound »
Win CD's from his New album « Gimme the sound »

Le top 3 sélectionné par Yann Armellino lui-même.
Top 3 selected by Yann Armellino himself.


Avant le 15 février (le concours se termine à minuit)
Before the 15th of February! (competition ends at midnight)

Etape 1: Abonnez vous à la chaine TMC et téléchargez le playback sur le lien ci dessous
Step1: Subscribe to TMC channel and download the back track on the link hereafter

Etape2: Enregistrez votre solo en vidéo
Step2: Record your own solo on video

Etape3: Vous devez poster votre participation en tant que commentaire vidéo sur cette vidéo
Step3: MUST post as video response to this youtube video!

Yann Armellino contest on TMC

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: check out the metal cat!!!

Metal Cat !

Steve Morse, Rik Emmett: up in the air

Steve Morse Rik Emmett Up in the Air

Steve Morse Rik Emmett Midsummers Daydream

Chris Alcala: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Former Strings On Fire Entrant Chris Alcala!
Hey whats up this is Chris and this is my entry to the Shred This Too Guitar competition by Marco Sfogli and Lauriemonk.This backing track was amazing and alot of fun to play to.I hope you enjoy my entry.Good Luck to all entries.
Please Rate And Comment.
Thanks Alot
Happy New Year's And God Bless

Marco Sfogli's - Shred This Too - Entry By Chris Alcala

Jonas Tamas: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

This is my entry for the Shred This Too - Marco Sfogli competition. I hope you will like it.
Many thanks to Marco for the awesome backing track - mille grazie.

Jonas Tamas: Sharp Guitars From A Flat Planet - Melodic progressive metal guitar for fans of John Petrucci, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Listen to all the 12 songs on

More info and full songs:

You'll find links to free guitar exercises on all of the above homepages.

If you like this video, then please share it, help to spread the word!

Jonas Tamas: 'Shred this too' competition entry - Instrumental rock guitar