Michael Angelo Batio: new CD features Vinnie Moore and George Bellas

A new CD from MAB!

Hands Without Shadows 2 - Voices is an all vocal CD. Michael Angelo Batio performs plenty of his signature, virtuoso guitar solos as well on the new album. Special guests on Hands Without Shadows 2 - Voices include Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti, UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore, solo artist George Bellas, Exit The Ride guitarist Bill Peck and DSG guitarist David Shankle. Michael has three Shrapnel Records alumni on his new CD. MAB, Vinnie Moore and George Bellas have all been on records released by Shrapnel and all three of them are on one of the Hands Without Shadows 2 - Voices songs ("Symphony Of Destruction")! Triple the virtuosity on one track!

Track Listing
Dial In That Frequency (0:25)
Tribute To Dimebag (7:37)
Clapton Is God (6:05)
Metallica Rules (8:40)
EVH (8:00)
Symphony Of Destruction (6:43)
For Jimi: All Along The Watchtower (5:41)
Tribute To Randy 2: You Can't Kill... (3:53)
On The Double (3:32)
MAB Forum Shreddathon (9:47)

The players:
Michael Angelo Batio - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Production
Mark Tremonti - Guest Guitar
Vinnie Moore - Guest Guitar
George Bellas - Guest Guitar
Bill Peck - Guest Guitar
David Shankle - Guest Guitar
Ali Campbell - Guest Guitar Solo
Andreas Haukenes - Guest Guitar Solo (yngchtie)
Matthew Haywood - Guest Guitar Solo
Joris Van Daele - Guest Guitar Solo
Jose Salvador - Guest Guitar Solo
Joe Mihaloew - Guest Guitar Solo
Luis Armenteros - Guest Guitar Solo
Nicholas J. Orthodox - Guest Guitar Solo
Nick Dzierzeski - Guest Guitar Solo
Ryan Grima - Guest Guitar Solo
Felix Tejada - Guest Guitar Solo
Jesse Jackson - Guest Guitar Solo
Maxxxwell Carlisle - Guest Guitar Solo