Derryl Gabel: farside interview

Looking back in time to Derek Taylor... what ever happened to this incredible player?

How did your studies with Derek Taylor influence your style?

Derek and I became friends through mutual admiration but I have to admit he was a lot better than me at the time (While he was practicing all day I was having to work a day job outside and come home exhausted). We were doing similar things because we were studying the same Shrapnel players and just putting our own touch to it. He showed me the 2 fingered tapping approach initially. He was doing these Paul Gilbert inspired string skipping arps and extending them by tapping the 2 notes on top. I took that idea and started using it with pentatonics on every string and scales as well as arp sequencing. Just last year I saw an old video on Youtube of Steve Lynch from Autograph using the technique back from the mid 80s...

More interesting is the list of players Derryl is digging at the moment... looks like a who's who for TIS fusion dudes!

What musicians (guitarists or otherwise) have caught your ear recently?

I really like Tom Quayle, Alex Hutchings, Daniele Gottardo, John Stowell, Pat Roos, Nick Kellie, Patrik Berggren, Scott Jones, Marshall Harrison, and Floyd Fernandes... I'm sure there are more just can't think of any more at the moment.

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