Adam Ironside: a new CD... a life time in the making

Adam Ironside is hard at work on an up and coming CD entitled "Just Like The Detective!"

Adam Ironside says:
Title - I chose Just Like The Detective about six months ago when I spelt my name out to a woman at a call centre I think and she was like 'oh I_R_O_N_S_I_D_E, Just Like The Detective?' I thought it made a cool and fitting name.

Release Date and Availability - TBC. I am hoping some time around late summer. There is a lot of work to do!


1 - Somewhere In Time
This track is a pretty progressive and 'epic' sounding track. Heavily influenced by film music and space. It is supposed to sound fantasy and mystic. This is an instrumental track featuring guitar, but the guitar is not the focus instrument.

2 - First Time Flyer
This is quite an 80's sounding rock track but with a lot of key sig changes. The music is designed to depict the first flight of a bird leaving the nest for the first time, hence the title.

3 - Under No Illusion
The first ballad on the album. Originally entitled Illusion Of Love (on my Myspace) but has since been re arranged.

4 - That Was Yesterday
You all know this one

5 - Just Like The Detective
The Title Track. With this title in mind I immediately though of a 'Bad Horsie' type groovy, simple, honest rock track, and this is what it became.

6 - Unresolving
There is a musician's joke in there, can anyone guess what it is? haha. This is a solo guitar track going through some chords and progressions. It was originally an experiment but became quite musical and my girlfriend really liked it and thought it would break up the album nicely.

7 - The Great Space Race
Picture a drag race, through space. This is what this music is supposed to describe. Epic moments and film music inspired lines galore.

8 - The Devil's Secret Machine
My favourite track on the album. Definitely a film inspired track with epic orchestral parts and a 'scene building' mentality.

9 - Dying To Meet You
Heartfelt, cheesy ballad galore. Inspired by some of my more 'tasteful' influences haha.

10 - That Floating Feeling
Half ballad, half instrumental rock. Some Eric Johnson moments in there but also some more flimic movements in there too.

11 - The Evil Clown College
This started out as a joke between me an a mate a few years back when we tried to write some 'cheesy evil' music haha. This is meant a not so much a joke track but just to finish the album off. A lot of guys seems to finish the album with a country track, I can't play country, so here is a funny evil sounding track.

I hope you guys are looking forward to it! I am looking forward to making it and updating you all on the process too

plus Adam Ironside has been working on some guitar lessons:

Here is my first lesson for youtube. It is an introduction to the Harmonic Major scale. The audio did not turn out as good as I had hoped, I think next time I will try recording guitar and my voice on separate channels.

Let me know what you think.

Harmonic Major Scale Lesson