Saturday, 9 January 2010

News: The 4th Athens Greek Guitar Power festival 16-17th January 2010

The 4th Athens Greek Guitar Power festival
16-17th January 2010

at Nikolaos Mantzaros Conservatory
(4, Premetis str, Hilton, near Evangelismos Metro Station)

20+ hours of Seminars, masterclasses, Equipment presentations and LIVE performances!

This is the BIGGEST Greek Guitar Power festival yet - expect many surprises! Events start at noon and finish around 10 at night!
This is the Ultimate Guitar Extravaganza you've all been waiting for!!

Contact us for invitation!

Jochen Ott, Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner: jam

Jochen Ott and Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner made a guitar workshop on the 2 Jan 2010.
This little jam session took place a the end of this workshop.

Jochen Ott + Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner "JAM"

Todd Duane: '72 50 watt Marshall

'72 50 watt Marshall

Raphael Fraser: tribute to Andy Timmons

Electric Gypsy (Andy Timmons cover)

Timo Tolkki: brazil workshop

13 video haul

Timo Tolkki - GUITAR HEROES Workshop em Londrina, Brasil

Adam Ironside: the pedal board tour

New Pedalboard Tour (January 2010)

Ron Jarzombek: watchtower new CD, mathematics, it all adds up!

January 9, 2010 - A short video clip of drummer Rick Colaluca practising the song 'Projections' off the forthcoming WATCHTOWER album 'Mathematics'has been posted on the band's official MySpace page at . 'Mathematics' is the first new WATCHTOWER album since 1990's highly acclaimed 'Control and Resistance' which was featured as part of the Hall of Fame series in Decibel Magazine's January 2010 issue. The article can be viewed at
Guitarist Ron Jarzombek posted the following update on the album's progress in September of 2009: "Speaking of WATCHTOWER, things are moving at a steady pace. We are doing our best to finish up a 62 minute, 11 song disc, are having bi-weekly rehearsals, drum studio sessions happen bi-monthly, I personally work on the material nearly everyday (recording guitars, drum production, etc.) and we're slowly chipping away at the wall that we've been unable to tear down for the past two decades. The good news for me is we've dropped tons of material that was written during our "loss of musical direction" period (which led to the inception of SPASTIC INK), leaving us with music that we are all quite happy with, and hopefully will totally satisfy the fans who have waiting so long for this to come out. No release date will be given at this time."
WATCHTOWER are scheduled to co-headline the 13th edition of Germany's Keep It True festival on April 23 & 24 at Lauda-Königshofen. It will mark the band's first European appearance since headlining the Headway Festival in Holland in 2004.
For more info visit:

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g signs for blackstar

Gus G. signs up with Blackstar -January 2010
Blackstar amplification are pleased to announce the signing of Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G. Gus has an extremely impressive band resume including, Nightrage, Arch Enemy and Dream Evil. Gus is currently playing with Ozzy Osbourne and is set to tour for 18 months starting in 2010. The touring rig is going to be the biggest Blackstar presence to hit a stage yet with six Series One S1-200 heads and 12 Series One 4x12 cabs! What else would you expect on an Ozzy tour?’ Gus comments: “This is the new amp that will take over the Metal world! Amazing tone, incredible gain and top notch quality! The Blackstar Series One 200 is my new addiction!” Gus will be at the Blackstar NAMM booth #3592 on Saturday 16th January at 16.00.

Stephan Forte: Adagio Euro tour dates

Dates include:

Tour dates:

25 - Charleroi - BE - Le Coliseum
26 - Tilburg - NL - O13
27 - Amsterdam - NL Paradiso
28 - London - UK - Koko
31 - Paris - FR - Elysée Montmartre

1 - Pratteln - CH - Z7 Kulturfabrik
2 - Montpellier - FR - Rockstore
3 - Barcelona - ES - Salamandra
4 - Madrid - ES - La Riviera
7 - Dortmund - DE - FZW
8 - Köln - DE - Live Music Hall
9 - Hamburg - DE - Markthalle

Joe Satriani: live in paris cd details

Joe Satriani, recorded "Live in Paris: I Just Wanna Rock" on May 27, 2008 at The Grand Rex Theater in Paris, France. The new live two-disc CD and DVD will be released on February 2, 2010 through Epic Records.

"Live in Paris: I Just Wanna Rock" track listing:

Disc 1:

01. I Just Wanna Rock
02. Overdriver
03. Satch Boogie
04. Ice 9
05. Diddle-Y-A-Doo-Dat
06. Flying In A Blue Dream
07. Ghosts
08. Revelation
09. Super Colossal
10. One Big Rush
11. Musterion

Disc 2:

12. Out of the Sunrise
13. Time Machine
14. Cool # 9
15. Andulasia
16. Bass Solo
17. Cryin'
18. Mystical Potato Head, Groove Thing
19. Always With Me, Always With You
20. Surfing With The Alien
21. Crowd Chant
22. Summer Song

Chek: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Thailand the land of super shredders... here's another one for you "Chek" this guy out!

Chek The Metal - Shred This Too (Thailand Entry) (Test)

Uli Jon Roth: with the scorpions

Scorpions - This is my song with Uli Jon Roth

Vinnie Moore: ufo tell me why

UFO - Try Me

William Dotto: shredding the jam track central

William Dotto improvising over a free jamtrack called 'bluesy jazz' downloaded from

Jamtrack SHRED

Guthrie Govan: is he the son of Ian Anderson?!?!

Anyone else noticed the spooky resemblance of Guthrie Govan to the flute master general from Jethro Tull... Mr Ian Anderson??

And by the miracle of "Photoshop" you can't even see the join!

Rob Chappers: chickenfoot the lesson!

Rob Chappers squeezes the youtube paste one more time before NAMM for a Joe Satriani lesson.

5 Minute Solo - Chicken Foot "My Kinda Girl"

Mats Hedberg: true temperament frets 2

mats hedberg true temperament.mp4

Rob Chappers: off to NAMM

Let's here you say \m/ PIZZA \m/ \m/ PIZZA \m/ \m/ PIZZA \m/ \m/ PIZZA \m/ \m/ PIZZA \m/ \m/ PIZZA \m/ \m/ PIZZA \m/
Rob Chappers from Monkey Lord teaches the short first solo in the tune "It's so Easy" from the album Appetite for destruction by Guns N Roses.

Tune to Eb for this lesson - drink some beer and get in a good pizza, preferably a nice seafood one \m/

5 Minute Solo - Guns N Roses "It's so Easy"

David Wallimann: puzzle theme

I wrote this little piece a looong time ago.. Probably when I was 22 or so...
It was inspired by "Bust a Move", my favorite game!

Puzzle game theme on the guitar!

Adam Ironside: album previews

Album Preview (Somewhere In Time)

Al Ridgway: Marco Sfogli's shred this too well and truly irradiated

definition: spocktrometer... deflecting guitar ions into a thin slit and measuring the guitar ion current with an electrometer... This particular example is way off the scale, indicating possible cold fusion scenario...

shred this too entry. spocktrometer.

Karl Bourdin: KB has truly given guitar and virtuoso fans everywhere twelve surefire ways to warm up their days

On the album, KB proves himself to be multi-talented on the instrumental front as well. Not only does he play the guitar, he also handles the bass guitar and keyboard duties as well as the drum programming. His stylings on the axe are punctuated by thick, heavy yet melodic chords that provide a perfect background to his whimsical and fleet-fingered soloing, punctuated by extensive use of the whammy bar and the wah-wah to add a cartoony and lighthearted touch to it all. You could call his style “Shredimation” as it is very lively, upbeat and humorous, just like your favorite Saturday morning cartoon. Watch the video clip for the opening track “Sunny Day” (you can find it on YouTube) to get the full picture of KB’s musical genius at work. Another thing I love about his playing is that it’s not too fast. It’s very easy to sit back and relax while this album is on the stereo. Most of the tracks are mid-paced numbers, not million-mile-a-minute fret scorchers. Does that mean that KB can’t scorch the board? No way! On tracks like “As Far As The Eye Can See” he lights up the boards with his tasteful, melodic and cheerful fretwork. It’s shred with a purpose, and it’s purpose is to entertain as well as impress.
full review

Hedras Ramos, Sonny Lombardozzi: Halo guitars and NAMM

We will be at booth #4598, so anyone that is attending, please stop by and come check out the new models for 2010.

Thursday, January 14, 2010 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM PST

Daily demonstrations will happen at noon with Sonny Lombardozzi
and 1PM and 4PM with Hedras Ramos.

Also, Master Luthier George Bisceglia will be at the booth! Come by and get the details on the newest USA Halo model, the AshCourt!

Charly Sahona: more details of CD release

Charly Sahona is best known as the guitarist in the modern French progressive metal band Venturia. Late 2008 saw Charly begin work on what has become his debut solo album entitled “Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos” set for release on February 19th 2010 on Lion Music. This 8 track release is built around heavy riffs, catchy vocal lines and crazy solos. Comparisons can be made if one was to fuse Dream Theater with Muse and 30 Seconds To Mars. This album offers a fresh sound, modern and direct, heavy and begs to be heard.
“Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos” sees Charly Sahona not only perform all guitar and keyboard duties but also step up to the microphone for the first time. The rest of the trio of musicians are Venturia band mates Diego Rapacchietti (Drums) and Thomas James-Potrel (Bass) who have created an ultra powerful power trio format. This 8 song collection sees Charly Sahona show again his abilities as a talented multi-instrumentalist and as a songwriter as well.
Lyrically, “Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos” is an introspection on the different reasons that pushes an artist to do everything in life to transcend their emotions, passions, fears, neurosis, libido and more into their art. It asks the questions of what pushes an artist to continue his unending quest of perfection. Sahona states, “It's a kind of psychoanalysis. My main influences come from the things I experienced in my personal life during the last 2 years: All the energy, the money, the time you give and spend into music at the expense of the loss of many different beautiful things you could have lived”.
The song writing for the album commenced after the release of the Venturia "Hybrid" album in 2008. The recording began in Switzerland in May 2009 with final mixing taking place in September 2009." More recently a video for “Relieved” has been released and made available on YouTube and other media platforms with positive feedback.
Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos” delivers an exceptionally high quality with immense crossover appeal.

full details

1. Relieved.
2. Raise the Shadow.
3. Away From Our Sins.
4. Forgotten Past.
5. River of Lies.
6. Living In A Dream Is Not Right.
7. It Will Fly Away.
8. All That Can't Be Said.

Yngwie Malmsteen: goes seymour duncan

When Yngwie J. Malmsteen set out on a quest to bring his tone to a higher level, he turned to Seymour Duncan. The result of hundreds of hours of intense tone pursuit is the YJM Fury: only available from Seymour Duncan.

Hum-canceling single-coil-sized pickup based on our original Stack® pickup design. Recommended for rock, neo-classical, shred, hard rock, power metal, and heavy metal.

The bridge pickup is aggressive and handles Yngwie's hard-hitting chordal onslaught. The neck pickup balances Yngwie's fluid left hand technique with his broad mix of right hand pick attack for a tone that's sweet and fluid, but with great articulation and responsiveness to dynamics.

Complete setup
The YJM series includes a dedicated bridge pickup and a separate neck/middle pickup. Pickups can be purchased individually, in a three-pickup set, or in a pre-wired pickguard ready to drop into your Strat guitar with an 11-screw hole "USA" pattern. The loaded pickguard includes a "no lube" volume potentiometer that meets Yngwie's demands for a very fast and responsive pot.

The YJM Fury will directly retrofit most single-coil equipped guitars. Though originally designed for a Fender® Strat with a scalloped maple fingerboard, the YJM Fury will work well with any bolt-on guitar that utilizes traditional single-coil-size Strat pickups. The YJM Fury is the same pickup that Fender installs in their YJM Strat guitars.

Available Mods
Available in off-white, white or black.

Yngwie J. Malmsteen


Yngwie Malmsteen will also be attending the Namm show. You lucky fans will get a chance to meet the guitar legend up close and personal..

Come meet Yngwie Malmsteen in person at the Seymour Duncan and at the Fender Guitar Booths:
Meet Yngwie Sat Jan 16th...
Fender Guitars Booth 4:00 PM Saturday, Booth 304 A 3rd Floor
Seymour Duncan Booth 5:00 PM on Saturday, Booth #4358 in Hall C.

Atanas Shishkov: Tom Anderson Guitar Jam

Atanas Shishkov - Tom Anderson Guitar Jam

Edward Box, Pete Thompson: Suhr Fire Ripping

Edward Box - Tapping Into Infinity

VENDETTA - Suhr Guitars Demo - "Bones To Dust" Jam

Mike Orlando, Robert Conti, Scott Henderson: Muriel Anderson's All Guitar Star Night

Mike Orlando performs w/Stu Hamm & Danny Gottlieb Sat.Jan.16th @ The Oc Pavilion Theater in CA.

I am honored & very excited to announce that I will be performing at this year's 2010 Muriel Anderson's All Guitar Star Night Sat. Jan. 16th @ The Oc Pavilion Theater in Santa Anna California. I will be performing songs from my upcoming Cd Sonic Stomp II with 2 legendary world renowned Artists: Stu Hamm on Bass & Danny Gottlieb on Drums!

Following the live concert,the event will be broadcasted as a webcast to over 200 countries. A Live DVD through TrueFire will also be released as well.

Ben Randall: a brace of interviews

Ben: Some of my favorite bands are Dream Theater, Arch Enemy, Megadeth, Scar Symmetry, Killswitch Engage, Danger Danger and Europe.
The musician that I admire the most is John Norum (guitarist of Europe). He is a fairly underrated guitarist, but he has fantastic tone/phrasing and his playing conveys real emotion – all elements which I try to incorporate in to my own playing!

Ben - For me personally it's a totally new experience as I've never been in a band before this, this is my first band so everything is just so completely new. Learning a full set of songs and quite technical songs as well is good.

MM - Yes but you're a really brilliant guitar player so how come you've never been in a band before?
Ben - (laughs) I don't know! It's been a great experience to me just learning how the whole band thing works and getting to play live more. It's all been really great. (As modest as he is, Ben was actually the winner of the 2008 'Most Promising Young Guitarist Award' at the international Guitar Idol competition).

Tommy Emmanuel: tour dates updated

UPCOMING SHOWSMountain StageMorgantown, WVSun Jan 17 1007:00 PMTicketsWoodsongs Radio HourLexington, KYMon Jan 25 1007:00 PMTicketsTennessee Shines Radio ShowKnoxville, TNWed Jan 27 1005:00 PMTicketsMontgomery Performing Arts CenterMontgomery, ALSat Jan 30 1008:00 PMTicketsRandy Wood GuitarsBloomingdale, GASun Jan 31 1007:30 PMTicketsRandy Wood GuitarsBloomingdale, GAMon Feb 01 1007:30 PMTicketsHardin County Schools Performing Arts CenterElizabethtown, KYThu Feb 04 1007:30 PMTicketsHardin County Schools Performing Arts CenterElizabethtown, KYFri Feb 05 1007:30 PMTicketsHardin County Schools Performing Arts CenterElizabethtown, KYSat Feb 06 1009:00 AMTicketsLaxson AuditoriumChico, CASun Feb 07 1007:30 PMTicketsSmothers TheatreMalibu, CATue Feb 09 1008:00 PMTicketsSmothers TheatreMalibu, CAWed Feb 10 1008:00 PM AnthologySan Diego, CAThu Feb 11 1007:30 PMTicketsPalace of Fine Arts TheatreSan Francisco, CAFri Feb 12 1008:00 PMTicketsPalace of Fine Arts TheatreSan Francisco, CASat Feb 13 1008:00 PMTicketsOrange Blossom JunctionExeter, CAMon Feb 15 1008:00 PMTicketsOrange Blossom JunctionExeter, CATue Feb 16 1008:00 PMTicketsParamount Center for the ArtsPeekskill, NYFri Feb 19 1008:00 PM Troy Savings Bank Music HallTroy, NYSat Feb 20 1008:00 PMTicketsFlynn Center for the Performing ArtsBurlington, VTSun Feb 21 1007:00 PMTicketsTheatro 4 de SetembroTeresina, BRThu Feb 25 1008:00 PMTicketsPalácio da Música de TeresinaTeresina, BRFri Feb 26 1003:00 PMTicketsHarrow Arts CentreMiddlesex, UKFri Mar 05 1008:00 PM Harrow Arts CentreMiddlesex, UKSat Mar 06 1008:00 PM Harrow Arts CentreMiddlesex, UKSun Mar 07 1008:00 PM Hawth TheatreCrawley, UKMon Mar 08 1007:30 PM De Montfort HallLeicester, UKTue Mar 09 1007:30 PM Grand Opera House YorkYork, UKWed Mar 10 1007:00 PMTicketsThe Sage GatesheadGateshead, NE, UKThu Mar 11 1007:30 PMTicketsRoyal Liverpool PhilharmonicLiverpool, UKFri Mar 12 1007:30 PMTicketsSheffield City HallSheffield, UKSat Mar 13 1007:30 PMTicketsLeicester Square TheatreLondon, UKSun Mar 14 1007:30 PMTicketsQueens TheatreBarnstaple, DEV, UKMon Mar 15 1007:30 PMTicketsStadtcasinoBasel, CHThu Mar 18 1008:00 PMTicketsPALAIS DES CONGRESMarseille, FRSat Mar 27 1008:30 PMTicketsLa CigaleParis, FRA, FRSun Mar 28 1008:30 PMTicketsLe SplendidLille, FRMon Mar 29 1008:30 PMTicketsInternational House of MusicMoscow, RUSat Apr 10 1007:00 PMTicketsMaaspoortVenlo, NLSun Apr 11 1008:15 PMTicketsMuziekcentrum Frits PhilipsEindhoven, NLMon Apr 12 1008:15 PMTicketsZaantheaterZaandam, NLTue Apr 13 1008:15 PMTicketsPhilharmonieCologne, DEWed Apr 14 1008:00 PMTicketsJAHRHUNDERTHALLEFrankfurt, DEThu Apr 15 1008:00 PMTicketsStadthalleKassel, DEFri Apr 16 1008:00 PMTicketsCentre International des CongresNantes, FRSun Apr 18 1008:30 PMTicketsCITE CENTRE DES CONGRESLyon, FRTue Apr 20 1008:30 PMTicketsEspace La MedoquineBordeaux, FRWed Apr 21 1008:30 PMTicketsDruso CircusBergamo, BG, ITSun Apr 25 1008:00 PM Palazzetto dello SportFormigine, ITMon Apr 26 1008:00 PM Jux TapSarzana, SP, ITTue Apr 27 1008:00 PM Teatro ColosseoTurin To, ITThu Apr 29 1008:00 PM Dominion-Chalmers United ChurchOttawa, ON, CASat May 15 1008:00 PMTicketsThéâtre de l'Olympia de MontréalMontreal, QC, CASun May 16 1008:00 PMTicketsSalle Jean-Paul-TardifQuébec City, QC, CAMon May 17 1008:00 PMTicketsTennessee Performing Arts CenterNashville, TNWed May 19 1007:00 PMTicketsNewberry Opera HouseNewberry, SCFri May 21 1008:00 PM Newberry Opera HouseNewberry, SCSat May 22 1008:00 PM Festival des Guitares du MondeRouyn-Noranda, QC, CATue May 25 1009:00 PMTickets2010 International Guitar FestivalCheltenham, UKWed Aug 04 1008:00 PM 2010 International Guitar FestivalCheltenham, UKThu Aug 05 1008:00 PM Jazz in Laurino FestivalLaurino, SA, ITThu Aug 12 1008:00 PM Chateau Telč - CourtyardTelc, CZSat Aug 14 1012:00 AM Open AirMellerud, SESat Aug 21 1008:00 PM Burg WilhelmsteinWurselen, DEWed Aug 25 1008:00 PMTicketsRathaushof KöpenickBerlin, DEFri Aug 27 1008:00 PM The Strawberry Music FestivalYosemite, CASun Sep 05 1008:45 PMTicketsPerth Concert HallPerth, PKN, UKSat Nov 06 1007:30 PM The Royal Concert HallGlasgow, UKSun Nov 07 1007:30 PM<