Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Vinnie Moore: licks and tab

Vinnie Moore talks about what modes he likes to use and plays a few licks in each one, in different styles.


Ex 1 - http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_cz9To5JXsNo...

Ex 2 - http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_cz9To5JXsNo...

Ex 3 - http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_cz9To5JXsNo...

Ex 4 - http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_cz9To5JXsNo...

Ex 5 - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_cz9To5JXsNo...

Ex 6 - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_cz9To5JXsNo...

Ex 7 - http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/22...

tabs 1-6 courtesy of http://funksheet.blogspot.com/

Vinnie Moore shows some licks & talks (with tab!)

"To The Core" recording lineup:

Vinnie Moore - Guitar
Van Romaine - Drums
John "J.D." DeServio - Bass
Tim Lehner - Keyboards

Tour dates:

Feb. 04 - Rome, Italy - Crossroads
Feb. 05 - Scandiano, Italy - Corallo
Feb. 06 - Trofarello, Italy - Il Peocio
Feb. 10 - Pisa, Italy - Borderline
Feb. 11 - Istanbul, Turkey - Jolly Joker Balans
Feb. 12 - Ankara, Turkey - 312 Club
Feb. 13 - Mozzate, Italy - Motorockas
Feb. 16 - Verviers, Belgium - Spirit 66
Feb. 17 - London, England - Underworld
Feb. 19 - Las Palmas, Spain - Telde Theater
Feb. 20 - Bilbao, Spain - Sala Rockstar
Feb. 23 - Vienna, Austria - Reigen
Feb. 25 - Thessaloniki, Greece - Mylos Club
Feb. 26 - Athens, Greece - An Club

Steve Hubbard: lick of the week

Steve Hubbard:
Hello again!

This week's lick is in the key of Cm .

All of my licks are open to your interpretation!! I don't talk much about technique, because my aim is to give you musical ideas, and inspire new licks of your own! The technique(s) that I use to play a group of notes, is not always what will work for you..

Lick of the Week - January 12th, 2010 *Short & Sweet!*

Philippe Thomas: king canonic

Improvised Canonic caprice no116.

Improvised Echo etude no1

Canonic caprice no 114 in A Minor for electric guitar

Canonic caprice no 111

News: harmony central at namm 2010

Winter NAMM 2010 Preview

News: let there be rock program

1 - Grand Design - Sheik iddup (Time elevation )

2 - Fear Factory - Christploitation (Mechanize)

3 - Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats - Death Match (Meet the meatbats)

4 - Giant - Believer (Promise land)

5 - Heathen - Dying season (The evolution of chaos)

Markku Kuikka (Status Minor) - Favorite Top 3 of all time

6 - Ark - Healed waters

7 - Badlands - Streets cry freedom

8 - Queensryche - Eyes of a stranger

9 - Will Schut - Sewergotar (Hidden in reality)

10 - Avenged Sevenfold- Dear God (Avenged Sevenfold)

11 - Europe - The Beast (Last look at Eden)

12 - Angels of Babylon - Conspiracy Theory (Kingdom of Evil)

13 - City of Fire - Coitus Interruptus (City of Fire)

14 - Tom Quayle - Identity crisis (Guitar Idol 2008)

15 - Armageddon - Descecration of souls (Three)

16 - Acacia Avenue - Don't call me tonight (Acacia Avenue)

17 - Kittie - My plague (In the black)

18 - Bruce Kulick - I'm the animal (BK3)

Markku Kuikka (Status Minor), favorite top 3 of songs, own performance

19 - Status Minor - Out of these streets (Dialog)

20 - Status Minor - Fade away (Dialog)

21 - Status Minor - Dialog (Dialog)

Next on Let there be Rock:

- January 19: Interview with Christopher Amott (Arch Enemy)

- January 26: Interview with Darren Wharton (Dare, ex-Thin Lizzy)

- February 2: Interview with Tony Mills (TNT, Shy)

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Stelios Arnaoutoglou: suhr is blue!

I was expirimenting with another speaker cab today, and i came across a tone that inspired me, unfortunately it didn't stop me from making some mistakes... but who cares.. it's just the blues :p

Suhr Blues

Charly Sahona: relieved

The lead track "Relieved" taken from the debut solo album from Venturia guitarist Charly Sahona "Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos" set for release on 19.2.2010. Video editing and production by Franck Hermanny. For more information on "Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos" please visit http://www.lionmusic.com/cd/nakedthoughts.htm

Charly Sahona - Relieved

Davide Pagano: shred this too

Davide Pagano posted a a shred this too solo on myspace... http://www.myspace.com/davidepagano?albid=&songid=62960950... I'm hoping we'll see a video on youtube at some point.

Daita: fantasia

[The Guitar Emission] Another great guitar instrumental by: Daita with his album: "Euphony" and "Fantasia"

Daita began to study music in his childhood as he played piano for many years. At age 16, he started playing guitar and hoped to one day become a pro. Shortly after, he, Hideki and Natin began college, they started a band named POWER. Daita and Hideki were roommates and after an argument, POWER disbanded and Daita set out on his own. He played in small bands and worked many odd jobs to try to get by, but it wasn't until summer of 1993 that he met back up with his old friends. Together, they formed Siam Shade and in 1994, they were joined by Junji on drums who replaced former member AA. After lots of hard work and releases, Siam Shade became major in 1995.

Siam Shade won the hearts of fans everywhere with their cheerful melodies and deep lyrics as well as their good charity works.Daita was really able to shine and show off his skills, both technical and composing-wise, which grew better and better with each song. In 2002, however, the band mutually decided to disband and embark on solo careers.

On June 19, 2003 Daita's official website opened and his first announcement was the fact that he would be performing with Kyosuke Himuro (ex BOOWY) at Himuro's anniversary concert. Not much later, he yet again performed with Himuro and became his lead guitarist for his fall tour.

Daita left his label, Amuse, at the beginning of 2004 and opened a new official site called D-ISM. A short while later, Daita finally played his first solo live in Shibuya O-EAST on June 28th which later on became a highly sought-after live DVD.

Since then, he's toured with Himuro, and other famous artists, and performed many times as his lead guitarist. In 2005, Daita's amazing guitar skills were recognized as he was invited to tour with many world-renowned professional guitarists (for example Slash from Guns & Roses and Steve Vai), which is a high honor for any artist to receive. He was also the first Japanese musician to be invited.

With so much experience and skill behind him, Daita likes to keep his solo releases and appearances down to a minimum. However, he's always ready to work with any artist that asks him, and is a very down-to-earth musician. There are no talks of a new solo release yet, but maybe '07 will see a new release from him.

Fantasia - Daita [LIVE]

Tiago Della Vega: hybrid new CD

The first solo CD of the world's fastest guitarist, a mix of musical genres that Tiago's guitar blends with various ethnic influences.
Among the songs on the CD also has the performance, the impressive speed of 320 bpm, the flight of the bumblebee Korsakov which sealed the entrance to the Vega Tiago in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest guitarist in the world.

buy Hybrid

1. Bugus
2. Destiny
3. Caprice 24 (Paganini Version)
4. Lost
5. Violet Rose
6. Distant Dreams
7. The Flight of the Bumblebee (the World's fastest music)
8. Acalanto

Pop Woravit: Marco Sfogli's shred this too - shred style!

Really pleased to see Thai super shredder entering the competition... enjoy!

Pop Woravit:
Shred This Too by pop woravit from thailand entry I 'm Improvisation 1 take 5555. Hope you like it Please rate and comment:) Pop woravit thailand

Shred This Too by pop woravit from thailand entry

Muris Varajic: tribute to Guthrie Govan

Hey folks!
This is my take on Waves, such a wonderful piece of music. :)
Sorry about the middle shreddy part, I couldn't hear those guitar nicely so I pretty much missed the timing,
wish I used headphones instead of running my monitors low cause of the neighbors.
Hope you'll like it, thanks for watching! :)

Guthrie Govan's Waves - cover by Muris Varajic

Paulo Grua: free new CD for download

Paulo Grua:
I just released a totally DIY album, and am distributing it for free as a download.

It's an instrumental EP, with a style that sits between fusion and a cinematic kind of music, some would say, even new-age-ish (I don't think that, btw ;) ).
Fans of Joe Satriani, Bill Frisell and David Torn might like it!
The link for download is: http://www.4shared.com/file/180214690/3afe77f1/Paulo_Grua__and_other_stories.html
If you don't want to download it before having any idea of what it sounds like, you can check some songs here: http://www.myspace.com/asus2

Paulo Grua: Linhas Horizontais na guitarra/ Horizontal lines on guitar

Shawn Lane: getting the funk out!

Here Shawn Lane plays "Funk #49", at Cafe Berkhout, Amsterdam, on the 31st March 2001.

Shawn Lane - Funk #49 (Cafe Berkhout - 31st March 2001)

Floyd Fernandes: clinic show announced

Floyd Fernandes in Clinic/Workshop at Bhargavas Musik Bandra
Host: Bhargavas Musik Bandra

Date: Sunday, 17 January 2010
Time: 15:30 - 17:00
Location: Bhargavas Musik Bandra Store
Description Back by Special Request,

Floyd has once again volunteered some of his precious time from his busy schedule to help guitar enthusiasts..

So see you 17th Jan Sunday from 3:30pm - 5pm. at the Bhargava's Musik Store Bandra..

Get set and be ready for Floydisms and his Guitarisms.

JAZZ Fusion Sessions with FLOYD and TREX pedals

Shane Gibson: stork facebook fan page

Shane Gibson
BecOme a fan Of the Official stOrk fan page...... 3 sOngs uplOaded frOm Our debut recOrd..... please, enjOys (bOrat accent) http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Official-stOrk-Fan-Page/259890553408

Gary Hoey: NAMM dates


The biggest names in musical instruments display their latest products during this huge 4 day convention at the Anahein Convention Center. Gary with be appearing at the following endorser's booths:

Thu 1/14 3pm Fender Theater
Hall E, 3rd Floor, Rooms 300-304
Sat 1/16 3pm - 4pm GHS/Rocktron Booth

Yann Armellino: win a Rocktron Silver Dragon

The competition gets a new closing date and a big new prize!

Win CD's from his New album « Gimme the sound » AND a pedal Rocktron Silver Dragon

1. Gimme the Sound
2. High Above the Unknown Places 3. Time Is Running Out
4. After the Tour (Featuring Patrick Rondat)
5. I Remember Yesterday
6. It's a Nightmare Every Morning
7. I Just Wish I Could Be Home
8. Armorik 'n' Roll (Featuring Gildas Arzel)
9. Let's Fly Higher
10. S.O.S.
11. Little Sister
12. Oversea
13. High Above the Unknown Places (Acoustic Version)
14. Isle of Jura

Top 3 selected by Yann Armellino himself.

You entry to be added before the end of February! (competition ends at midnight)

Step1: Subscribe to TMC channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMusicalContest

download the backing track on the link hereafter


Step2: Record your own solo on video

Step3: MUST post as video response to this youtube video! http://www.youtube.com/video_response_upload?v=rWfo688CH8c


Carlo Losavio: stratus


David Jegat: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

130 solos entered to date... here's another interesting solo for you! All the solos http://www.youtube.com/video_response_view_all?v=Q9QH-2U9W2M

David jegat "shred this too" guitar contest entry.wmv

Matteo Ruggiero: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Thanks to Matteo Ruggiero... you may struggle with your video, but a great entry all the same!

Matteo Ruggiero _ Shred this too competition

Shawn Lane: Shred This Too - special entry!!

As guitar fans may know I was contacted by Diane Lane to ask if she would be able to post a video on behalf of Shawn Lane for the competition.

The conversation goes something like this:

Diane Lane: Can I enter My son Shawn Lane??? Thank you , Diane

Laurie Monk: Diane, I would love you to post a video for Shawn. Thanks for offering.

Diane Lane: Thank You , He would Love that!!!! Peace and Love, Diane

I contacted Willjay, well known keeper of the Shawn Lane flame http://www.youtube.com/user/MyShawnLaneVideos

Laurie Monk: special thanks to Willjay for posting a video on behalf of Diane Lane... featuring the the towering, late, great, Shawn Lane!

I know that Marco Sfogli and the team of judges are huge fans of Shawn Lane and are very proud to have Shawn Lane feature posthumously in our competition.

So here's a very cool one, featuring an awesome Shawn Lane extended solo.

Here Shawn Lane and the Powers of Ten Band play "Not Again", followed by Shawn's Guitar Solo, at Alfred's, Memphis, TN, on the 26th Sept 1992. You can buy a selection of Shawn's live gigs on DVD from Shawn's mum, Diane, at ShawnLane.com

Shawn Lane - Not Again & Guitar Solo (Alfred's, Memphis - 26th Sept 1992)

Johnny Hiland: goes to Ernie Ball

The partially sighted Johnny Hiland moves to Ernie Ball:
Johnny Hiland has joined our family as a valued endorsee. Johnny is over the moon with the Silhouette and will be playing them for a long time we both hope.

As for the earlier threads it was funny in that I had zero contact with Johnny until the next day after those threads when Derek called me and said that Johnny was interested in joining us

full story

News: google chrome has a youtube channel

I've been using chrome since the start... it's now replaced firefox as my browser of choice for web browsing. Firefox still has the edge in some departments, but if you are a surfer and not too worried about extension overload that Firefox has, then google chrome might be for you... it is very fast and handles TIS very well... IE8 users take note.

Google Chrome is a web browser that runs web pages and applications with lightning speed. Click on the notice board in the video to see our other films.


Chrome Features

The channel: http://www.youtube.com/googlechromeuk#p/c/8D4F8084971A89D7

David Wallimann: canon

David Wallimann says:
Here's my arrangement of this popular classical piece..
I tried to write something different than what most versions...
Guitar is a Parker Fly Deluxe going into Guitar Rig 4.
The camera is a Canon zi8...

Canon in D with Parker Fly and Guitar Rig

Faraz Anwar: guitar workshop

Faraz Anwar teaching basic lead guitar technique at a guitar workshop at LUMS, Lahore.

Lahore Guitar Workshop I - Faraz Anwar (LUMS)

Lahore Guitar Workshop II - Faraz Anwar (LUMS)

Jeff Kollman: Bombastic Meatbats - cheeop seats

A six video feast

Jeff Kollman: Bombastic Meatbats - cheeop seats

Allen Hinds: more smooth than a smooth thing...

Interview with Allen Hinds & Melvin Davis at the Baked Potato Dec 8 2009

Interview with Allen Hinds EWS Fuzzy Drive at the Baked Potato Dec 8 2009

Allen Hinds Live at the Baked Potato Dec 8 2009 Part2

Allen Hinds Live at the Baked Potato Dec 8 2009 Part3

George Bellas: prelude In Cm7

George Bellas - Prelude In Cm7

David Shankle: demonic solo

This is a special bonus video from the original motion picture JEZEBETH. The Demon Solo video was shot and produced by Dan Manzella of Dig-It-Al Studios. The video stars Bree Michaels and features the guitar wizardry of David Shankle. We would like to thank Dean Guitars and Randall Amps for providing us with the guitar and Amplifier. The movie JEZEBETH was written and directed by Damien Dante of Satania 6 Films. The movie is Distributed by DSR Music and Film Distribution and SGL Entertainment.