Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Andy Wood: Shred Neck on a small neck!

Thanks again to Charles Shaughnessy for being our NAMM guide... at least Charles knows that you need to film the guys playing!

Andy Wood Mandolin Shred(neck) NAMM 2010

Tom Quayle, Rick Graham: Charles Shaughnessy's video haul begins

Tom Quayle and Rick Graham Demoing Diezel VH4 and Herbert at NAMM 2010

Tom Quayle Suhr Guitar and Pedal Demo at NAMM 2010

Rick Graham Suhr Guitar and Pedal Demo at NAMM 2010

George Lynch: NAMM 2009

George Lynch performing at NAMM 2009 for USMusic Corp.

George Lynch at NAMM 2009 for USMusic cam2

George Lynch at NAMM 2009 for USMusic cam2

Dave Martone: NAMM 2009 Parker guitars

Dave Martone performing at NAMM 2009 for Parker Guitars and USMusic

Dave Martone performing at NAMM 2009 for Parker Guitars and US Music

Dave Martone performing at NAMM 2009 for Parker Guitars and US Music

Orianthi: very cool NAMM performance

Michael Jackson's former guitar player Orianthi performs at NAMM 2010 for Paul Reed Smith Guitars at the main stage inside the Anaheim Convention Center 1/16/2010. Video by Jeffrey A. Rivera and

Orianthi at NAMM 2010 for PRS guitars #1

Orianthi at NAMM 2010 for PRS guitars #2

Orianthi at NAMM 2010 for PRS guitars #3

Richie Kotzen: very cool acoustic LAG NAMM

LÂG Guitars celebrates their arrival in America by hosting a wonderful evening of music at the 2010 Winter NAMM show. This segment features a wonderful solo performance by Richie Kotzen, playing one of LÂG's new Tramontane guitars

LÂG Party at NAMM 2010 with Richie Kotzen

Samuel Montano: grooving with sticks!

Grooving with Sticks and Pops by Jadon

Shane Gibson: stOrk... time to get the CD!

Product Description... NEW CD!

Combining thrash metal with progressive rock -- stOrk, is the brainchild of guitar ogre Shane Gibson (KoRn) and uber-drummer Thomas Lang.

Best known for his soloing, Shane Gibson's frequent use of odd time signatures, heavy riffing, poly-rhythms, innovative tapping sequences and his impressive sweep picking technique provides the sonic spine of stOrk's masterful, musical progeny. Songs like, "Changing Lanes" and "Alien" on stOrk's debut album perfectly showcase Gibson's considerable shredding skills.

World-renowned drummer Thomas Lang (Rhythm magazine's "Best Drummer in the World") provides the percussive punch to stOrk's sonic uppercut. With Lang's incredible interdependence, powerful double bass drumming combined with an innate musicality, his drumming on stOrk is both insanely heavy and musical at the same time. Featured on "Metal Fatigue" and "Nautilus," Lang's drumming is legendary.

Rounding out this ultra power trio is Eloy Palacios (Vension) on bass. Palacious is the sonic superglue that binds Gibson's guitar and Lang's drums together. On stOrk's debut album, Palacious' virtuoso playing and bottomless bass pocket are not to be missed.

Intense, dark, aggressive, futuristic and somehow familiar, stOrk sounds like nothing you've ever heard -- but always hoped you would. To sample tracks:


1. Moonrock

2. Doooosh

3. Alien

4. Changing Lanes

5. Nautilus

6. Prelude In The Key of Shut The Hell Up

7. Loki

8. Ducksinapond

9. Metal Fatigue

10. Asian Manipulation

11. Emo Village Pillage

12. Tripola


Hedras Ramos: interview

Radioshow: Live Music For Radio - Mini Interview to Hedra Ramos
At age 17 and has recorded 3 albums of international quality and a brand of guitars will release a model that bears his name. A boy who seeks to please God and share their joy of composing great music.

full interview
Holy Gift of Shred

Tom Quayle: Toadworks Booth NAMM 2010

Had an amazing time in L.A. with this guy at the NAMM show. Day by day i felt my mind melting as Tom and Rick were playing such tasty stuff! Enjoy :)

Tom Quayle @ Toadworks Booth NAMM 2010

Phil Hilborne: 'War Pigs' - Guitar Solo

Phil Hilborne - 'War Pigs' - Guitar Solo

Rob Chappers: guitar tuition DVD - What do you want to learn?

Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below! I'm going to shoot a guitar tuition DVD - What do you want to learn? Maybe a lick video (Rock/Blues), or perhaps something like a focus on pentatonics or a guide to making a living as a guitarist, getting endorsed etc?

Rob Chappers is going to shoot a guitar tuition DVD - What do you want to learn?

Shane Gibson: NAMM

Shane Gibson of Schwarzenator demo at NAMM 2010


Rob Marcello: NAMM #2

Rob Marcello on the Roland/BOSS booth at NAMM 2010... shredding...


Sam Bell: Fractions of Motions

Fractions of Motions - Sam Bell

Jack Gardiner, Guthrie Govan, Steve Morse, Robert Marcello: Jacks's NAMM photo's

Steve Morse

Robert Marcello

Guthrei Govan with a cool T Shirt... I want one!

Guitars... honest...

Denis Rexhepi: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Shred this too Competition-Denis Rexhepi

György Lelovics: Marco Sfogli shred this too - the driller!

Check out the drill!

György Lelovics - Marco Sfogli's Shred This Too

Andy Wood, Charles Shaughnessy, Tom Quayle, Rick Graham: NAMM 2010 by Charlie Shaughnessy

JP Forum Pic  NAMM 2010 by Charlie Shaughnessy

Xaem, Pastor of Muppets, Van Hellion, Tom Quayle, Rick Graham, Finaldo, Madsman  

A ton of cool pictures:

Geoff Whitehorn,Phil Hilborne: 1994 NINETYONOG

Phil Hilborne & Band with guest Geoff Whitehorn playing Geoff's instrumental tune' Ninetyonog' - from his 'Geoff Who' album. In 1994 at Club Riga In Southend-On-Sea, Essex.

Phil Hilborne & Geoff Whitehorn - 'NINETYONOG '

Kikuta Homupe: tapping Liszt

La Campanella by tapping the introductory part of the list. The course is also a guitar at home. Kikuta Homupe of

La Campanella (guitar tapping) Liszt

News: blackdroid 7 string baritone 27.5'' scale

new design blackdroid 7 string baritone 27.5'' scale

David Wallimann: COMPETITION... how to not get an endorsement

Contest: win 5 small pointed V-Picks! (ends February the 28th)

1. Subscribe to my channel
2. Post a video response to this one demonstrating your tip on how to not get an endorsement

The funniest tip will receive 5 V-Picks!

How to not get an endorsement - Win 5 V-Picks!

Mick Thompson,Paul Gilbert,John Petrucci: national guitar workshop

Save $150 off your tuition

Limited Space Available!

Register using the code JAN10
before January 31st.

Click Here to Register

Call 800-234-6479 for more details.

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2010 NGW Guest Artists

John Petrucci

John Petrucci

New Milford, CT

July 11 - 16

John Scofield

John Scofield

New Milford, CT
August 1 - 6

Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert

Los Angeles, CA
July 11 - 16
*schedule permitting

Sonny Landreth

Sonny Landreth

New Milford, CT

July 25 - 30

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel

New Milford, CT
July 18 - 23

Mick Thompson

Mick Thompson


Hubert Sumlin

Hubert Sumlin

Austin, TX
July 18 - 23

Bob Margolin

Bob Margolin

Austin, TX
July 18 - 23

Ron Carter
Ron Carter

New Milford, CT
August 1 - 6

More Guest Artists Announced Soon!

Luigi Rinaldi: Wind Of Marsa Alam

Wind Of Marsa Alam, music ©2010 Luigi Rinaldi. All pictures have been taken from free internet websites and belong to their original owners, except the last picture on the video.

Luigi Rinaldi - Wind Of Marsa Alam

Joe Satriani: VOX NAMM

Our good friend Joe Satriani stopped by the VOX booth at the 2010 Winter NAMM Show. While he was there, Joe sat down to give us the latest news on his many musical projects - including Joe Satriani; Chickenfoot; and the 2010 Experience Hendrix Tribute Tour.

Joe Satriani at the VOX booth - NAMM 2010

Horacio Alvarado: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Wow a guy from Nicaragua!!!

View Larger Map

this is my take from marco sfogli backing track, cheer from Nicaragua, hope y like it !!

shred this too by **HorAhelL**

Michael Angelo Batio: TRex NAMM

Michael Angelo

Yngwie Malmsteen: Seymour Duncan and NAMM

Yngwie Malmsteen at Seymour Duncan - NAMM 2010

Michael Angelo Batio: new backing tracks available

M.A.C.E. Music will release a CD of all of Batio's best clinic tracks — "the exact tracks that I have used for my shows," according to the guitarist.

The backing tracks include:

01. Hands Without Shadows
02. Burn
03. Zeppelin Forever
04. No Boundaries (newer version with extended intro)
05. Tribute to Dimebag
06. Wherever I May Roam
07. Rain Forest
08. Dream On
09. The Finish Line
10. China
11. Time Traveler
12. Prog
13. Tribute to Randy

Gary Moore: the definitive Montreux collection.

"Definitive Montreux" track listing:

Disc #1:


01. Midnight Blues
02. Texas Strut
03. Moving On
04. Cold Cold Feeling
05. Stop Messing Around
06. The Blues Is Alright
07. The Messiah Will Come Again


01. If You Be My Baby
02. Long Grey Mare
03. Merry-Go-Round
04. The Stumble
05. You Don't Love Me
06. Key To Love
07. All Your Love
08. Still Got The Blues
09. Since I Met You Baby
10. The Sky Is Crying
11. Jumping At Shadows

Disc #2


01. One Fine Day
02. Cold Wind Blows
03. I've Found My Love In You
04. Always There For You
05. Business As Usual
06. Out In The Fields


01. Pretty Woman
02. Need Your Love So Bad
03. Tore Down
04. I Loved Another Woman
05. Too Tired
06. Further On Up The Road
07. Parisienne Walkways


01. You Upset Me Baby
02. Cold Black Night
03. Stormy Monday
04. Walking By Myself
05. How Many Lies
06. Fire
07. Enough Of The Blues
08. The Prophet

CD track listing:

01. Midnight Blues
02. Moving On
03. All Your Love
04. Still Got The Blues
05. Out In The Fields
06. Over The Hills And Far Away
07. Oh Pretty Woman
08. Too Tired
09. Parisienne Walkways
10. Stormy Monday
11. Walking By Myself

Chris Broderick: cut finger!

Chris Broderick has issued the following update:
"How many times have you been told safety first? I always felt like I was being nagged, but now I am the one advocating safety.

"Last night I was breaking down boxes to put in the recycling bin, and the unthinkable happened. I cut my thumb on my right hand with a box cutter (razor blade). Instantly I knew I needed to get to the emergency room to make sure I hadn't cut my career along with my thumb. Luckily I didn't cut any tendons and will only have to lay off the guitar for a couple weeks.
full details

Joe Satriani: I just Wanna Rock details

"Live in Paris: I Just Wanna Rock" track listing:

Disc 1:

01. I Just Wanna Rock
02. Overdriver
03. Satch Boogie
04. Ice 9
05. Diddle-Y-A-Doo-Dat
06. Flying In A Blue Dream
07. Ghosts
08. Revelation
09. Super Colossal
10. One Big Rush
11. Musterion

Disc 2:

12. Out of the Sunrise
13. Time Machine
14. Cool # 9
15. Andulasia
16. Bass Solo
17. Cryin'
18. Mystical Potato Head, Groove Thing
19. Always With Me, Always With You
20. Surfing With The Alien
21. Crowd Chant
22. Summer Song

A short clip about the upcoming (Feb 2, 2010) release of Joe Satriani's new release "Live In Paris: I Just Wanna Rock", available as a DVD or a double-CD.

Joe Satriani - Live In Paris: I Just Wanna Rock (DVD/Double CD Interview/Promo)

Guy Myers: "they called him the Guitar Man, Everyone loved him."

Guy Myers worked for Hewlett-Packard for 19 years.
But later in life, his family said the 58-year-old Sunnyvale man drank too much. He lost his job. He lost his home. And Sunday, he lost his life.
For some reason, Myers ran along Highway 101 south of Lawrence Expressway about 10 p.m., and was killed when a Dodge Neon struck him.
His family wonders if drinking had anything to do with Myers' behavior.
"He liked to drink," said Myers' son, Aaron. "He was a musician and had his guitar with him. The driver said he held up his guitar over his head right before he died. In fact, the guitar made it, even though my father didn't."
The Santa Clara County coroner's office typically takes about six weeks for a toxicology report to come back to determine the cause of death, including what was inside someone's system before death. The California Highway Patrol did not arrest the driver of the Dodge.
"I feel sorry for the man," Aaron Myers said of the driver. "I'd like to let him know that."
Similar sentiments are shared by Myers' other two children and four grandchildren. Aaron Myers said he kept a "good relationship" with his father despite his life choices.
Myers was twice divorced and homeless, and frequented the 7-Eleven on Wildwood Avenue, next to one of his other favorite spots, Bogart's Lounge, his son said.
Myers earned a small living through tips from playing his guitar outside the convenience store.
"People called him the Guitar Man," Aaron Myers said. "Everyone loved him."
full story

Prashant Aswani: rich murray catches up with the fusion dude at NAMM

NAMM 2010: Prashant Aswani at Spectraflex

Chris Poland: more from Rich Murray's NAMM treasure chest!

NAMM 2010: Chris Poland and Pag at Eminence

Alex Machacek: Rich Murray's treasure chest!

Alex Machacek - Guitar, Ric Fierabracci - Bass, Tom Brechtlein - Drums, and Phil Turcio - Keys playing the Stones tune "Miss You" at Alva's Showroom - 1/16/10

Alex Machacek - "Miss You" Live at Alva's 1/16/10

Alex Machacek - "Actual Proof" solo Live at Alva's 1/16/10

Dario Lorina: namm jamm highlights

NAMM 2010 Recap

Kaitlynn Schmidt: this girl shreds!

Another clean picking shred mistress!

7 String Face Melting Riffs -Metal Kat

Marko Vesovic: a little late night jamming

Marko Vesovic.mp4

News: let there be rock program

1 - Alter Bridge - White knuckles (Live in Amsterdam)
2 - Stryper - Murder by pride (Murder by pride)
3 - Riot - Loanshark (Restless breed)

Christopher Amott Special + Interview
4 - Armageddon - Blind Fury (Embrace the mystery)
5 - Arch Enemy - Bury me an angel (The root of all evil)
6 - Arch Enemy - Christopher Amott solo (Tyrants of the rising sun)
7 - Arch Enemy - Demonic science (The root of all evil)

8 - Dare - Circles (Arc of the dawn)
9 - Rolo Tomassi - Oh Hello Ghost (Hysterics)
10 - Darkology - Nobot (Altered reflections)
11 - Overkill - The goal is your soul (Iron Bound)
12 - Juliette Lewis - Ghosts (Terra incognito)
13 - Silvio Gazquez - Far away (Guitar idol)
14 - Ram-Zet - 222 (Neutralized)
15 - Fear Factory - Controlled demolition (Mechanize)
16 - It Dies Today - Martyr of truth (Lividity)
17 - Epica - Martyr of the free world (Design your universe)
18 - The murder of my sweet - Death of a movie star (Divanity)
19 - Arsis - Progressive entrapment (We are the nightmare)
20 - Shadow Gallery - Gold Dust (Digital ghosts)

Next on Let there be Rock:
- January 26: Interview with Darren Wharton (Dare, ex-Thin Lizzy)
- February 2: Interview with Cirrha Niva & Fuelblooded
- February 9: Interview with John Norum (Europe)
- February 16: NO RADIO SHOW due to Carnaval :-(
- February 23: Interview with Will Schut
- March 2: Interview with Tony Mills (TNT, ex-Shy)

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Tommy Emmanuel: new tour shows

March 22 Istanbul, Turkey
April 23 Vilnius, Lithuania
April 24 Riga, Latvia
April 28 Catania, Italy
May 13 Toronto, Ontario, CA
May 14 Toronto, Ontario, CA
July 21-22 New Milford, CT, USA
National Guitar Summer Workshop - Clinic

Jonas Hansson: queen tribute posted

Jonas Hansson:
My sister Catherine Hansson and I did a version of
"The show must go on" by Queen.

I hope you'll like it.

If so. we might do more stuff together.

Music written by Queen.
Vocals by Catherine Hansson.
Music produced and performed by Jonas Hansson.