Saturday, 30 January 2010

Jan Laurenz: the swiss schred zis too!

Another great solo... tears of joy and tears of grief... another great solo and one more to make that picking the winner difficult! Check out the "banjo roll" picking at the end.

Jan Laurenz schred this too:Marco Sfogli

Benny Nilsson: cloud surfing shred this too!

I heard Benny Nilsson's take on Petrucci forum... sounded great to me, but Benny didn't have a video... I knocked a quick one together using the mp3... this solo deserves to be heard too!

Quick 'Shred This Too' improv

Bryan Aspey: rents a spaceship hanger to get just the right sound for shred this too!

Bryan Aspey did a great job as he managed to hire out Area 53... (next to Area 51) They did a great job on camouflaging those space ships! As ever Bryan's soloing is just amazingly clean... great job buddy!!
Video Transmission: Shred This Too
Location: Unknown
Latest Communication: I've been away in this hangar for the past couple months with nothing to do but woodshed, and nothing to eat but picks and string clippings, and now I'm back to Shred This... Too!

Shred This Too - Bryan Aspey

Pilho: some cool shred this too from Brazil

Pilho is from Fortaleza in Brazil, again showing the global nature of this competition!

Here is my entry for guitar solo contest!!! Thank you for watcthing!!! Myspace: Pilho uses only pickups Sérgio Rosar. Learn more about the pickups in

Pilho - Shred this too

Francesco D'Alonzo: shred this too drawing out the new players

You know you got the competition right when guys set up their first youtube to post a video! Francesco D'Alonzo is from Italy and likes the bar to shape his notes.

Francesco D'Alonzo - Marco Sfogli's Shred This Too Competition

Alberto Lima: right... er no left handed shred this too!

It's been a while but I recall that switch over playing, tasty playing on both right and left hands ;) !

Alberto Lima says:
20 minutes improvising and one take...Just for fun....I hope you enjoyed!!!

Impromptu take 1

Vladimir Maisiuk: judges have a tough job on their hands... here's another super solo!

I appreciate Vlad's comments... this competition has got a life of its' own!

Vladimir Maisiuk says:
Huge thanks to Laurie Monk for another awesome contest-he always taking care of all of us guitarplayers and adds some more exitement to our life :) Of course huge thanks to Marco Sfogli as well for the great backing track-so groovy and exiting-just wanna play and play...And thanks alot to all judges-Tom,Rick,Mangus and Chris-thank you all for taking time to check us all out...
Anyhow-I promised to Laurie Monk that I going to record this one with my new guitar...I just put it tougether from Warmoth parts like one week ago-first time without any guitartech's help-including scalloping of 6 last frets like all my guitars has drilling the all holes haha :) soldering and lots of other stuff...It was my experiment-the guitar came up not bad-little bit cold sounding at first-like most of new guitars-but it's definetely has something- I hope with time it will get a bigger balls :)
Best of luck to all participants-sooo many great enryes-I feel sorry for the judges :)

"Shred This Too" By Vladimir Maisiuk

Jesus Robles: shreds for Venezuela in this top quality solo!

I can'yt keep up with all these cool new players! Jesus Robles is from Venezuela!

shred this too, Jesus Robles!

Chandler Oliver: top quality shredding from another new player!

Chandler Oliver says:
Thanks to Marco Sfogli, Rick Graham, Tom Quayle,Magnus Olsson, Chris Brooks and of course Laurie Monk. Sorry the sound is a little low. I've been busy lately and I haven't had a chance to play with the new amp, so unfortunately the tone isn't exactly what I wanted, but hopefully it doesn't sound too bad. Anyway tell me what you think. Thanks

Shred this too- Chan

Boris Beceric: rushing to beat the deadline for shred this too

My almost last minute entry to the shred this too competition.
Almost no time left and with all the superheroes already entered I decided to go with a totally improvised jam over this one. This one reveals all kinds of rhythmical and technical inaccuracies, but all in the name of some good, clean, violent entertainment...

...I call this one "shred this, tool!!" :-))

Shred this, tool!!

Kevin Serra: bluesy rocking shred this too

Kevin Serra:
My entry for this amazing competition even if I don't define myself a shred...BTW this is a first take!!!
thanx to Marco Sfogli, Lauriemonk and all the judges involved in this competition hoping there will be more to come...
rock on and THANX for watching


Rokas Jackūnas: Silent noise competition entry

RJ - Silent noise competition entry

Randev Seneviratne: Sri Lanka wants to Shred This Too!

Not sure if this is a first for us... but this one is from Sri Lanka... welcome to Shred This Too

Randev Seneviratne says:
So I heard about this competition through a friend of mine, took a liking to the backing track, and thought Ill give it a shot. Not as tight as it can be, and somehow something went wrong with the video brightness in some parts But the deadline is tomorrow so, here it is

Randev Seneviratne - Shred This Too Competition Entry

Kevin Peters: OneThaTaps Shreds This Too in his unique style

Another cool two handed attack on the Marco Sfogli backing track by Kevin Peters... His own unique two handed style is always fascinating to me.

KevinPeters ShredThisToo

Vladimir Villatoro: throws the kitchen sink at shred this too!

Guatemalan Vladimir Villatoro says:
I used a lot of instruments just for fun. SORRY! THE VIDEO IS A LITTLE OUT OF SYNC! I know I will not win the contest (I won't even qualify). Enjoy and have fun, just like I did.
250th video posted guys and gals! all videos

Shred This Too - Not Only a Guitar Solo!

Andrew Beveridge: shred this too... I'll drink to that!

Shred This Too!.avi

Mark McGuigan: is this a show stealing solo for Shred This Too?

Top notch solo from Mark McGuigan... really, really good!

Mark McGuigan - Shred This Too!

Jim Ross: Shred This real time jam can be a pain!

Some people are overly worried about their performance... don't be! Just go for it... post it... make new friends!

Jim's not too Happy with his take... hell that's live improv! GO FOR IT, there's still a tone of good notes in this take!

sfogli shred this too jam failure

Rick Graham: Diezel Amps NAMM 2010

Rick Graham @ Diezel Amps NAMM 2010 + CRICKET

Chris Johnstone: Contemporary Guitar triads

Chris Johnstone:
This lesson touches on Triads and presents a slightly different way to practice them then usually shown..........Triads are everywhere show so seriously.....just learn them!



Contemporary Guitar - Triads