Monday, 3 May 2010

Constantine: shred Core CD announced

Constantine signed a deal with 7Hard Records. His new instrumental album, "Shredcore", will be released in Europe on July 2... "'Shredcore' is a must-have for all the fans of modern metal/rock guitar shredding that can't be missed." For more information, visit

a video from 2008

Constantine - 2 Fast 2 Furious

Alex Machacek: guitar player interview

How did you come to record 24 Tales?
I was considering doing an album of compositions using different drummers, so I asked Marco if he had anything, and he said, “Yeah, I have a solo.” And then he gave me this. I was originally going to just use a section of it, but then he decided to have several composers write for the entire thing as part of his Normalizer project. Marco’s playing is so intricate and complex and the more you listen to it the more you realize that he’s doing things like playing in 5, but the high-hat is playing in 7, and it doesn’t throw him off. That, to me, was overwhelming. I knew about his facility, but you know about stuff and then you work on it and you really know.

Briefly describe your compositional process for the album.
The first step was to beat map the entire 52-minute composition in Logic Pro, because I wanted to sequence some sounds using MIDI. Otherwise, I would have had to play everything perfectly in real time, and I’m not a piano player or a bass player or whatever. Beat mapping allowed me to enter notes one at a time using the mouse. Also, if you know that you have a certain number of bars in a section, that helps with the structure. The next step was to lay down markers and write descriptions for every section, such as, “Lots of kick drum insanity.” Then, I’d try to establish a groove, a melody, a harmonic motif, etc., and develop a section from there.
full interview

Vinnie Moore: MI in Los Angeles 2009

Vinnie Moore @ MI in Los Angeles 2009

Jacobeat: Andy James shredding competition - ALERT super finger picker

Jacobeat & Andy James - Guitar Solo Contest -

Alexander Dowerk,05ric: touch guitars

Alexander Dowerk and 05ric jamming on their Touch Guitars® U8s.

Touch Guitars® at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2010, #11

Jon Bloomer: guitar noize v picks demo in cell block H

Jon Bloomer:
I bought 2 V-Picks to test, the medium and small pointed and V-Picks kindly sent 2 more picks to add to the review, the Medium Rounded and the Medium Ultra Lite.

This demo uses my Suhr S4 direct into my Genz Benz Black Pearl 30 amp using an Audix i5 Mic

Check out for more info.

V-Picks demo

Rich Brymer: on fire

Yngwie Malmsteen: the key to your soul is vibrato

Thanks as ever to Rustesco Farooley


Ivan Mihaljevic, Phil Hilborne: Carry On My Wayward Son

Carry On My Wayward Son - Live in Zagreb, Croatia

Thiago Trinsi: two spots available for guitar lessons

Thiago Trinsi:
I have two spots left for the Privet Guitar Lessons at my homeStudio, if is there any body in Akureyri or places around interested let me know as soon as possible, :D

If you live very far AWAY and still want to have some Killer guitar Lessons please write to me at or send me a message in Facebook even by distance you can register for the Online LIVE CAM lessons.

These webcam lessons with me are 1 on 1 private instructions (face to face - )its Works the same as if you were at my home studio :))

-We need to check your equipment before the lessons to make sure everything works correctly so then we need to schedule the (checking time)
- MSN Messenger or Skype its up to you
- Broadbandwith Cable/DSL
- Must have the functioning capability to interface and interact with me(audio and video) webcam,mic, your computer, and your guitar.

Feel Free to contact me for more information

Ramon Luis Galang,Steve Vai: gives approval to the 9 year old's skills!

Steve Vai:
Check this out. Pretty amazing. His name is Louis and he lives in Manila in the Philippines. He's been playing the guitar for almost a year and here he is playing "Tender Surrender". He's 9 years old. Imagine how he'll be playing when he's 12! You Go young man!

Tender Surrender by Steve Vai (Cover) - 9 year old LuisMetalKid

Angel Ruiz: my friend Lydia

Mi amiga Lidia

Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner: stream

"Stream" Uli TiRo *New Version*

Richie Kotzen: "Peace Sign" UK Tour Dates... Win a Zoom G2r Effects Pedal at each show

Richie Kotzen UK Tour Dates! American rock guitar legend Richie Kotzen is playing 3 UK shows in June. Thurs 17th O2 Islington Academy, Sat 19th Manchester Club Academy and Sun 20th The Classic Grand, Glasgow.

We are giving away a Richie Kotzen signature Zoom G2r effects pedal at each of the 3 shows - all you have to to to have a chance to win and meet Richie is be at the shows! A draw will be held on each date and the lucky winner will be announced towards the end of the evening and will then get to meet Richie after the show and he will personally present you with your Zoom G2r.

Tickets are available now from

More info at

Richie Kotzen "Peace Sign" UK Tour Dates - Win a Zoom G2r Effects Pedal at each show

Joe Stump, James Gilmore, Matthew Mills: Sam Ash Music in Cincinnati clind

MWIrecords — 29 April 2010 — Sam Ash Music in Cincinnati- Guitar Clinic & Performance: Joe Stump, James D. Gilmore, and Matthew Mills.
Thursday, June 24, 2010 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT
Commons Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45246-2553 (513) 671-4500

Sam Ash Shred Clinic Promo

Steve Vai: At Guitar Center

This month at Guitar Center we feature guitarist Steve Vai who helped establish the shred guitar phenomenon in the Eighties, and transcended the genre from the very beginning becoming a legendary guitarist in his own right. Vai
has remained as popular and influential as ever thanks to his adventurous, exploratory spirit, which constantly reveals new possibilities for the guitar.
six videos

Steve Vai: At Guitar Center

Akira Wada: Suspencible the fourth - In the afternoon

One of the best japanese jazz rock (or fusion?) bands ever !
From the 1987 album "The Silence Of Motion".

Guitar - Wada Akira
Bass - Watanabe Ken
Drums - Kimura Mansaku

PRISM - Suspencible the fourth - In the afternoon

Neil Zaza,Kyoji Yamamoto,Park Young Soo: One Night Of Fusion Masters

[One Night Of Fusion Masters]jam Kyoji Yamamoto,Neil Zaza&Park Young Soo.x264.mp4

Dave Celentano: guitar tapping lessons

Dave Celentano - 2 Hand Tapping @

Dave Celentano Two Handed Tapping -

Peter Luha: fingerpicking, tremolo, slap guitar

Pitu's (Peter Luha) short fragments of guitar workshop, Rock'n'Roll club, Bratislava, Slovakia:
special guitar techniques - fingerpicking (thumb with one or more fingers), slap, tremolo

Peter Luha - sweep picking /Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen.../

Guitar workshop - fingerpicking, tremolo, slap

guitar playing - fingerstyle, slap guitar, tapping, picking

Herman Li: Ibanez workshop highlight at PMT

Video highlight of Ibanez endorsee Herman Li (Dragonforce) guitar workshop at PMT Birmingham, UK. With supporting performance from Steve Smith.

Herman Li (Dragonforce) Ibanez workshop highlight at PMT Birmingham, UK.

Brett Garsed: masters of guitar videos TVP3

MISTRZOWIE GITARY - Brett Garsed cz.1.

MISTRZOWIE GITARY - Brett Garsed cz.2.

Paul Gilbert: Cooked Chicken Jam

Jam along with Paul Gilbert! This was on an old edition of Young Guitar magazine. There was supposed to be another track called Raw Chicken Blues, which even I've never found. If you've got it, message me!!
Paul Gilbert - Cooked Chicken Jam (Audio)

Wim Roelants: Acoustic Knights

Wim Roelants says:
This is a short promo video of a new project I´m working on.
Enjoy and spread the word. Acoustic Knights are coming your way !!!!

Wim Roelants Acoustic Knights.wmv

Eddie Van Halen: Chric Cannella Talks On The New EVH Wolfgang Special

Chric Cannella Talks On The New EVH Wolfgang Special | Farm TV Reviews

Marco Buracchi: a lesson in fusion

Example on a series of agreements: G-7 F-7 (# 5) Fsus7 Ab75b D7 (# 9) C7 Bb7 F7

Lezioni chitarra elettrica: Chitarra Fusion

Renat Bikchurin: incredible finger exercises

Finger fitness with metronome. 234 bpm. Renat Bikchurin

Emil Werstler,Eyal Levi: avalanche continues

Daath guitarists Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler have just unleashed their new all-instrumental collaboration, Levi/Werstler Avalanche of Worms on Magna Carta Records. For this release, the duo has teamed with legendary drummer Sean Reinert (Cynic, ex-Death).

To celebrate this release, Werstler has created an exclusive video lesson (with tab) in which he demonstrates key aspects to his fleet-fingered style. We'll be rolling out a new lesson each week, so stay tuned.

Emil Werstler Video Lesson: Dominant Chord/Arpeggio Relationships, Part 2

Avalanche of Worms, Levi/Werstler's first release on Magna Carta Records, delivers a commanding sonic statement from the the partnership of Daath's Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler. Both accomplished guitarists, their interplay allows Levi's compositional style and Werstler' virtuosic guitar abilities to compliment each other fully; this unique alchemy prevents this album from being classified under any one genre.“We work in metal but the vibe of this is just coming from somewhere else,” Werstler says. “It’s hard to put your finger on what it is.”

The album is similar in composition to visual art; it is meant to be sonically digested in its entirety, not as a collection of individual pieces. Individual influences do not stand out in the album's formulation; Levi delivers an exceptionally refreshing approach. "This is a dense, epic, and psychedelic stream; a journey through our musical intent with individual sections comprised of smaller details. While contributing the bulk of my writing towards this record, I was dealing with feelings of intense loss and conflicted shortcomings on all fronts. This music is not referring to any of these extraordinary events in particular; It's just my musical interpretation and expression of the feelings which came as a result. It is best heard when you have 41 minutes straight to devote."

Innovative guitar solos and strong central themes accentuate the masterful composition. Unabashed creativity is given full license. "There is a certain freedom that comes with hearing yourself react to a new musical environment. I really wanted to take on something new that was still my own, but was able to explore styles that I utilize as a player that are not appropriate for Daath," Werstler says, "I'm primarily influenced by non-metal guitarists like Django Reinhardt, Jimmy Herring, and Martin Gore from Depeche Mode; Avalance of Worms was a great platform to reach deeper into my bag of tricks and push my need to integrate other genres of music with a metal sound. Having a notorious genre-fusing drummer to play with really helped me get closer to what's ultimately swimming around in my head."

Drummer Sean Reinert (Cynic, ex-Death) proves yet again to be unparalleled in his intensity and musicality. “The way he forced us to focus on feel and pocket was uncompromising. His playing is so right, all of the time, that you have to be right there with him in your playing, or the part is ruined,” Levi says, “Playing with Reinert forces you to become more musical.”

"Although we were writing and recording in separate parts of the country, I felt a distinct musical connection through out this whole process," adds Reinert, "The fact I already had a professional and personal relationship with Eyal and Emil allowed me to be even more clear and potent in my approach to the music."

Reinert's drumming provides a solid base for the strong, complicated, multilayered guitar leads and fierce solos. The solos highlight the musical arc of the record and “completely smoke those on previous DAATH efforts,” Werstler says, "We became better at our craft hands down. When you have the rhythm section of Reinert and Kevin Scott, you have what I consider a moving foundation. As a soloist, I find that everything comes from within the song. My ear is constantly listening for accents and things to play off of. With Reinert, It's like a gold mine of musical ideas. Instead of looking for things to change to accommodate a solo, I was able to diversify and let my playing pick its direction similar to the way I would if I was improvising. These are not solos just for the sake of solos- they are important devices that accentuate the overall theme and feel of the record. This is an album for music listeners."

The writing and recording schedule of Avalanche of Worms pushed Werstler and Levi past the limits of sanity. Eight months of writing and recording work was accomplished in about three months due to their other obligations and events.Once focused on this record, days would typically consist of sixteen hours of writing and recording music. Any other time was spent practicing guitar and juggling all the various administrative tasks that come with making a record.The final section for the album was recorded between 5 AM and 9 AM on the last day of the mix session. They literally spent every possible moment working on this up until the very end. "No letup, no slowdown, just relentless, ruthless and downright insane music making," Levi says, "We were wrecking our bodies and brains without regret to get this done exactly how we intended."

"With Levi/Werstler, it was the first time a label came to us asking for the non-expected. Granted, they were looking for a guitar record. However once the writing sessions started taking place, it was quite clear to us that we had no intentions of imitating Steve Vai’s Passion and Warfare or writing an instrumental DAATH record. Instead, we were interested in composing something unique but fitting," says Werstler, "When you have a band, write a record, build a brand, and gain fans playing live, you officially have expectations. Between our vision and the sessions, I feel that every element on this record is a more honest, and less tampered with depiction of our relationship as musicians with the need to create art."

Avalanche of Worms sets a new musical and technical precedent for both Werstler and Levi. This work firmly establishes them as a powerful creative force that will continue to forge remarkable music. "The lineup turned the record into a musical freak show that Eyal and I always dreamed of. I'm more proud of this record than any record I've done so far in my career," says Werstler.

"I seriously look forward to writing and recording more music with them!" says Reinert, "It's always nice to put yourself in a new musical environment, a new set of personalities and a new musical dynamic. Avalanche of Worms was both challenging and familiar- that perfect juxtaposition."

Emil Werstler (DAATH, LEVI / WERSTLER) plays Dura Mater head

Emil Werstler (DAATH , Levi / Werstler) plays Dura Mater intro

German Schauss: Shredding Bach music book

"J.S. Bach is one of the greatest composers and most virtuosic musicians of all time. His amazing compositions are technically demanding, which make them the perfect match for heavy metal shred guitar. Shredding Bach introduces you to the unique style of this musical master and stretches your playing to the limits. It shows you all the essential techniques to play Bach’s music on your electric guitar, including sweep picking, tapping, legato, and rapid alternate picking. Every example has been arranged to be as true and accurate to the original compositions as possible, with only minor adjustments made to accommodate the guitar and shred style. The accompanying CD features all of the examples recorded at multiple speeds to help you practice and to get you on your way to mastering Bach’s challenging compostions." buy

1. Invention #8
2. Double in B Minor
3. Presto in G Minor
4. Invention #4
5. Prelude in C Minor
6. Badinerie
7. Prelude in C Major
8. Jeus, Joy of Man's Desiring
9. Air
10. Tocatta and Fuge

Rob Chappers: PRS 25th Anniversary limited edition

super cool... yummy

Cool new PRS at World Guitars - PRS Custom 24 in Blue Fade, 25th Anniversary limited edition

Michael Landau: super potato

The Michael Landau Group live at The Baked Potato 9-27-08
Jimmy Johnson-bass, Gary Novak-drums

Michael Landau - Pittsfield Minor#

Michael Landau "Underwear" Solo

Matthew Mills: Schecter Guitar Clinic 2010

This is a clip from a Matthew Mills Guitar clinic and Performance. Matthew Mills is an endorsed Schecter Guitar Artist. Matthew has released 4 studio solo albums and worked with artist such as Joe Stump George Bellas David Shankle. Matthew was featured in the july 2008 Guitar World Magazine for being one of the 50 fastest players. all albums and music can be purchased at amazon mp3 and apple itunes

Matthew Mills Schecter Guitar Clinic 2010

Joe Bonamassa: UK tour dates

28 - London, England - HMV Hammersmith Apollo
29 - South Yorkshire, England - Rotherham Magna Centre
30 - Bournemouth, England - BIC
31 - Birmingham, England - NIA


Yngwie Malmsteen, Jennifer Batten, George Lynch: Ultimate Guitar World, 15th May 2010 Bologna

Ultimate Guitar World, 15th May 2010 Bologna:

Yngwie Malmsteen
Glenn Hughes
Jennifer Batten
George Lynch
Doug Aldrich
Stef Burns
Timo Tolkki
Elias Viljanen

Superstar House Band
Neil Murray
Gregg Bissonette
Derek Sherinian
Clara Moroni
Giacomo Gigantelli

Opening Act
Maurizio Solieri
Ricky Portera
Max Cottafavi

Italian Star House Band
Claudio Golinelli
Adriano Molinari
Mimmo Camporeale
Michele Luppi

News: 4500 Hendrix guitar players fail to beat the record!

Over 4500 people gathered in Wroclaw, Poland in an attempt to break the record of simultaneous guitar playing. The song of choice was Jimi Hendrix's rendition of "Hey Joe." The previous record of 6346 still stands.

Thousands Attempt Guitar Playing Record

Elias Viljanen: clinic and Sonata Arctica dates

Elias Viljanen will perform at the Ultimate World Guitar Exhibition 2010 , taking place in Bologna, Italy on May 15th. and Sonata Arctica's tour schedule is now as follows:

21 - Metalfest Open Air - Budapest, Hungary
22 - Metalfest Open Air - Plzen, Czech Republic
23 - Rock Hard Festival - Gelsenkirchen, Germany

13 - Kivenlahti Rock - Espoo, Finland
19 - Provinssirock - Seinäjoki, Finland
28 - Peace & Love Festival - Borlänge, Sweden

6 - Metal Camp - Tolmin, Slovenia
8 - Rock Harz Open Air - Ballenstedt, Germany
11 - Ruisrock - Turku, Finland

13 - Bloodstock Open Air - Walton on Trent, UK

30 - Alcatraz - Milan, Italy (DVD shoot)

Richie Kotzen: iron city rocks podcast

Richie Kotzen is interviewed in this iron city rocks podcast

Matias Kupiainen: Stratovarius live CD due in May

"Polaris", the 2009 comeback album from Stratovarius, will be reissued as a two-CD digipack on May 21 via earMUSIC/Edel. In addition to the original album, the package will include a bonus disc containing 75 minutes of live material recorded during the "Polaris" tour and spanning the band's entire history.

The track listing for the set is as follows:


01. Deep Unknown
02. King Of Nothing
03. Winter Skies
04. Higher We Go
05. Emancipation Suite: I Dusk
06. When Mountains Fall
07. Falling Star
08. Blind
09. Forever Is Today
10. Somehow Precious
11. Emancipation Suite: II Dawn


01. Destiny (live)
02. Hunting High And Low (live)
03. Speed of Light (live)
04. Kiss Of Judas (live)
05. Deep Unknown (live)
06. A Million Light Years Away (live)
07. Bach: Air Suite (live)
08. Winter Skies (live)
09. Phoenix (live)
10. SOS (live)
11. Forever Is Today (live)
12. King Of Nothing (live)
13. Father Time (live)
14. Higher We Go (live)

Chris Broderick: Megadeth In Argentina

Megadeth - Headcrusher [HQ]

Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction [HQ]

James Byrd: Byrd's Bolero

Thanks to the baroque dudes over at Baroque and Roll for spotting this one.

James Byrd - Byrd's Bolero No.46 Mvt.3

Jonas Tamas: Fast legato run with chromatic passages

A fast legato (hammer-on and pull-off) exercise with chromatic passing tones. Download the TAB and the mp3s from here:

As you can see on the video, when you reach the B string, then no additional picking is needed, so when you are descending towards the lower strings, simply use the technique called "hammer-ons from nowhere", i.e. just hammer-on with your pinky on the next string. If you do it right, then there will be no string noises, because your left hand fingers will prevent the higher stings from ringing.

The music at the end of the video is Stormbeaten, from the album Jonas Tamas: Sharp Guitars From A Flat Planet.

Jonas Tamas: Sharp Guitars From A Flat Planet - Melodic progressive metal guitar for fans of John Petrucci, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Check out and get all the 12 songs on and on iTunes, Amazon, or Rhapsody

More info and full songs:

You'll find links to free guitar exercises on all of the above homepages.

Jonas Tamas: Fast legato run with chromatic passages w /TAB - Shred guitar exercise