Thursday, 3 June 2010

Rob Chappers: Jam with Stick FXpansion competition

Jam with Stick FXpansion competition, win some BFD goodness!

The Info

Monkey Lord have teamed up with FXpansion to bring you another Jam With Stick competition where the backing track is entirely produced in BFD ECO (which is £99 of BFD win!), with Stick triggering it with a Roland TD-20. This goes to show you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds to have great sounding drum tracks.

The Prizes

1st prize – BFD ECO, BFD2, BFD Heavy, BFD Signature Snares, BFD Oak Custom Expansion Kit and BFD Maple Custom Absolute Expansion Kit

2nd prize – BFD ECO, BFD Heavy, BFD Signature Snares

3rd prize – BFD ECO & BFD Heavy

How to Enter

Download the backing track from Right-click the link and then left-click “Save target as”/”Save link as”.
Video yourself jamming along to the track. We must be able to see your hands throughout the video.
Upload your video to YouTube and submit it as a response to the competition video.
Ensure your video contains the following tags when you publish it to YouTube: “bfd, bfd2, bfd eco, fxpansion, stick, mr stick monkey, monkey lord”.

You can enter as many times as you like.
You can play with your friends, but you have to decide which of you is entering/receiving the prize. Only one entry per video.
You can play any instrument – not just guitar.
The competition closes at 00:00 (midnight) (GMT) Sunday, July 4th. Winners will be announced shortly after.
FXpansion will contact the winners to arrange delivery of prizes.
The Winners

The top 10 entries will be picked by Stick & Chappers.
The final 3 winners will be picked by FXpansion.
The competition closes at 00:00 (midnight) (GMT) Sunday, July 4th. Winners will be announced shortly after.
Have fun, be creative.

Steve Morse: awesome deep purple solo

Deep Purple - Steve Morse guitar solo and Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming

Deep Purple live at Hammersmith Apollo 15/11/2009

Sam Coulson: Too blues for rock? Too rock for blues?

Too blues for rock? Too rock for blues? Whatever...

I just want to bend the strings and pick fast!

I frequently get asked for advice and my BEST advice is... buy some cool blues albums and noodle, i would say i have done this for hundreds of hours over the years. Its a huge amount of fun and teaches you what sounds good... and what sounds good is bending those strings!

My favorite is Relentless by Walter Trout, he is one of my biggest guitar heros for sure!

Strap on, Stand up, Legs double shoulder width apart and Rock i

The Life I Chose

Blistering Rock - Sam Coulson

Snortin' Whiskey Improv

Eyal Levi, Emil Werstler: rock my monkey podcast interview

I have to admit that when I first heard of this album I wasn't that interested. Due to the mindless race to be the most brutal band, I am now beyond jaded to any band with growl vocals of any kind. So I've never given Daath a chance other than watching them play at Ozzfest in 2007.

All that changed recently. It started when I forced myself to give the cd a listen. Turns out the cd was nothing like I expected. It had the depth that most Metal today lacks.

Then when I did this interview Eyal Levi told me things that made me think he might have the same thoughts as I do when it comes to what creates good Metal and what is wrong with so much of what is called Metal in today's time.

So take a listen to this interview and hear why Eyal Levi of Daath made me want to go check out the back catalog of his main band as well as why you should check out this release no matter what you think about their main band.

John Ziegler: warming up on a Zappa jam with Kirk Covington

at the beginning of the opening set of the monday night jam @ the baked potato here in studio city, ca may '10... sound-checking and noodling on the Frank Zappa tune "Mammy Anthem" w/ Chris Roy on bass, Jamie Kime and myself (John Ziegler) on guitar, plus our extra special guests Kirk Covington slamming on drums and Ed Roth comping the goods on rhodes. for the gearheads, i'm playing a robin savoy pro with arcane pickups, through a diamond phantom half stack, with a couple of old lexicon pcm units for echo and reverb, featuring the awesome XAct Tone Solutions XTS Pegasus Boost hitting the overdrive channel of the amp. once again, hope y'all enjoy, thanx and cheers!

Monday Night Jam @ The Baked Potato warming up on a Zappa jam w/ Kirk Covington & Ed Roth

Adam Moore: Brett Garsed lesson

Hi Mark, this is pretty much for your benefit only! Hello to anyone else who happens to have strayed here. Its a bit rough but here's that lovely Brett Garsed lick slowed down a bit. I hear it almost entirely as two beat long phrases stuck together. Each one could resolve on its own but they each get pulled off in some other direction instead until the last one over-runs by a three semiquavers.

I'm picking more of it that Garsed does (and not going as fast yet...yet!). You could try damping the nut with a hair band and not using you right hand at all. In the end he seems to be pick only two or three notes per bar, as per the score. The only note I've changed from the notation is that low E, which in the video appears to be an A at fifth fret, possibly it got transcribed wrong, not sure?

Why don't you post a response of a bit of it?...

Garsed Lick for Mark Thompson

Mike Miller: Outsidemen

This is a great fusion CD:

Mike Miller (guitar); Ralph Humphrey (drums); Jim Lacefield (bass)

The Outsidemen was a project started by Ralph Humphrey, Jim Lacefield, and Mike Miller. Originally it was for an improvisational class at what is now known as M. I., (Musician's institute) in Hollywood, Ca. We used to meet before class at the mexican restaurant across from the school, and we would bring in our sketches, sometimes a whole piece, sometimes fragments, and come up with a rough form, sometimes REALLY rough. Then we would spring them on ourselves and the poor student/guinea pigs in the class, to simulate going into a recording session and being handed a new piece of music you had never seen before.

Then we had to make something of it. So the pieces were developed on the spot, with a lot of improv and wild stabs at things, which would often workout very well. Not always so well, but sometimes you learn a lot more from your mistakes than from your successes.

At one point, M. I. was going to start their own label, and we were one of the first projects. they rented the Record Plant mobile truck, and we recorded a concert at the school. The school, at some point, abandoned the label idea, and handed us the tapes. Jim Lacefield and myself immediately put up the money to have it pressed, and with the help of Christine Thomas, "Band Overboard" became a reality.

With the untimely passing of Jim Lacefield a short time later, I composed one more piece, especially dedicated to Jim, "A Moments Rest", and "Band Overboard" was completed. We really hope you enjoy this snapshot of a unique time in all of our lives.

Allen Hinds: on Akira Jimbo - Jimbo Gumbo (Import)

Abraham Laboriel (Bass,Vocal); Akira Jimbo (Drums) ; Allen Hinds (Electric & Acoustic Guitar,Vocal); Otmaro Ruiz (Piano,Fender Rhodes,Vocal)

Akira Jimbo: Jimbo Gumbo (Import)

Stan Lassiter: Mark Varney recommends

Stan Lassiter Group Documentary Clip Part 1

Stan Lassiter Group Documentary Clip Part 2

Derek Taylor,Brett Stine: spotted on facebook

Derek Taylor:
Brett Stine:


Scott Hughes: anti shred

Scott Hughes with a very original opening to his solo. Great tone and playing.

Scott Hughes:
My entry for the "anti-shred" contest. Really fun track to play with and a little different than many of the contests found around these parts ;) Gear per usual - Brian Moore MC/1, Xotic BB, Fender Blues Jr, newly installed Dimarzio Tone Zone.

Scott Hughes - antishred contest entry

Christophe Godin, Pascal Vigne, Gowy Lisieux:

Christophe Godin, Pascal Vigne, Gowy, Jam "The sixteenth" in Lisieux at the Tour Mörglbl with Guest ...

Christophe Godin, Pascal Vigné, Gowy, Jam Lisieux

Joe Bonamassa: walk in my shadow

Joe Bonamassa - Walk In My Shadow filmed by LickLibrary at the Junction.

For the full Joe Bonamassa Performance of this track and the rest of the concert
head over to :-

Joe Bonamassa - Walk In My Shadow - Live @ The Junction

News: Lee Garver custom guitar built for speed.

Perfect for shredding! For an american made guitar of this caliber by an established builder this price can't be beat.

contact us if interested.

here are the specs and photos.

Body Description…………SS

Body Wood…………...…..alder

Headstock Description……Millennium

Neck Specifications………maple (oiled)

Body/Neck Binding………none

Fingerboard Wood………..ebony, 1 11/16” (R3), 22 frets, 25 ½” scale, 6100 frets

Fingerboard Inlays………..pearl dots

Bridge System…..………..Original Floyd Rose (not recessed)

Pickups…………………..Duncan Custom (TB-5) and Classic Stack neck (STK-1n)

Tuners……………………Gotoh SG-36

Hardware Color…………

Jack Type/Location………football side jack

Control Type……………..volume and Gibson style 3-way PU selector switch

Color/Graphic…………….GMW Iridium Green + matching headstock

GMW Logo Color………..two ply “white on black” dual GMW logos

Serial Number……………G0157

Assembly Date…………...06/01/10

Additional Comments: This is the first use of GMW Iridium Green on any GMW built instrument.