Eyal Levi, Emil Werstler: rock my monkey podcast interview

I have to admit that when I first heard of this album I wasn't that interested. Due to the mindless race to be the most brutal band, I am now beyond jaded to any band with growl vocals of any kind. So I've never given Daath a chance other than watching them play at Ozzfest in 2007.

All that changed recently. It started when I forced myself to give the cd a listen. Turns out the cd was nothing like I expected. It had the depth that most Metal today lacks.

Then when I did this interview Eyal Levi told me things that made me think he might have the same thoughts as I do when it comes to what creates good Metal and what is wrong with so much of what is called Metal in today's time.

So take a listen to this interview and hear why Eyal Levi of Daath made me want to go check out the back catalog of his main band as well as why you should check out this release no matter what you think about their main band.