John Ziegler: warming up on a Zappa jam with Kirk Covington

at the beginning of the opening set of the monday night jam @ the baked potato here in studio city, ca may '10... sound-checking and noodling on the Frank Zappa tune "Mammy Anthem" w/ Chris Roy on bass, Jamie Kime and myself (John Ziegler) on guitar, plus our extra special guests Kirk Covington slamming on drums and Ed Roth comping the goods on rhodes. for the gearheads, i'm playing a robin savoy pro with arcane pickups, through a diamond phantom half stack, with a couple of old lexicon pcm units for echo and reverb, featuring the awesome XAct Tone Solutions XTS Pegasus Boost hitting the overdrive channel of the amp. once again, hope y'all enjoy, thanx and cheers!

Monday Night Jam @ The Baked Potato warming up on a Zappa jam w/ Kirk Covington & Ed Roth