Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Chris Feener: Through My Eyes

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"Through My Eyes" by Threat Signal - performed by Chris Feener

Vinnie Moore,Tony Macalpine: Live Jam

Vinnie Moore and Tony MacAlpine - Live Jam

Richie Blackmore: Autumn Sky details posted

Autumn Sky tracklisting:

'Vagabond (Make A Princess Of Me)'
'Journeyman (Vandraren)'
'Believe In Me'
'Sake Of The Song'
'Song And Dance'
'Celluloid Heroes'
'Keeper Of The Flame'
'Night At Eggersberg'
'Strawberry Girl'
'All The Fun Of The Fayre'
'Dance Of The Darkness'
'Health To The Company'
'Barbara Allen'

Blackmore's Night - Autumn Sky

Chris Broderick: interview

An interview with from


Rokas Jackūnas: Live4guitar competition

Live4guitar competition entry by Rokas Jackūnas (HD)

News: Dirtbox is on Facebook:

Dirtbox is on Facebook:

Nicolas Waldo: free albums to download

NICOLAS WALDO - New extreme Shred guitar player!

NEW ALBUM! - Powerstation 2010.

Please visit this web site of the Colombian Guitarist NICOLAS WALDO.

...and download free all NICOLAS WALDO Albums!

Ripping the Sky - 2002 (Demo)
Ark of the covenant - 2005
The Secret Place - 2007
Pillars of the Creation - 2009
Powerstation - 2010

Brett Garsed: shred knowledge interview

Hi bret, first let me say what a great privalage to interview you for our shredknowledge website , its a great honor and I'm very exited .
What guitars have you used and what is the tuition video future for you and us?

Ive used a guitar made by Soundworks here in Australia which I used on some of the early Nelson vids.
I used my Steinberger GS on the "Rock Fusion" video and then used my ESP Horizon Custom on the "Rock Improvisation" dvd. I pretty much play that guitar constantly. I'd like to do another dvd focusing on improvisation over changes but to be honest, people like Scott Henderson and Frank Gamable have already done brilliant dvd's about that very subject and are much more qualified to talk about it anyway.

I saw you do a clinic and you used a real cheap amp and still sounded cool , whats your thoughts on valves and transisters?

I really like valve amps because of the way they respond dynamically but hopefully I can pull a half decent tone out of anything. It's just easier with a good tube amp. Full Interview

Mark Varney: Guitar On The Edge quiz!

Mark Varney
Welcome to the very first GUITAR ON THE EDGE NAME THAT SOLO CONTEST. All you have to do is watch the video, listen to the mystery soloists and then identify them on this page. If you don't recognize them, then take a guess. It will be fun to see what people come up with. By the way, this is all in fun and there are no prizes. Oh, and please provide a link to the contest so your friends can participate. If I get enough of a response I will do another. Thanks for participating! Answers by 20th August 2010...  I know that solo!

Don't forget the Mark Varney interview

Tony MacAlpine,Stefania Daniel: Seven The Hardway twitter!

Seven The Hardway are on twitter: Don't forget the excellent interview with Tony MacAlpine on iheartguitar

Plus their i like web site:

Francesco Artusato: guitar world instructional video lesson series

Francesco Artusato, has partnered up with Guitar World magazine to present an in-depth instructional video lesson series breaking down how to play some of the most intricate parts from his all-instrumental solo endeavor entitled "Chaos And The Primordial". The disc is described as "an all-out technical shred fest featuring 10 truly diverse tracks that take the listener on an all-encompassing musical journey."

Francesco Artusato:
"In this first lesson I'm going to show a few examples from three different songs from my new solo album. The tracks are 'Quantum Tunneling', 'Layers of Corrosion' and 'The Metamorphosis'. I'm playing the examples first at normal speed and then slowed down with an explanation of what I am doing.

"I want to thank Guitar World for hosting these lessons as it's a true honor and privilege to be on this site."

See the lesson