Rob Balducci: Lick Of The Week Live at Sweetwater Sound!

Rob Balducci:
Welcome to the 8-30-10 Lick Of The Week. This is another tune from A Night Of Pure Guitar at Sweetwater Sound. I love the tone we got from this footage. The image is a little wierd because they had such white lights up etc... This was taken with a Zoom Q3.

The Band is John Celentano on Drums and Ethan Meixsell on Bass. Ethan does a great solo in this one. I love this tune and it is fun to play live because both Ethan solo and my solo during the breakdown are both improv. Ya never know what is going to happen. Ethan actually pulled his cord out. but recovered nicely. This is what happens live and ya never know.. etc..

Hope you all enjoy as much as we like playing it!

8-30-10Lick Of The Week