Sunday, 29 August 2010

t-cophony: October sky (New)

October sky (New) - T-cophony

Khan Manuel: Arpeggio Basics

Khan Manuel - Arpeggio Basics

Andreas Varady: more astonishing 13 year old jazz!

True Story by David Lyttle - Andreas Varady Quartet

Andreas Varady - Live

Milan Polak: blue noize

Blue Noize Contest - Milan Polak

Rob Favotto: Lift Off CD details

Track from the CD "Lift Off" , guitars , keys , bass , vocals = Rob Favotto . Drums percussion = Jim Yannieh . Progressive guitar , new age , metal power drumming off the hook.......
Rob Favotto ©.

Rob FavoTTo - Heavenly regions

Joe Pinnavaia: demos Jet City JCA20H

Joe Pinnavaia:
Just me and my Jet City Amp. No showing off just some straight forward playing on this beauty of an amp.
I have since swapped out the preamp tubes so I have JJ 12AX7 in V1, 1960's RCA Grey Plate in V2 and a stock Chinese 12AX7 in V3. The stock EL84's are still in but I may try some TADs in there.
This amp does not handle vintage 12AX7's well in my opinion. The amp gets to dark and it's no longer a high gain amp.
As far as effects I may have an FX loop put in by FJA Mods.
All in all this a great amp!

More demos and free lessons coming at:

Jet City JCA20H Short Demo

Scott Mosher: photographic Californian journey

There are a number of players with significant interests outside guitar playing. Magnus Olsson for example is an excellent photographer. Scott Mosher has a similar interest:
For those who are curious, I've just self-published a new photography book, THE VIEW FROM THERE:

THE VIEW TO THERE is a 100-page 9x7 soft cover book with over 130 full-color photographs that documents some of the truly awe-inspiring outdoor landscapes of the fine state of California. It seems there's a little bit of everything within a days travel and hopefully the pictures in this book do the locations a bit of visual justice. The old adage "you have to see it for yourself" certainly applies, but hey, I did the driving and the suffering for your viewing pleasure. You don't even have to leave the comforts of your home to visit some of these truly remarkable places. In short, enough visual inspiration to make Bob Ross cry tears of pure inspirational pleasure (those happy little clouds would be so... happy.)

Everton Ricci: Concurso Double Vision competition

Double Vision - Everton L. Ricci

Yngwie Malmsteen: back to the studio

Yngwie Malmsteen is back in the studio recording a brand new album for a late 2010 release. More information will be made available soon. more

Ron Thal: GNR show gets shut down and Leeds show gets the chop!

GUNS N' ROSES' appearance at the Reading festival earlier tonight (Friday, August 27) was cut short after the organizers pulled the plug on the band's performance due to curfew issues.

GUNS N' ROSES kicked off the show at 10:30 p.m. — over an hour later than scheduled — and managed to play the majority of its set until roughly midnight despite earlier warnings from festival organizer Melvin Benn that he would not tolerate the band playing past 11:30 p.m.

GUNS N' ROSES walked offstage after playing "Nighttrain" and tried to return for an encore, at which point the band's sound was cut. According to, the group "still tried to launch into 'Paradise City', though only the drums could be heard as all other instruments had been switched off. As the crowd started to sing the track, [singer Axl] Rose tried to greet members of the audience while singing through a megaphone." This went on for roughly five minutes, before the GN'R bandmembers came together on the stage for a final bow and walked off. NME

Axl's Mega Phone Rant - Reading 2010

Guns n Roses refusing to leave stage - Reading 2010

A fan comment:
"If the band was scheduled to go on at 9:30 and went on at 10:30 how is that "more than an hour late?" - apparently Blabbermouth staff fail at simple math/the ability to look at a clock these days?

Further, a fan with a guest pass for Reading (who posted photos of it) said Axl and the band were seen at the side of the stage ready to go at 9:30 and yet the band themselves were kept waiting for some reason or other.

Give the promoters constant chatter to the press in the days leading up to the show I wouldn't be surprised if this really was a grudge thing. Seriously the guy knew who he was booking then took every step possible to antagonize the band prior to the show by practically calling them out in interviews instead of handling it privately. The rest of the reading lineup is pathetic save for Billy Talent and Queens of the Stone Age (who are passable at best). This isn't a "rock" festival it's a hipster meeting.

Finally, as for no guiters, Ron Thal grabbed an acoustic guitar and played that, although it couldn't be heard past the first section.

FYI he's the one guy in the band who has complained to Axl in the past about late starts and was pissed enough with Axl being late that he walked off-stage at Sturgis - yet in this case he ran and grabbed a guitar and was pissed off at the festival boss. Makes you wonder what caused them to go on late, if Axl and everyone else was sitting stage-side ready to go at 9:30PM.

Alleged Ron Thal Tweet:
Hi honey, what a day at the office! Had the plug pulled on us, power shut off - I grabbed an acoustic, Deej turned his amp up, Ax grabbed a megaphone, told him I'd grab 10 random people from the audience and bring 'em on stage for a personal acoustic show, but shit was winding down, local security wasn't lookin' to help, had a bit of a Paradise City sing-along but finally we had to just bid farewell...

Another fan comments:

According to people there, Queens of the Stone Age over-ran by about 15 minutes and weren't off the stage til about 10 past 9. GN'R were scheduled for 9:30 - you see them being ready with equipment and boards switched, pyro set, etc in 20 minutes?

Seriously it's easy to bash the band for this shit but it seems like the entire thing was just very poorly managed as a whole, and I'm not talking just GN'R but the festival itself. You call out your headliner in the press days before the show, let a band going on immediately before the headliner run late, and book a band like this when you KNOW they have a history.

A promoters alley says:
you really are a fucking thicko, arent you?

firstly, the band came on so late last time they played the festival, the event organisers were fined heavily for the lateness of Axl Rose and circus

secondly, they booked the band because thats what organisers do, book bands and give them a allowed slot time and get paid for it

thirdly, they were PRE-WARNED not to be too late for their performance, as the festival organisers would be severly punished even more than the last time, to be precise, the fine would probably leave them out of pocket. what organisation/business does an event like this to lose money?

fourthly, this guitarist is a prick. why not turn up on time?

fifthly, you claim the dickheads were waiting to come on stage at 9.30, as if it was the organisers of the festivals were at fault? HELLO! come back down to planet Earth you fucking axl-arse wipe! do you honestly think the organisers would want to lose credibility WORLDWIDE for this farce? what a load of bullshit and you, thicko, fell for his words

sixthly, do you really think Axl Rose and circus really give a fuck about you? yeah? then why not turn up on time for their slot allowance, THEIR fans still have to travel back home(if need be), THEIR fans paid good money to see the band, the band were warned and still tried to push the barriers of tolerance back further..fuck them, fuck you and fuck Axl Rose and circus

Leeds festival fans are better off without this farce of a 'band'

Follow the whole sorry tale

Joe Stump: live DVD on the way

Joe Stump:
"I've compiled quite a bit of high-quality concert video footage over the last several months, so some type of full-on concert DVD of my solo stuff will be released before the end of this year. It'll be a two-DVD package. DVD one will be me performing tracks from [Stump's latest solo album] 'Virtuostic Vendetta' in a combination performance/instructional type of thing, and the second DVD in the package will be a full concert with maybe some bonus clinic and bootleg concert footage in there as well. more "

Ty Tabor: kings x "Live Love in London" and US tour dates

The much-anticipated double CD/DVD set, "Live Love in London", showcases prime examples of KING'S X's incredible live show of classic groove rock featuring great melodies with vocal harmonies, driving rhythms and tough guitars. The album is set for an October 26 release through InsideOut Music and will be available as a deluxe DVD+2CD edition in a special embossed package, as well as a 2CD set. A standard DVD-only version will also be available exclusively through

Sep. 23 - The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY
Sep. 24 - Ram's Head Live , Baltimore, MD
Sep. 25 - The Starland Ballroom , Sayreville, NJ
Sep. 27 - B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, New York, NY
Sep. 29 - Showcase Live, Foxboro, MA
Oct. 01 - The Silo, Reading, PA
Oct. 02 - The Emerald Theatre, Mount Clemens, MI
Oct. 06 - Scatz, Middleton, WI
Oct. 08 - The Agora, Cleveland, OH
Oct. 09 - The Arcada , Saint Charles, IL
Oct. 12 - House of Blues, Dallas, TX
Oct. 13 - House of Blues, Houston, TX

Paulo Pacheco: live4guitar!

1stLIVE4GUITAR Competition - Paulo Pacheco

Kentarou Matsuura: Rising Sun!

RISING SUN -Waitin' For The Dawn- (The song of my life)

News: expand your ear with definitive Monk, Trane and Rollins

You are looking to break out of the guitar box you are in... you need to listen to different music... Paul Gilbert has Georgie Fame and those dancing girls... you don't need to go that far... just listen to these...

Concord Music Group has assembled three new titles in the Definitive series showcasing some of the most influential figures in modern jazz. The Definitive John Coltrane on Prestige and Riverside; The Definitive Thelonious Monk on Prestige and Riverside;The Definitive Sonny Rollins on Prestige, Riverside and Contemporary not only put the spotlight on the monumental work of three individual jazz players of the 1950s, but also provide an overview of the hard-bop period, one of the most significant chapters in the evolution of jazz.

Definitive Monk, Trane and Rollins

Juan Carlos Portillo: Bohemian Rhapsody-Symphonic!

Juan Carlos Portillo:
This is dedicated to all the children who got stuck in London last April because of the Iceland Volcano.... A funny version of the Queen's classical "Bohemian Rhapsody", introducing my daughter Danny (only 13 years old) at the piano. Choirs made with EastWest's Symphonic Choirs.

Bohemian Rhapsody-Symphonic Choirs-Daniela Portillo/Juan Carlos Portillo

Damir Puh: Live4guitar - cool solo!


Scott Kerr: Jammulus

Instrumental guitar music that's sure to get the adrenaline flowing. Fans of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater and RacerX will surely enjoy this stuff. Cool shredding hard rock guitar... 2006


Alex Hutchings: live in Perugia

ohn-Paul Gard (h), Alex Hutchings (g), Filippo Radicchi (d) Oct 11, 2009 @ Sala dei Notari, Perugia (Italy). John Paul is playing a KeyBduo organ by Elvio Previati... 5 videos

Alex Hutchings: live in Perugia