Monday, 25 July 2011

Johnny Hiland: summer NAMM 2011

Johnny Hiland plays through a 50-watt Bolt Amplifier. Here, he plays some swing-blues lines in a medium shuffle groove.

Johnny Hiland #1 - Summer NAMM 2011

Johnny Hiland #2 - Summer NAMM 2011

Chris Broderick, Christian Lasegue,Jake Dreyer: Jag Panzer... so long and thanks for all the fish

Jag Panzer call it a day after 30 years in the business:
"We are proud of every album we released and the support we've received from the heavy metal community," states guitarist and founder Mark Briody. "We've played so many places around the world and enjoyed every minute of it but the time has come where we just cannot move forward as a band."

Guitarist Christian Lasegue left the band last month to pursue his degree full time. "Christian did an amazing job on The Scourge Of The Light and it was a pleasure working with him," continues Briody. "We wished Christian well but kept this quiet until we found a replacement."

Drummer Rikard Stjernquist says, "Several guitar players applied for the job. It was a pleasant surprise to see so many young guitarists with advanced chops. One player, 19 year old Jake Dreyer, submitted videos of him nailing solos from both Chris Broderick and Christian Lasegue. We were ready to welcome Jake into the band but unfortunately that will not happen. There is no doubt in any of our minds that Jake will go on to be a household name in his own right."

Bassist John Tetley adds a final statement: "In closing, we’d like to send out a huge heartfelt THANK YOU to metal fans throughout the world. You all rule!" more

Devin Townsend: US tour dates

THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT North American headlining tour dates:

Oct. 12 - Sound Stage - Baltimore, MD
Oct. 13 - The Note - Philadelphia, PA
Oct. 14 - Rock And Shock - Worcester, MA
Oct. 15 - The Chance - Poughkeepsie, NY
Oct. 16 - The Altar - Pittsburgh, PA
Oct. 17 - Peabody's - Cleveland, OH
Oct. 18 - Harpo's - Detroit, MI
Oct. 19 - Reggie's - Chicago, IL
Oct. 21 - Black Sheep - Colorado Springs, CO
Oct. 22 - Marquis - Denver, CO
Oct. 24 - Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 25 - Slim's - San Francisco, CA
Oct. 27 - Hawthorne - Portland, OR
Oct. 28 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA

Akira Wada,Ken Watanabe: Kings of JFusion


渡辺建 ( PRISM / プリズム ) & エレガントピープル  I'm in blue

Akira Wada & Ken Watanabe Plays ZFX Plug-in [Beginning]

Prism - Unforgettable

Johnny Hiland: All Fired Up

Mark Kroos: wins Guitar Player competition

Mark Kroos' Winning Performance

Jakub Żytecki: Unbroken Shiver Solo

More incredible playing, this time less fusion and more Djent style

Jakub Żytecki - Unbroken Shiver Solo

John Petrucci: preorder deluxe edition box set

• Instrumentals of the Entire A Dramatic Turn Of Events Album
• DVD of The Spirit Carries On – a 60 Minute Movie Documenting Dream Theater’s Drummer Auditions
• Double-LP Set of A Dramatic Turn Of Events (180-Gram Vinyl in Gatefold Jacket)
• Dream Theater Branded Custom Turntable Slipmat
• Litho Print of Album Cover
• 50 Lucky Winners Will Find a Dream Theater ‘Ticket For Life’ (Randomly Inserted)
• All Content Housed in a Custom Box
• Receive a Digital Download of the Album the Day BEFORE Release


News: BOSS micro digital recorder

BOSS is now shipping the MICRO BR BR-80 Digital Recorder, an updated and improved version of its popular MICRO BR multitrack recorder. The first MICRO BR, launched in 2006, was a big hit among musicians, offering pro-quality multitracking in a handheld device only slightly larger than an iPod™. With an eight-track upgrade, the latest BOSS guitar and vocal effects, built-in rhythms, onboard stereo mics, fun jamming and practice features directly inherited from BOSS' eBand® JS-8, and a Live Record mode that instantly turns the BR-80 into a stereo handheld field recorder, the BR-80 is sure to become an indispensable companion for guitarists, songwriters, and musicians everywhere.

The newest MICRO BR is small enough to fit in a pocket, but packs a host of features for pro-level music production. To start, it offers two tracks of simultaneous WAV-format recording, eight tracks of playback, and 64 virtual tracks for advanced editing and mixdown. High-quality stereo condenser mics are built in for up to 550 hours of recording time (with optional 32 GB SDHC card) for quickly capturing song ideas and rehearsals. Also included are dedicated inputs for connecting a guitar, a microphone, or any stereo line-level device.

With a next-generation processor at its core, the BR-80 delivers incredible effects processing with uncompromised sound quality. Onboard are world-class COSM® guitar and bass effects, dedicated vocal effects derived from the VE-20 Vocal Performer, and a powerful suite of mastering effects. As with all BR-series recorders, effects are easy to dial in, letting users capture pro sounds with little effort. Under the hood, power users can tweak the effects in detail via an extensive set of adjustable parameters.

To aid in songwriting, the BR-80 has a full complement of backing rhythm tracks in a large variety of musical styles. The rhythms feature top-quality drum and percussion sounds and are organized into patterns designed for use in different song sections.

The newest MICRO BR also offers an extensive set of features for music practice and jamming. eBand mode provides a huge library of backing tracks and rhythm patterns to play along with, and users can import their own WAV or MP3 songs. Variable speed playback, variable pitch, and A-B Repeat features enable players to learn riffs and practice songs in different keys and tempos. In addition, the Center Cancel function allows users to minimize the sound of guitar solos and vocals in pre-recorded tracks.

A USB port lets musicians use the BR-80 as an audio interface with effects for computer-based recording, and also to import and export WAV and MP3 audio tracks. Powerful software is bundled with the BR-80, including Cakewalk's SONAR X1 LE, the eBand Song List Editor, BR Wave Converter and Rhythm Editor.

The BR-80 is available now with a suggested retail price of $299.

For more information, please visit:

Ignazio Di Salvo: slipping into jazz

Ignazio Di Salvo - Improvising on Moment'e Notice

Dhalif: Adagio in blue

This is another version of the adagio jam i did not too while ago... and this time with my musicman Silhouette.. hope you guys enjoy it..

Dhalif - Adagio Jam 2

Tony Waka: deep blue

V edicion concurso solos ISP MUSICA

Thiago Trinsi: Living a Dream Florida 2011

Hi Folks this is my song , "Living a Dream"I wrote this one and the song"Freak Country" just 1 week before to come to the USA for the tour, I guess I was very inspired with All great things happening to me,you may see me playing these songs a little different in other videos but it s because I am still thinking in the guitar lines for the parts. It will be great to have more invitations so I can get inspired again and finish my CD very fast :D I hope you enjoy Thiago
Thiago Trinsi - Living a Dream - Live Performance in Tampa,FL

Scott Henderson: Trio Live Tokyo 2011

Scott Henderson Trio Live at STB139, Tokyo on Mar 10, 2011

Francesco Artusato: All Shall Perish behind the scenes

ALL SHALL PERISH - Behind The Scenes (There Is Nothing Left: VIDEO SHOOT)

plus the classic

RG2011SC-BK Francesco Artusato (All Shall Perish)

Alex Flouros: Clinic Modern Music School

Alex Flouros Clinic@Modern Music School (Diezel Einstein)

Steve Vai: tribute to Kermheat!

Steve Vai- 4 little asses in Greece

Anouck Andre: Tribute to the late Amy Winehouse

Anouck Andre:
we're just gonna miss you!

AMY WINEHOUSE-Back To Black -Guitar Tribute

Claudio Passamani: live solo

Passamani Solez video

Michael Schenker: 30 Year Anniversary Live In Tokyo

MSG 30 Year Anniversary Live In Tokyo - Michael Schenker, Gary Barden, Neil Murray, Simon Phillips, wayne Findlay.

MSG Lost Horizons

John Five: Chop Shop #7

This exclusive Guitar World lesson continues only at:
This video is bonus content related to the September 2011 issue of Guitar World. For full print reviews, lesson tabs and more, look for the September 2011 issue of Guitar World on newsstands now!
In the latest edition of "Chop Shop," John5 shows you some "scary tapping licks that make no musical sense but sound cool

John Five: Chop Shop #7

Mike Campese: Shred Knowledge interview

Mike Campese Interview for Shred Knowledge (Scott Thomas):
Mike Campese - I have met many, many famous musicians over the years. Some are down to earth and some are not. I noticed some of the greatest musicians are the most down to earth. I would have to say meeting Ronnie Dio or Eric Johnson was a great experience for me. They are both the nicest people, Ronnie James Dio gave me a big hug when we met and was real nice. I remember when I met Eric Johnson a while ago back stage and I started walking towards him and he saw me and walked over to me and we were talking for a while. He was really interested what I had to say about his performance and his tone. He kept asking me questions about his sound like my opinion mattered. The point of this is, these guys are open to the people and are down to earth. That is a big reason why they are so great, I'm sure Jimi Hendrix would be the same way if I was around to meet him. more

Hara Lemes: Your eyes - classy original

Your eyes (original) - Hara Lemes

Russ Parrish: Steel PantherLive at The Loop - great quality!

Steel Panther | Community Property Live at The Loop

Steel Panther | Fat Girl Live at The Loop

Byrd Interviews Steel Panther

Russ Pettit: rcubed live

Russ Pettit: rcubed live