Saturday, 30 July 2011

Ricardo Soares: Abundant Life

Ricardo Soares - Abundant Life in the CD release show Highway. Recorded Music Shangay in the auditorium of the show's Highway CD release in 2009. Richard Smith uses: guitars Tagima NIG strings and pedals Sparflex cables Basso strap Landscape Audio Lost Dog picks IST mics Endlich luthiery More information: |

Ricardo Soares - Vida Abundante no show de lançamento do CD Highway

Eric Gales: Little Wing at BB King's in Memphis

Eric Gales - Little Wing at BB King's in Memphis

Kazumi Watanabe: Killowatt Trio, Great Jazz Festival 1989

Kazumi Watanabe Killowatt Trio, Great Jazz Festival, July 30, 1989, part 1 of 2

Kazumi Watanabe Killowatt Trio, Great Jazz Festival, July 30, 1989, part 2 of 2

Pop Woravit: Enformo Kiko Loureiro tribute

Kiko Loureiro " Enformo " Cover by Pop Woravit

Muris Varajic, Damjan Pejcinoski, Emir Hot: Jam at OGF 2011

Live at Omis Guitar Fest 06.04.2011.

Varajic, Pejcinoski, Hot & Dragianni - Jam at OGF 2011

Paulo Schroeber: Almah Solo Demonstration

Paulo Schroeber - Almah - I'll Understand Solo Demonstration

Paulo Schroeber - Birds of Prey Duet Lesson - Almah

Lorn Leber: classy rock and latin fusion

As recommended by Atma Anur...

Rock Tune by Lorn Leber

Latin Tune by Lorn Leber

Guthrie Govan: the Aristocrats are go!

The Aristocrats! :
Hey everyone – Bryan Beller here from The Aristocrats, writing to you from Japan where Guthrie Govan, Marco Minnemann and me are getting going on a week-long tour. As you can see, we’re busy building Aristocrat World on the web, and it’s still under construction. Matter of fact, there’s lots of building going on behind the scenes. I can tell you the following things:
The debut album is in the can, it’s being manufactured right now, and the tentative release date is Tuesday, September 13
We plan on touring the East Coast and Canada and Chicago in September and October – dates will be posted here soon (though some may have found the info in other corners of the web already)
We just launched a new Aristocrats’ Facebook Page and Aristocrats Twitter account (@acratsband). Please like us and follow us and all of that good social media stuff.
We’ll soon be posting a super-special audio sneak preview of the record! Make sure to connect with us on social media so you know when it hits.
We’re planning much more touring for 2012.
In the meantime, feel free to check out the story of how The Aristocrats came together.

Misha Mansoor: Periphery, Juggernaut... a concept album?!

How are they [the albums] coming along?

Great! We have so much material we seriously don’t know what to do with it all. Right now we’re organising some of the best stuff so we know what will be taken forward and what will actually be left behind.

The first release is ‘Juggernaut’ which is the concept album but what made the band decide to do a concept album first?

Well we figured it is the prog-rock thing to do [laughs]. Misha [Mansoor] has been working on this idea that, oh I really can’t spill the beans yet, I nearly did as well.

I’m sure he won’t mind go on!

[laughs] It’s a cool story and the way he has it all mapped out and the way he is working with Spencer [Sotelo] is just going to be really cool. It covers a lot of interesting topics and if anyone knows about the lyrical content of ‘Jetpacks Was Yes!’ which was a song off our first album [‘Periphery’], then it has to do with that. more

Joe Bonamassa: Beth Hart - Well Well teaser

Beth Hart, Joe Bonamassa- Well Well (teaser)

Chris Broderick: Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2011 interview

MEGADETH INTERVIEW With Chris Broderick. Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2011

Atma Anur: in the studio

Atma Anur (Jason Becker, Cacophony, Richie Kotzen, Greg Howe..) in the Studio for GuitarEuroMedia

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James Hogan,Dave Martone: Live at The National Guitar Workshop in CT.

James Hogan Dave Martone Dave Overthrow Adam Issadore

Ron Thal: There's a kind of hush... new tune!

Bumblefoot iTunes is late getting up the latest single 'Kind Of Hush', li'l distro flub :P Get it meanwhile at ,​efoot14 or​-Kind-of-Hush/dp/B005DYL4N0

Bumblefoot "There's A Kind Of Hush"

Steve Vai,Rob Balducci: Rock House DVD details

Steve Vai Endorsed Rock House DVD w/Rob Balducci

Ichirou Minami: Paganini Capriccio No.24 - 15 years old!

Paganini Capriccio No.24 by the Alternation Picking

Socrates: Enter the two handed dragon!

Socrates - El Dragon

Arnaud: Beautiful tribute to Christina Aguilera

Beautiful (instrumental) guitar cover - Christina Aguilera (HD)

Ayman Mokdad: Rosewell Farm... UFO sighted

Ultra Fusion Outfit.... Ayman Mokdad's new band Rosewell Farm

"The Arrival" Official Trailer [HD]

Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: Black Country Communion High Voltage 2011

Joe Bonamassa: Black Country Communion High Voltage 2011

Matt Otten: jazz blues

Guitar and Bass jam / jazz blues

Kazumi Watanabe: Tokyo Jazz Festival 2003

Kazumi Watanabe: Tokyo Jazz Festival 2003

Jack Gardiner: Short practice clip

Short practice clip...

Mark McGuigan: Shred Ballad

Mark McGuigan - Late Night 'Shred Ballad' Improv

Derek Furr: Funking Fusion

Derek Furr Disco Funk Improv

plus the loop station fun time

Fun with Loop Station #1

Marius Pop: leading vote for Guitar Idol final... as I type

marius pop
Marius Pop - Marbry
Toomas Vanem
Lonely Proton
Denis Warren
Denis Warren - A Whisper To My Soul
Ignacio Torres
Ignacio Torres - Horus
Daniele Liverani
Daniele Liverani - All Is Pure
Dhalif Ali
Dhalif - Darkest Dreams
Marc Playle
Marc Playle - Dysfunction
Domenico, Francesco GALLO
Natural Space - Domenico GALLO
Mario Ortiz
Tormenta de Sombras
Nico Schliemann
Dead Ends
matias baeza
Hedras Ramos
Hedras Ramos - Stellar Crash
David Wallimann
Luna's Dream
Franco Perla
Frank Pearl - The Neverendless Song
Jack Gardiner
Jack Gardiner - Rising Sun
Hugo Martin Hermosilla Courbis
Alex Hunter
Alex Hunter - "Traces of Sounds"
tomasz niedzialkowski
Quarters of the World by Tom Nied
Eugene Berger
Eugene Berger - Funkissimo
Ignazio Di Salvo
Ignazio Di Salvo (Guitar Idol 2010) shred fu