Misha Mansoor: Periphery, Juggernaut... a concept album?!

How are they [the albums] coming along?

Great! We have so much material we seriously don’t know what to do with it all. Right now we’re organising some of the best stuff so we know what will be taken forward and what will actually be left behind.

The first release is ‘Juggernaut’ which is the concept album but what made the band decide to do a concept album first?

Well we figured it is the prog-rock thing to do [laughs]. Misha [Mansoor] has been working on this idea that, oh I really can’t spill the beans yet, I nearly did as well.

I’m sure he won’t mind go on!

[laughs] It’s a cool story and the way he has it all mapped out and the way he is working with Spencer [Sotelo] is just going to be really cool. It covers a lot of interesting topics and if anyone knows about the lyrical content of ‘Jetpacks Was Yes!’ which was a song off our first album [‘Periphery’], then it has to do with that. more