Tuesday, 6 September 2011

John Goodsall: Macrocosm

BRAND X - Macrocosm @ The Strand

Marcos De Ros: Secret video The Beginning

Fantastic Adventures Society - Sociedade das Aventuras Fantásticas - Marcos De Ros - The Beginning

Alex Milella, Virgil Donati:Protocosmos (2011)

Alex Milella, Virgil Donati, Luca Alemanno, Fabio Barnaba - Protocosmos (2011)

Adrianne Simioni: Mark Varney seal of approval

Mark Varney This gal writes and shreds very well!

Gods in the Sky by Adrianne Simioni

Tommy Henriksen: joins Orange Amp roster

2011 has been a fantastic year for Orange Amps with top artists from both sides of the Atlantic becoming part of the growing Orange Amp endorsee roster. The great new signings represent some of the finest, award-winning and innovative talent in the industry today, covering all music genres.
Joining the Orange Amps ranks are Tom Peterson of Cheap Trick, a band ranked number twenty five in VH1’s list of 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. Then we have Earl Slick, guitarist with an incredible history who has worked with David Bowie and is now playing in the critically acclaimed New York Dolls.
Also coming to the Orange Amp roster is Tommy Henriksen the guitarist with the Alice Cooper band – inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2011. In addition there are also Scott Holiday, Robin Everhart from the Rival Sons who are currently nominated for Best New Band and Album of the year at the forthcoming Classic Rock awards.
Further signings include Grammy award winning bands with Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park and Fred Durst with Limp Bizkit. In addition there is also Frankie Poullain with The Darkness, recently reformed and headlined the Download festival this year and James Alexander O’Gorman from the 2011 Ivor Novello nominated band Scouting for Girls.
Finally Orange have signed Maciek Ofstad,  Bjarte Lund Rolland, Vidar Landa from the Norwegian band Kvelertak who were presented with two Spellemann Awards—a prestigious Norwegian music award similar to the American Grammy Award—for Best Newcomer and Best Rock Band.
To see the full list of new artist’s signings which includes over thirty more new bands please visit the Orange website at www.orangeamps.com 

Adam Nolly Getgood, Petey Graves: interview and instructional video

Red Seas Fire - Timeframes Instructional Video - English Djentlemen's Quarters

Red Seas Fire Interview - August 2011

Adam Nolly Getgood - 08:23 - Limited
My band Red Seas Fire self-released our debut 6-track mini-album for free yesterday, please go check it out!


Red Seas Fire

Click the eye to begin album download. Preorder Merchandise.

Red Seas Fire by Red Seas Fire

Plus the super cool T-Shirt: http://redseasfire.co.uk/merch.php

Paul Gilbert: Racer X... the force is strong in this one

Seems like the band Racer X has some of the best fans in the world.... remember the post Racer X original lineup to record again? well these guys and gals do... http://racerx.edutom.co.uk/board/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=20821&start=0 I really like the comment:

Two things that unfortunately will never go into the same phrase or sentence: "Racer X" and "World Tour".......
So Paul prove us fans all wrong... you know it makes sense! Now join with me in the communion of the Holy Racer X as we bond and say the immortal words... Racer X... Racer X... Racer X... and again!!! Racer X... Racer X... Racer X...

Stephan Forte: The Shadows Compendium CD details


At last after so many years of work, my first instrumental solo album is done, I'd like to thank Kevin Codfert for his incredible work on the mix, and of course my very talented friends / guests on this album: Jeff, Mattias IA, Glen, Daniele, Derek and Franck. Guys, your solos kicks some serious asses !!!!! Here is the tracklist and guests]:

01 - The Shadows Compendium (guests: Jeff Loomis / ex-Nevermore & Franck Hermanny/ Adagio)
02 - De Praestigiis Daemonum (guest: Mattias IA Eklundh / Freak Kitchen)
03 - Spiritual Bliss
04 - Duat (guest: Glen Drover/ ex-Megadeth)
05 - Sorrowful Centruroides (guest: Derek Taylor /Solo artist)
06 - Prophecies Of Loki XXI
07 - I think there’s someone in the kitchen (guest: Daniele Gottardo/Solo Artist)
08 - Improvisation on Sonata no. 14, c # minor - Op. 27 no 2

Daniele Gottardo, Greg Howe: Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011

Thanks to Riccardo Malorni for these awesome photos from Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011

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Atma Anur,Jason Becker: i'll play on at least 25 songs with some of the best guitarists in the biz

Atma Anur yes, i'll play on at least 25 songs with some of the best guitarists in the biz...grooving and shredding for my friend... Jason Becker. see you all there!

Atma Anur,Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet Amsterdam 13-11-2011 #11

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Jason Becker: join the group that matters!

Hello all! Happy to see this page is receiving a warm start! =)
First of all, allow me to introduce myself...
My name is Bronson Buskett, and like most of you, I am merely a passionate musician/guitarist and avid Jason fan.
After being a part of the production for the upcoming Jason film, and attending his most recent birthday party, I was asked by someone close to the Becker family to render a resource page for the man himself. (fanboy moment!)
Through most recent events, many that are close with Jason have seen just how many individuals have been touched by his story on a global scale, and are willing to reach out to him. This is more than a blessing for somebody who demands constant assistance, medical support, and financial alleviation.
Only one problem arises... Jason is much too humble and modest to ask his fans for help!!! That is this page's function; to serve as a communal collaboration for a very special guy. (The 'page description' elaborates more on this if you have not read it already) Specific concerns to be posted very soon.
Remember, this is EVERYBODY'S page. our enduring love for the Becker family gives this group an extraordinary sense of unity!

Thank you all so much

Becker's Babes and Buds: http://www.facebook.com/groups/209127152479798/ You Chance to express your views and thought to Jason!

Plus go the extra mile and join us on this singularly unique night of the year, especially for Jason... a stunning show, with never to repeated jam sessions. A must see for all fans of guitar.

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Andy James: Looking sharp

Andy James looking sharp in his new promo images... you know you'll want to see this profile and those two hands tapping some of the hottest melodic metallic solos on the planet... things shaping up to make this show an extra special deal... check out Not Dead Yet site and get your ticket's Book Tickets

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Fred Brum: physical CD for album?

Fred Brum:
I've had several people asking me whether I'd put out a physical CD out when I release the album in November, which leads me to ask the question: would you be willing to pre-order a CD (which would give you access to the digital download as well, obviously) in spite of the added cost of a CD? vote

News: Henry E. Juszkiewicz and Alex Jones discuss Gibsongate

Last week Federal agents raided two Gibson guitar factories in Tennessee because materials that were used by the guitar maker were allegedly breaking international laws. The law that Gibson allegedly broke was that they used wood that wasn't finished by workers in India, and the process was being completed in plant in Tennessee, therefore making it illegal. Alex Jones, radio host of the Alex Jones Show, tells us if Federal agents raids are on the rise.
(New Section Added to Prisonplanet.tv)

CEO of Gibson: Feds Told Us to Leave U.S.

Carlos Hernández: working on new CD for Gutierrez Records

Carlos Hernandez - Maraguanes by Gutierrez Records

Gretchen Menn: time to get physical with Hale Souls CD!

Gretchen Menn CD's of my new album, Hale Souls, are now available in the store of my website. Please check it out, and very much hope you enjoy it even a fraction as much as I enjoyed making it! http://www.gretchenmenn.com/

Gretchen Menn - Hale Souls - $15 (CD)
1. Scrap Metal
2. Oleo Strut
3. Déjà Vu
4. Valentino's Victory Lap
5. Fast Crowd
6. Is It Not Strange
7. Captured Barricade
8. Walking Shadow
9. Struck Sleepless
10. Fading

The album, Hale Souls, is now available! It features the talents of Stu Hamm, John Mader, Emily Palen, Jude Gold, Angeline Saris, and Kirsten Menn.

CD's will be shipped starting September (lucky for some) 13th. http://www.gretchenmenn.com/

Finally, I'm working on a full interview with the likable, talented musician and guitar star, more news soon.

Bagus Nugroho: Shred This III - too good to miss!

Many months may have passed but the backing track is still there ready for you to have a go... Bagus Nugroho could not resist!
Shred This III

Colin Smith: Armor Gold Cable Demo

Armor Gold Cable Demo

Alright My Boodies .. 
Sweet Ass Demo today ,, got the Armor Gold cables and the New V-Pick Onyx
Industrial Mesh Outer Layer - Extra layer of protective mesh prevents damage from stretching, pinching, bending, slicing, kinking and other common hazards of stage use. This is NOT a cloth braid, it is a high tech polymer mesh commonly used in industrial and aerospace applications.
Amphenol Plugs - Professional grade and precision-engineered connectors that have stood the test of time. The choice of touring pros who depend on their proven reliability, durability, and strength.
Dual Strain Relief - First layer is a flexible grommet where the connector meets cable. Second layer is a secured yellow heat shrink that extends past the grommet onto the cable for double protection against failure from flex strain.
Double Layer Heat Shrink - Two layers cover the plug. The yellow layer provides strain relief to the cable and prevents the plug body from accidently coming unscrewed. The black layer prevents the yellow layer from cracking or slipping off and gives the plug a softer grip.
20 Gauge, 41 Strand Oxygen Free Copper Conductor - The perfect blend of flexibility, strength and medium-low capacitance. Oxygen free copper delivers a purer signal.
Resin Injected Connections - After soldering, resin is injected between the hot and ground connections preventing them from contacting each other and shorting out.
PVC Outer Jacket - Thick but flexible jacket provides protection and excellent handling characteristics.
95% Spiral Wound Copper Shield - Provides protection against outside interference, but maintains flexibility.
Conductive PVC Layer - Reduces handling noise and provides extra protection against outside interference.
Polyethylene Wire Insulation - Extremely durable and reduces capacitance.
Lifetime Warranty - All Armor Gold cables are warrantied for life against defective materials and/or workmanship.

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Dave Martone,Glen Drover: world wide web cast details!

Sunday September 25th at 3PM EDT, Magna Carta Recording artists DAVE MARTONE and former KING DIAMOND/MEGADETH guitarist Glen Drover will take part in an historic performance that will be webcast worldwide as part of the Live At Metalworks series from Mississauga, Canada. The webcast can be seen at this location.

Magna Carta has long been known for being a leading independent label producing and distributing some of the best talent on the contemporary music scene with an emphasis on musical virtuosity. Both Dave Martone and Glen Drover have produced critically acclaimed albums for the label, showcasing their world class talents as guitarists and composers. Dave and Glen individually have developed fans and followers throughout the world who have been impressed with both their technical abilities and emotional depth as artists. Both guitarists will be backed by their own group of outstanding musicians making this both a showcase of amazing talent and an informal “clinic” for musicians around the globe.

Now Magna Carta will break ground by presenting both artists in a manner in which very few independent label artists have been seen: live webcasting with superior audio and video capabilities at no cost to the audience who will be able to receive the webcast worldwide. One of the foremost webcasting companies in this field, Orchard TV, will be providing these technological services.

Live At Metalworks refers to the Metalworks group of companies including award-winning Metalworks Studios the most renowned and recognized recording facility in Canada for more than 30 years. The September 25 webcast of Dave Martone and Glen Drover will be presented from the facility's newly completed North Auditorium.

The webcast will also be available as an archive on the Magna Carta website as well as clips being available on YouTube after the live webcast.

Peter Morticelli, President of Magna Carta, says “With Dave Martone from Vancouver and Glen Drover from Toronto, we not only have two of the greatest guitar talents that Canada has ever produced but we have two musicians that have made their mark internationally. The September 25 webcast will allow both of these great players to showcase their abilities to the world via the internet. Magna Carta is proud to be able to present a milestone event such as this.”

Worldwide webcast times:
- 12 Noon - Los Angeles, USA
- 3 PM - Toronto, Canada/ New York, USA
- 8 PM - London, UK
- 9 PM - Paris, France
- 4 AM - Monday -Tokyo, Japan

Rob Chappers: Stoke clinic for the simian king!

Rob Chappers:
Just to let you know I am teaching a clinic at the Stoke pub & Pizzeria on the 22nd Oct ;-)

Two Rock Jet 35 Demo

News: The Fresh Talent Hour tonight on www.GuitarTV.com

The Fresh Talent Hour featuring your video submission will be featured this Thursday night (9/8/11) at 7 PM PDT on www.GuitarTV.com.

GuitarTV is proud to present our "Fresh Talent" hour - outstanding user submitted videos of amazing guitar players from all over the world. Join the GuitarTV team THURSDAY night (NOT Tuesday) at 7 PM PDT in a live Facebook chat as we showcase these exceptional musicians and share what made them stand out of the thousands of submissions. Only on www.GuitarTV.com!

John Joslin, Daniele Gottardo: DG, tracks that touched me!

Gottardo Entry #2

Pietro Quilichini: the force is strong in this one... tribute to Gutrie Govan!

Pietro Quilichini - Wonderful Slippery Thing