Gretchen Menn: time to get physical with Hale Souls CD!

Gretchen Menn CD's of my new album, Hale Souls, are now available in the store of my website. Please check it out, and very much hope you enjoy it even a fraction as much as I enjoyed making it!

Gretchen Menn - Hale Souls - $15 (CD)
1. Scrap Metal
2. Oleo Strut
3. Déjà Vu
4. Valentino's Victory Lap
5. Fast Crowd
6. Is It Not Strange
7. Captured Barricade
8. Walking Shadow
9. Struck Sleepless
10. Fading

The album, Hale Souls, is now available! It features the talents of Stu Hamm, John Mader, Emily Palen, Jude Gold, Angeline Saris, and Kirsten Menn.

CD's will be shipped starting September (lucky for some) 13th.

Finally, I'm working on a full interview with the likable, talented musician and guitar star, more news soon.