Jason Becker: join the group that matters!

Hello all! Happy to see this page is receiving a warm start! =)
First of all, allow me to introduce myself...
My name is Bronson Buskett, and like most of you, I am merely a passionate musician/guitarist and avid Jason fan.
After being a part of the production for the upcoming Jason film, and attending his most recent birthday party, I was asked by someone close to the Becker family to render a resource page for the man himself. (fanboy moment!)
Through most recent events, many that are close with Jason have seen just how many individuals have been touched by his story on a global scale, and are willing to reach out to him. This is more than a blessing for somebody who demands constant assistance, medical support, and financial alleviation.
Only one problem arises... Jason is much too humble and modest to ask his fans for help!!! That is this page's function; to serve as a communal collaboration for a very special guy. (The 'page description' elaborates more on this if you have not read it already) Specific concerns to be posted very soon.
Remember, this is EVERYBODY'S page. our enduring love for the Becker family gives this group an extraordinary sense of unity!

Thank you all so much

Becker's Babes and Buds: http://www.facebook.com/groups/209127152479798/ You Chance to express your views and thought to Jason!

Plus go the extra mile and join us on this singularly unique night of the year, especially for Jason... a stunning show, with never to repeated jam sessions. A must see for all fans of guitar.

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