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News: Guitar Master Class Competition #3

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Over the last couple of days, we've been shelling out free one-year Guitar Master Class subscriptions (worth $110 each!) to our readers. If you haven't been able to get your hands on a free subscription, you still have a chance, but today is the last day of the contest!

In case you're not familiar with what's going on over at Guitar Master Class, they give subscribers video-based guitar instruction (including a ton of shred guitar lessons), personalized mentoring from top-notch teachers, and whole slew of other resources for axe junkies like yourself.

Wanna learn to rip it up like Zakk? Lucky you, they've got Zakk Wylde style guitar lessons and a ton more that teach the techniques of some our favorite shredders.

Here's how you can get in on this free GMC action:

You'll see a trivia question at the bottom of this post. The answer to this question is lurking deep inside Truth In Shredding. It's up to you to work your way around the site and find it. Pop your answer into the form below and - out of the readers that answered the question correctly - I'll randomly select one to win a subscription.

Today's question:

A few months ago we posted a video of two GMC instructors tearing up a song called "Shadow Of The Ninja." What are the names of these instructors?

Dmitry Andrianov: Whole Lotta Fusion Jam

Guitar: Dmitry Andrianov
Alexanderson Lacastier Alder
SBE King Screamer
Fulltone OCD
TCElectronic Nova Repeater
Carlsbro 50 TOP (Head)
Palmer PDI-03 (Speaker Simulator)

Дмитрий Андрианов "Whole Lotta Fusion Jam"

Fabrice Lacourt: Jazz Fusion Licks- Greg Howe style with Tab

Very cool licks with sweeping in Greg Howe style.
Progression chord : just E7
Very good to play like Greg howe, Brett garsed or Guthrie Govan ,Tom Quayle etc...
Tab at the end !

Guitar : JRG ( JRGuillaumie) , french instrument maker.
website : : Peavey Classic 30 and MI AUDIO Tube Zone Pedal

Jazz Fusion Licks- Greg Howe style with Tab

Blues Saraceno: Dirty Boy pedals get a spanking

Guitar Virtuoso, Blues Saraceno entertains the crowds at Namm cool booth at Big City Music.
There he demonstrates the new " Black Sheep " pedal, the latest offering from DIRTY BOY PEDALS, along with the #1 seller from the line, the " Buzzy Boy ". We also posted a separate video, here on Youtube, featuring the BLACK SHEEP in a studio setting. For all of you that keep requesting some new music from Blues Saraceno, you can sample the tune that accompanies the video.That is one heck of a rocking tune. This full version of the Namm 2012 was edited by our friend Ernesto Lottito who also is the talented guy that sets up and maintains our or Facebook pages.Also please visit and click on Germanium pedals. There you will find our sound clips and individual demonstration videos for each pedal.


Északi Szabolcs: Guitar Solo Contest 2012

Guitar Solo Contest 2012 entry by Eszaki Szabi

Anthony McCloud Boss pedal competition

Christos Kalivas: Leyenda - two hand tapped guitar

Leyenda ( Isaac Albeniz)-guitar tapping-ck

Magnus Tveiten: lap tap EHX Ravish Sitar

The Norweigan artist, Magnus Tveiten, visited EHX at the NAMM Show. Magnus plays in a tapping, lap-guitar style. Here is a quick video showing him playing through the Ravish Sitar pedal. It was shot on an iPhone and at times you'll hear that the signal is overloading the phone, but we thought people would dig seeing it anyway. Magnus is playing factory preset #4 on the Ravish which lets his original guitar signal come through a lot.

EHX Ravish Sitar tap playing at NAMM 2012

Sangeet Charles: tapping and plucking the guitar

Up the hills .flv

Chris Poland: PolCat live

PolCat Strut

PolCat Alvas on 1-20-12.mpeg

Richie Faulkner: talks about joining Judas Priest

Guitarist Richie Faulkner replaced the departed KK Downing in Judas Priest, and it just may have given them new life as their Epitaph tour winds down. He talks about replacing KK and the new life in the band.


Tom Quayle: Port City Pearl Sahana -
Hey guys,
Here's a demo of the amazing Port City Sahana (made by Daniel Klein of Port City Amps) head running into a Port City 1x12 cab with a Celestion G12H65 speaker. I test out differing levels of gain using my Suhr Classic with lower output ML single coils, my Ibanez AS-103 with Super 58 humbuckers and my Ibanez RG7321FM with stock Ibanez pickups. I also use Daniel's Sahana Boost pedal on a couple of examples to show the higher gain possibilities of this amp.
The Sahana is a hand-wired EL34 head with two switchable gain stages for lots of on stage flexibility. It is incredibly dynamic and responsive and goes from super-clean to full on british style break up and beyond with a boost infront. I love it and I hope you enjoy the demo.
You can get lessons with me at my website - and can find out more info about Daniel's great products at


Port City Pearl Sahana Demo - Tom Quayle

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: NAMM 2012

MacAlpine-Brosh-Englen-NAMM 2012

Eric Maldonado: headless 7-string .strandberg* guitar #22 NAMM

Eric Maldonado plays headless 7-string .strandberg* guitar #22

Tom Quayle: eadless 7-string .strandberg* guitar #22 at NAMM 2012

Tom Quayle demonstrates headless 7-string .strandberg* guitar #22 at NAMM 2012.

Tristan Klein: cause we ended as lovers

cause we ended as lovers - tristan klein

Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar: Chickenfoot live in Paris 2012

Lighten Up

Morten Faerestrand: Breath Controller Jam Just hooked up the old breath controller again, it's really great playing with it. It's easy, not like a guitar syntheziser where you have to be ultra precise, this one actually makes it easier to play, and having to breath it actually helps your phrasing.

For online guitar lessons with Morten (Live streaming, not skype), check out

Breath Controller Jam

Chic Corea's 4 over 3 Shuffle - GUITAR LESSON by Morten Faerestrand

Pedro Molina: Holocausto

HOLOCAUSTO.-Pedro Molina

t-cophony: Decided - acoustic tapping

Decided (solo version) - T-cophony

Scott Henderson: Maxon SD-9 demo

Maxon SD-9 Info:
In this video we look at Scott Henderson guitar gear, Suhr amp (actually the lack of it and replaced by a Fender amp), and the equipment he uses on tour. This is a Scott Henderson interview with a focus on his preference for the Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion pedal. Scott Henderson is a fusion and blues guitarist best known for his work with the band Tribal Tech.

The "black sheep" of the 9-Series, the Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion pedal offers the best characteristics of transistor and op-amp circuits in one compact unit. The SD9 has unique Low Boost/Hi Boost Tone control that offers more low-end beef than other effect pedals, while its Distortion and Output controls can provide up to 55 dB of gain boost. At low gain settings the Maxon SD-9 functions perfectly as a full-frequency overdrive pedal. Higher gain settings turn the SD-9 into a hand-held monster; providing gut-wrenching grind and singing sustain that will make a clean amp dirty and a dirty amp downright evil.
"The Maxon SD-9 is the best distortion pedal EVER made, period. It has the clarity and punch you get from a pedal, while retaining the low bass you get with amp distortion. The SD-9 is one of the rare pedals which sound equally great on both the neck and bridge pickups, whether they're humbucking or single coil. It's been a very important part of my tone for many years." - Scott Henderson
Henderson has more recently moved back to his blues roots, releasing the blues album Dog Party in 1994, and Tore Down House (1997). He recorded Well To The Bone (2003) with bass player, John Humphrey, and Kirk Covington on drums. His latest solo release Scott Henderson Live (2005) follows in this vein, and his work has also moved into funk/jazz fusion. He has repeatedly stated that he is enjoying playing in bands which do not have keyboard players, as it allows him to branch out more and properly explore the guitar's full potential as an instrument.
Henderson is also a member of the fusion supergroup Vital Tech Tones with Victor Wooten and Steve Smith, which has released two CDs as of 2006.
Henderson has appeared as a guest artist on a number of recordings including Scott Kinsey's 2006 CD Kinesthetics, Amber Whitlock's The Colours Of Life, and Rob Whitlock's Sketchin' and Sketchin' 2.
Scott Henderson teaches at the Guitar Institute of Technology, which is part of the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. He has released two instructional guitar videos.

Maxon SD-9 Info:

Scott Henderson Guitar Gear Interview Maxon SD-9 Pedalboard Suhr Tribal Tech

Fabrice Lacourt: Shred sweeping jazz fusion lick

Shred sweeping jazz fusion lick with tab - Fabrice Lacourt

Alex Machacek: Terry Bozzio The Baked Potato Jazz Club, in Los Angeles 2012

Terry Bozzio playing live on Biggg Drums at The Baked Potato Jazz Club, in Los Angeles, CA on January 21, 2012. This clip also includes footage of the May 2011 gig...
Terry Bozzio - Drums
Jimmy Johnson - Bass
Doug Lunn - Bass
Alex Machacek - Guitar

Terry Bozzio 2012 - Live at The Baked Potato

Magnus Karlsson: Primal Fear Euro tour dates

The tour schedule is now as follows:

30 - Leipzig, Germany - Hellraiser **
31 - Zlin, Czech Republic - Masters of Rock Cafe

1 - Prague, Czech Republic - Metrix
3 - Wien, Austria - Szene
4 - Budapest, Hungary - Club 202
5 - Zagreb, Croatia - Tvornica **
7 - Sofia, Bulgaria - Venue TBA
8 - Bucharest, Romania - Venue TBA
10 - Berlin, Germany - C-Club
11 - Ludwigsburg, Germany - Rockfabrik
12 - Kerkrade, Netherlands - Rock Temple
13 - Burglengenfeld, Germany - VA Zentrum
14 - Bochum, Germany - Matrix
15 - Gent, Belgium - Rondpunt 26
17 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
18 - Madrid, Spain - Sala Ritmo y Compas **
19 - Aviles, Spain - Quattro **
20 - Pamplona, Spain - Sala Totem
21 - Huesca, Spain - Sala Jai Alai
22 - Madrid, Spain - Sala Ritmo y Compas

Primal Fear - Bad Guys Wear Black (Official video)

Larry Mitchell: G Major scale jam click NOW for a FREE Video guitar lesson that is not on YouTube & a FREE Ebook from Next Level

Larry Mitchell lead guitar lesson learn soloing using major scale all over neck Ibanez electric

News: look after your ears

H.E.A.R. - Hearing Education Awareness for Rockers

Scott Mishoe: with Sharon Millan on bass

Scott Mishoe & Sharon Millan *****

Tom Hess: Lead Guitar Secrets This free lead guitar phrasing lesson contains secrets of how to play awesome lead guitar solos. 
To get more help with improving your guitar playing, go here:

Lead Guitar Secrets

Richie Kotzen: NAMM 2012-Key Club

Richie Kotzen-NAMM 2012-Key Club

Emil Werstler:Guitar Clinic Part 4 of 5

Emil Werstler (Chimaira, Daath, Levi/Werstler) Guitar Improvisation Clinic Part 4 of 5. Emil Werstler and Mike Ault demonstrate and explore improvisation concepts at Experience PRS 2011. Topics include the pros and cons of pattern playing, imperfections of the guitar, and developing personality as a player.

FPE-TV Emil Werstler (Chimaira, Daath, Levi/Werstler) Guitar Clinic Part 4 of 5

Stéphan Forté: solo show announced for Paris 2012

Stéphan Forté
Here we go : March 24th - First headlining show - PARIS ! See you there ;)

Stéphan Forté - The Shadow Compendium (Live)

News: interestingly shaped Sik Pik reviewed

I was sent this interesting pick for review, said that I tried it immediately by a clippino of what happened, I apologize for the slats and speed of video processing, but a pick so it is only to try you can not prove the feelings of having it in hand through a video. The object in question is purely a pick for sprinters, but with due attention paid in the last minute we can use it also for the rhythm, in the video they do provide for a hint, I being a sprinter ... This demo is taken from ocn tweezers, I can confirm that all away for what little I have in my plettrata alternating background guitar, you have the distinct feeling it to be faster, because of the fact that the pick if contested in a How very, very sharp so as to impose quite a lot of practice, being accustomed to the traditional pick. I'd remember a teaching grando Donato Begotti who taught that to gain speed, fluidity and precision, you just use the tip of the pick this course to create less friction and can reduce the "range" of reciprocating just getting faster. So here is a pick of that kind is no doubt that it can take if you want shreddare way. Obviously I wanted to try to use the Sik Pik my way, in depth article on the video in fact, try alternating a plettrata but immediately after the closing Punch the pick I was also pretty good about doing the strings whistle (soon video clips on how to whistle cords hehe), I mention as said precedenzaa also a rhythm and I must say that there is a rhythm to pick, I personally have had as the feeling that I gets wedged between the strings, but in fact its half at each end and this is not a pick by rhythmic ;) I refer you to the site for information on the various measures and availability of the product: /
Sik Pik picks for sprinters!