Scott Henderson: Maxon SD-9 demo

Maxon SD-9 Info:
In this video we look at Scott Henderson guitar gear, Suhr amp (actually the lack of it and replaced by a Fender amp), and the equipment he uses on tour. This is a Scott Henderson interview with a focus on his preference for the Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion pedal. Scott Henderson is a fusion and blues guitarist best known for his work with the band Tribal Tech.

The "black sheep" of the 9-Series, the Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion pedal offers the best characteristics of transistor and op-amp circuits in one compact unit. The SD9 has unique Low Boost/Hi Boost Tone control that offers more low-end beef than other effect pedals, while its Distortion and Output controls can provide up to 55 dB of gain boost. At low gain settings the Maxon SD-9 functions perfectly as a full-frequency overdrive pedal. Higher gain settings turn the SD-9 into a hand-held monster; providing gut-wrenching grind and singing sustain that will make a clean amp dirty and a dirty amp downright evil.
"The Maxon SD-9 is the best distortion pedal EVER made, period. It has the clarity and punch you get from a pedal, while retaining the low bass you get with amp distortion. The SD-9 is one of the rare pedals which sound equally great on both the neck and bridge pickups, whether they're humbucking or single coil. It's been a very important part of my tone for many years." - Scott Henderson
Henderson has more recently moved back to his blues roots, releasing the blues album Dog Party in 1994, and Tore Down House (1997). He recorded Well To The Bone (2003) with bass player, John Humphrey, and Kirk Covington on drums. His latest solo release Scott Henderson Live (2005) follows in this vein, and his work has also moved into funk/jazz fusion. He has repeatedly stated that he is enjoying playing in bands which do not have keyboard players, as it allows him to branch out more and properly explore the guitar's full potential as an instrument.
Henderson is also a member of the fusion supergroup Vital Tech Tones with Victor Wooten and Steve Smith, which has released two CDs as of 2006.
Henderson has appeared as a guest artist on a number of recordings including Scott Kinsey's 2006 CD Kinesthetics, Amber Whitlock's The Colours Of Life, and Rob Whitlock's Sketchin' and Sketchin' 2.
Scott Henderson teaches at the Guitar Institute of Technology, which is part of the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. He has released two instructional guitar videos.

Maxon SD-9 Info:

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