News: interestingly shaped Sik Pik reviewed

I was sent this interesting pick for review, said that I tried it immediately by a clippino of what happened, I apologize for the slats and speed of video processing, but a pick so it is only to try you can not prove the feelings of having it in hand through a video. The object in question is purely a pick for sprinters, but with due attention paid in the last minute we can use it also for the rhythm, in the video they do provide for a hint, I being a sprinter ... This demo is taken from ocn tweezers, I can confirm that all away for what little I have in my plettrata alternating background guitar, you have the distinct feeling it to be faster, because of the fact that the pick if contested in a How very, very sharp so as to impose quite a lot of practice, being accustomed to the traditional pick. I'd remember a teaching grando Donato Begotti who taught that to gain speed, fluidity and precision, you just use the tip of the pick this course to create less friction and can reduce the "range" of reciprocating just getting faster. So here is a pick of that kind is no doubt that it can take if you want shreddare way. Obviously I wanted to try to use the Sik Pik my way, in depth article on the video in fact, try alternating a plettrata but immediately after the closing Punch the pick I was also pretty good about doing the strings whistle (soon video clips on how to whistle cords hehe), I mention as said precedenzaa also a rhythm and I must say that there is a rhythm to pick, I personally have had as the feeling that I gets wedged between the strings, but in fact its half at each end and this is not a pick by rhythmic ;) I refer you to the site for information on the various measures and availability of the product: /
Sik Pik picks for sprinters!