Tom Quayle: Port City Pearl Sahana -
Hey guys,
Here's a demo of the amazing Port City Sahana (made by Daniel Klein of Port City Amps) head running into a Port City 1x12 cab with a Celestion G12H65 speaker. I test out differing levels of gain using my Suhr Classic with lower output ML single coils, my Ibanez AS-103 with Super 58 humbuckers and my Ibanez RG7321FM with stock Ibanez pickups. I also use Daniel's Sahana Boost pedal on a couple of examples to show the higher gain possibilities of this amp.
The Sahana is a hand-wired EL34 head with two switchable gain stages for lots of on stage flexibility. It is incredibly dynamic and responsive and goes from super-clean to full on british style break up and beyond with a boost infront. I love it and I hope you enjoy the demo.
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Port City Pearl Sahana Demo - Tom Quayle