Monday, 12 March 2012

Richie Kotzen: discusses his legato technique and larger left hand

Richie personally answers a facebook fan site question on how he developed his signature left hand legato technique.

Vlog 27 (legato technique)

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: set to win Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement Award

Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by XBOX LIVE, will go to prog-rock pioneers RUSH, who will release their highly anticipated 19th studio album, "Clockwork Angels", this year on Roadrunner Records. (Previous honorees include hard-rock and metal legends MÖTLEY CRÜE, Lemmy Kilmister of MOTÖRHEAD and Ozzy Osbourne.) The award will be presented by Jack Black and Kyle Gass of TENACIOUS D, whose new record, "Rize Of The Fenix", hits stores on May 15. RUSH's Neil Peart commented, "We are honored and delighted to receive this honor — especially because it will be presented by Jack and Kyle. Our 'lifetimes' are not over yet, and we dearly hope our 'achievements' are not either, so I suppose you could say that to us this is the 'So Far, So Good' award." Of presenting the award, Black commented, "RUSH was the most impressive band, musically, when I was just learning about rock. Weirdly, they got your body moving in interpretive-dancing ways, but it was still aggressive. Their stuff was just so complex and so tasty!" more

News: 3D printed guitars!

There's a spider in my guitar: Olaf Diegel's beautifully detailed 3D printed guitars


Russ Parrish: Soundwave Melbourne with Higgo on Triple M Distortion March 2nd


Steel Panther interview at Soundwave Melbourne with Higgo on Triple M Distortion March 2nd

Zakk Wylde: Aussie interview

Lucky enough to catch up with Zakk Wylde at Soundwave Festival in Melbourne and I was given the heads up that it would be a fun interview, and it was. We spoke (well I tried) to speak about his band mates, the revolving door that is Black Label Society, and, as you will hear, he reveals how the guys make extra money on the side.

Zakk Wylde Interview March 2nd 2012.wmv

Roy Z: Project Driver Countdown ready for release

Worldwide release coming soon for the new Driver album “Countdown”.
Driver will be released on the same labels as “Sons of Thunder”, and available worldwide via AOR Metal Heaven EU, King Records JP, and RockZilla USA.
'Countdown' is a mixture of brand new material and several rescued-from-the-vaults demo gems, which interlock seamlessly for a classic Driver-style album, aided by Roy Z's emphasis on vintage production values that harken back to the glory days of early 80's heavy metal ala Dio “Holy Diver” and Blizzard of Oz “Diary of a Madman”.
Chiefly recorded and mixed at Roy Z's California-based studio, Rob Rock and Roy Z once again joined forces with Butch Carlson, Ed Roth and Aaron Samson to cut the bulk of the tracks, with additional contributions coming from bassists Ray Burke (Life After Death, Bruce Dickinson) and Daniel Cordova (Shades Of Crimson, Vengeance Rising), as well as veteran vocalist Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Royal Hunt). Mastering duties were again handled by Maor Appelbaum (Halford, Sepultura, Yngwie Malmsteen).

Track list: 01) Return to the Sky 02) Rising Son 03) Countdown 04) Hollywood Shooting Star 05) Thief in the Night 06) Cry of the Wounded 07) Always on my Mind 08) Feel the Fire 09) Destiny 10) Running from the Darkness
PLUS exclusive bonus material for each territory of USA, Europe and Japan.

Devin Townsend: talks about Epicloud

"Epicloud" will feature new agey stuff, jazzy stuff, really heavy stuff. Devin "We basically cover the gamut. 'Epicloud' is the first record that I felt confident enough to include all those things on one record so it goes between melodic hard rock to schizophrenic heavy metal to country to really ambient stuff and it's all in one place. I'm using a gospel choir, a string section and a horn section for this one as well."
"Epicloud" will contain the following tracks:

* Taurus
* Animals
* Liberation
* Back Where We Belong
* Save Our Now
* Kingdom (re-recording of PHYSICIST song)
* Divine
* Grace
* More!
* Heatwave
* Hold On
* Angels

Pete Pachio: Pitts-Minneman Project featuring Marco Minneman

Pete Pachio's solos for the Pitts-Minneman project featuring Drum Virtuoso Marco Minneman
thanks to Jason Constantine and Constantine Studios Las Vegas, Jimmy Pitts, Marco Minneman and everyone else involved

Pete Pachio: Solos For Pitts-Minneman Project featuring Marco Minneman

Bruce Kulick: Rockeyez Interview

Bruce Kulick formerly of KISS and now with GRAND FUNK RAILROAD talks about his time with MEAT LOAF, MICHEAL BOLTON, THE GOOD RATS plus is impression of Mark St. John, Davy Jones and Ronnie Montrose. Bruce talks about a new solo release and his impression on the Eric Carr CD (Unfinished Business). (AUDIO)

Rockeyez Interview w/Bruce Kulick 3-4-12

Reb Beach: Suhr guitars stolen, can you help?

Reb Beach
Dear all,
I have some terrible news. Two of my beautiful Suhr guitars have been stolen. My first Suhr “modern” with the sunburst quilted top (Serial #8370), and the Suhr strat with the double color paint and the mirror pick guard (Serial #2653). It’s green or purple, depending on what angle you look at it from. I am so deeply upset about this.
They were stolen from my garage in Pittsburgh while I was on the road last year. If anyone knows anything about the whereabouts of either of these guitars, please contact me on my message board, or on my facebook page , Thanks,

Chris Cabrera: 7th Live4guitar Competition

7th Live4guitar Competition - Chris Cabrera

Carlos Hernández: 7th Live4Guitar

7th Live4Guitar - Carlos Hernández

Mejdi Sulejmani: 7th Live4guitar Competition

7th Live4guitar Competition - Mejdi Sulejmani

Mars Alexander: 7th Live4guitar Competition

7th Live4guitar Competition - Mars Alexander

Roberto Restuccia: 7th live4guitar competition

7th live4guitar competition by Roberto Restuccia

Jeff Loomis,Joe Nurre: Shouting Fire at a Funeral

Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore, Jeff Loomis) and Joe Nurre (Jeff Loomis band/Shaded Enmity) playing the song "Shouting Fire at a Funeral" from the Jeff Loomis album "Zero Order Phase" out through Century Media Records. Rehearsal 2012.
Jeff Loomis uses the Jeff Loomis model from Schecter Guitars and Joe Nurre uses the Ola Englund Solar 7 model from Strictly 7 Guitars.
Recorded using the Zoom HD video camera.
Catch Jeff and Joe on tour with Periphery and Protest the Hero this spring!
A link to pre order the album is below, click to order!

Jeff Loomis and Joe Nurre play "Shouting Fire at a Funeral" rehearsal

Jeff Loomis and Joe Nurre play "Mercurial" (rehearsal)

Pebber Brown: Diffrences between Alternate, Scalpel and Sarod Picking

Diffrences of Alternate, Scalpel and Sarod Picking. A huge amount of students are still grappling with these concepts - so here's a little clip that hopefully will be helpful for all you guys.

Diffrences of Alternate, Scalpel and Sarod Picking

Stéphan Forté: available for Skype Lessons

Yay !! Webcam is back from the dead :) Skype lessons here we are !!!! You guys can send me an email here:

Diego Budicin: cool tapping tour de force

Hello there, thank you for watching my video! This is a little solo I created for all of you guys. If you subscribe to my channel, just send me an e-mail and I will provide to you the backing track and the Tabs as well!
Please check out these sites: (a lot of guitar stuff!) (my endorsed gear)
Thank you!

Venice Tapping - Diego Budicin

Marcos De Ros: "Que Venga el Toro"
This is "Que Venga el Toro", (Facing the Bull).
From the DVD "Peças de Bravura" (Pièces de Résistance).
Éder Bergozza at the piano

"Que Venga el Toro" - Peças de Bravura - Marcos De Ros (guitar) & Éder Bergozza (piano).

Oziel Zinho: NIG Music EXPO 2011 demo pedal XD1

Ozielzinho no Stand da NIG Music EXPO 2011 demo pedal XD1

Gonçalo Pereira: "O Homem Arranha"

Gonçalo Pereira - O Homem Arranha

Luke Lewis: Two Handed Arppeggio lick #1 C major Arpeggio

Here's a little fingering for a C major Arpeggio i thought i might show you guys on youtube. It's not musical as it is but maybe you can cure that :)
sorry for my sloppy playing, I haven't practiced this lick much before sharing, but I couldnt wait to share it :)

Two Handed Arppeggio lick #1 C major Arpeggio (8 finger tapping)

Shawn Lane: plays "Upside Downside"

I miss the big guy... thank god that someone filmed these shows!

Here Shawn Lane plays "Upside Downside" (by Mike Stern), at Six One Six in Memphis, TN. on the 13th November 1991, with Barry Bays on bass and Steve Ebe on drums.
Shawn was opening for Sean Rickman this night (Sean Rickman later became Shawn's drummer in his `Powers of Ten` band).

You can buy a selection of Shawn's live gigs on DVD from Shawn's mum, Diane, at
You can mingle and post with other fans of Shawn at :
You can read back through litterally hundreds of cool and very informative posts at the Shawn Lane Yahoo group (dating back to 1999) here : have to join up)
You can still read lots of interesting posts at the old Shawn Lane message board here : and

Thanks to Mick for supporting Shawn over the years, as well as taping (and organising the taping of) many of Shawn's shows!

Shawn Lane - "Upside Downside" (Six One Six, 13th Nov 1991)

Ed DeGenaro: Stratus

Ed DeGenaro Group - Stratus

Richie Kotzen: Live in Whitstable - hidden jem unearthed

Shot and edited my me several years ago but the project never went further. I've just unearthed it, enjoy!

Richie Kotzen Live in Whitstable

Eric Barnett: Points North prog fusion from Magna Carta label

• Eric Barnett – guitar • Uriah Duffy - bass • Kevin Aiello – drums

What musical masterpiece would have resulted had Eric Johnson continued in the vein of Ah Via Musicom? What fresh prog/fusionoid hell could have been unleashed had Rush focused on nothing but "YYZ"-like instrumental anthems?
With the release of their Magna Carta Records debut record, Road Less Traveled, the Bay Area-based instrumental trio, Points North, taps into our dreams and answers these burning questions by turning our sonic fantasies into realities.
Spearheaded by guitarist Eric Barnett (a finalist in Guitar Player magazine's Guitar Superstar competition), drummer Kevin Aiello and newest member, bassist Uriah Duffy (Whitesnake, Christina Aguilera), Points North stands on the shoulders of iconic artists The Police, Rush and Dixie Dregs, but, as the title of their debut album suggests, clearly cuts its own artistic path. Simply put, Points North is a leading light of modern instrumental guitar music, single-handedly helping to revitalize the genre through their technical prowess, superior musicality and compositional skills.
Ranging nearly every human emotion known to man, tracks on the band's self-produced Road Less Traveled, such as "Vast Horizons", "The Phoenix", "The Source", "Maiden Voyage", "Sweet Solitude", "Grace Under Pressure", "Barney", and "High Wire" speak to where the band has been as individuals (and a unit) as well as where they're going. With themes such as rebirth and transitory emotional states, Road Less Traveled takes the listener on a kind of musical voyage.
"The title, Road Less Traveled, felt like a description to us," says Eric Barnett. "In this day and age of pop music, being in an instrumental band is, in and of itself, a statement."
With a growing fanbase and sure handle on the melodic instrumental guitar music genre, the band seems poised for greatness. "Points North was never designed to be what it is today," says Barnett. "It was always just the three of us getting together to play music we wanted to play and have fun with it. What Magna Carta saw in us spoke volumes about what our potential might be. I have to sometimes pinch myself that I get to play this style of music to audiences."

Atma Anur: Woodstock 2009 - 'Foxy Lady'

Woodstock 2009 - 'Foxy Lady' (Atma Anur drums, lead vocal)

Antonio Mazzeo: Bach Toccata and Fugue - tapped version

ANTONIO MAZZEO - J. S. Bach Toccata e Fugue by Guitar in Metal Version

Eddie Van Halen: solo Indianapolis Feb 22, 2012

Eddie Van Halen - Lead Solo - LIVE

Tommy Ermolli, Alberto Rigoni,Paco Barilla: Holy Trinity !

FACEBOOK (Personal Profile)
-----Alberto Rigoni - Bass
------Tommaso Ermolli - Guitars
Joe Satriani - Circles (Surfing with the Alien) - SPLIT SCREEN COVER - Power Trio

Michael Schenker, Michael Angelo Batio,Jamie Humphries,Rick Graham,Tom Quayle: iGuitar 8 out now!

Jamie Humphries interviews one of Rock's most important guitarists Michael Schenker.

Win the latest TC Electronic John Petrucci Dreamscape pedal
in our free-entry competition!

Michael Angelo Batio -continues his exclusive iGuitar series

Jamie Humphries- The Rhythm Method Part 7.

Rick Graham - Pentatonic double stops

Tom Quayle - Using modes to expand chord voicings

Michael Casswell - Pro Concepts: how to be a Pro guitarist Part 7

Stuart Bull - Hybrid picking continued

Guthrie Govan:The Aristocrats - Live - Robin 2 - 2012

I get to see these bad boys tomorrow night!

The Aristocrats - Live - Robin 2 - 2012

Eric Sempe: Synopsis: Rebirth

Abstract Logix and now on iTunes
Now on iTunes and Abstract Logix,

Eric Sempe & Synopsis "Rebirth" with:

Eric Sempe on Guitars
Felix Sabal-Lecco on Drums and Voices
Dominique Di Piazza on Bass
Neil Gerstenberg on sax, EWI and Flutes
Claude Tedesco on Keyboards
Gerard Kurdjian is Tabla, Percussion and voices

Track 1 Essas (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 Long Distance (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3 Bubbles (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4 40 Degrees (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 Pourquoi Pas (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 Mienko (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 7 Namaste Merhe Dost
Track 8 Yaman Khalian Blues
Track 9 M'indim

Eric Sempe (Guitar); Felix Sabal-Lecco (Drums, Voice); Dominique Di Piazza (Bass); Neil Gerstenberg (Sax, Ewi); Claude Tedesco (Keyboards); Gerard Kurdjian (tabla, Percussion, Voice)

After more than two decades and four albums, including their latest, Home, featuring saxophone giant David Sanborn, Synopsis has become Eric Sempe & Synopsis.

With some great musicians, as Eric Sempe (John McLaughlin, Liz McComb, Didier Lockwood), Dominique Di Piazza (John McLaughlin, Gil Evans, Birelli Lagrene) and Felix Sabal-Lecco (Peter Gabriel, John Scofield), this ensemble, ever open to modern-day influences, blends jazz-inspired tones and improvisation with the moods of Afro-Indian world music, the electric energy of jazz-rock, and ethnic flavors, all painting a rich, colorful musical landscape exuding a warm and potent group energy.

It is a genuinely jubilant journey, dense and sensual, with sophistication to satisfy enlightened music lovers and an approachable candor the broader public will relish. The infectious warmth with which the artists power this beautiful machine, a warmth which will thaw even the most circumspect listeners, makes the group one of most promising ensembles on the European jazz fusion scene.

Eric SEMPE - Guitars - Programming
After a multifaceted career that took him from jazz to rock by way of Indian music and other traditional world music, Eric, along with his fellow travelers, brings you along on this musical journey to the heart of Synopsis, the favorite of his many musical groups and one he formed himself in 1988. A professional SACEM arranger, he also holds a first-class award from France's Nice Conservatory and national Jazz Professor certification. He has played alongside John McLauglin, David Sanborn, Didier Lockwood, Caroline Casadesus, Chris DeBurgh, Liz McComb, Louis Winsberg, and many other renowned artists.

Dominique DI PIAZZA - Bass
He's one of the world's most respected bassists, both in the business and out. Since the early 80s, alongside Michel Perez, he's played with such brilliant musicians as Didier Lockwood, Gil Evans, Gordon Beck, Jean-Pierre Como, Andre Ceccarelli, Bireli Lagrene, Denis Chambers, Zakir Hussain, U.Srinivas, and Trilok Gurtu. Dominique has also been traveling companion and creative collaborator with John McLaughlin. In 1991, he joined the John McLaughlin Trio for a world tour and the celebrated disc, Que Alegria; more recently (2008), he joined John in The 4th Dimension with Gary Husband and Mark Mondesir. His myriad recordings include the album Front Page with Bireli Lagrene and Denis Chambers (2001), which won the French Victoires de la Musique Jazz Album of the Year, the country's equivalent of a Grammy.

Felix SABAL LECCO – Drums
Felix, hailing from Cameroun, is one of the most eminent artists in the world of percussion. He's been blessed with extraordinary beat sense and is an incomparable showman, his African roots giving him an original rhythmic approach that renders his jazz drumming all the richer. As one of the most sought-after drummers in both the jazz and pop worlds, he has shared stage and studio with such prestigious artists as Sting, Youssou N'Dour, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, John Scofield, Sade, Salif Keita, and Manu Dibango.

Claude TEDESCO - Keyboards
He's a pianist, but also a violinist and singer. Claude holds a first-class award from France's Nice Conservatory and is an inventive, multifaceted musician who masters salsa as well as he does jazz and tango. He can be seen (and heard) sharing performances with David Sanborn, Jean-Marc Jafet, Jean-Paul Cecarrelli, Chris DeBurgh, and other luminaries.

Neil GERSTENBERG - Ewi, Flutes
Scotsman Neil lives in France, but met John Purcell in New York in 1997 (World Sax Quartet, Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition), the sax "guru" of David Murray, Michael Brecker, and David Sanborn, Purcell opened new musical horizons for the young saxophonist, and his many musical encounters and experiences since include membership in the quintet of bassist Jean-Marc Jafet, with whom he recorded the album Douceur Lunaire.

Gerard KURDJIAN - Gatam, percussion, tablas, vocals
Gerard has specialized in the study of oriental percussion, with particular emphasis on tablas and the Indian gatam. His world is one in which percussion weaves a sonic universe with skins, bells of all sizes, drums, bird calls, and voice, all part of a musical impressionism adding bewitching color and mood to the Synopsis repertoire. He is the creator behind musical productions such as Toulik and the Magic Drum and Caravanes de Lunes (Moon Caravans), where the music and mystics of the Christian, Muslim, and Hindu worlds meet. He is also the creative force and narrator of L'Oiseau de Feu: Musique Persane et Poemes Soufis (The Fire Bird: Persian Music and Sufi Poems) with santur player Hassan Tabar and percussionist Bijan Chemirani