Jeff Loomis,Joe Nurre: Shouting Fire at a Funeral

Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore, Jeff Loomis) and Joe Nurre (Jeff Loomis band/Shaded Enmity) playing the song "Shouting Fire at a Funeral" from the Jeff Loomis album "Zero Order Phase" out through Century Media Records. Rehearsal 2012.
Jeff Loomis uses the Jeff Loomis model from Schecter Guitars and Joe Nurre uses the Ola Englund Solar 7 model from Strictly 7 Guitars.
Recorded using the Zoom HD video camera.
Catch Jeff and Joe on tour with Periphery and Protest the Hero this spring!
A link to pre order the album is below, click to order!

Jeff Loomis and Joe Nurre play "Shouting Fire at a Funeral" rehearsal

Jeff Loomis and Joe Nurre play "Mercurial" (rehearsal)