Sunday, 8 April 2012

Scott Szeryk: TransFusion performance video

Live studio performance of "TransFusion" from the amazing instrumental guitar CD "Guitar Manifesto". Sort of an Allan Holdsworth legato style.
Guitar Manifesto can be purchased at:
Recorded at Riverview Sound Asylum, Apr 4, 2012.

3-Canon EOS 550D cams, 1080x720p HD @ 24fps.

Yamaha Pacifica "Szeryk Model" into Fractal Axe FX2, Bogner Pre (In Loop of Fractal), into Pre-Sonus Studio Live 24.4.2 to ProTools 9 mixed with original backing track from Guitar Manifesto, 1 take.

cott Szeryk - TransFusion - (Live Studio Performance) - Instrumental Guitar

Andy James: Blackstar HT-Blackfire

Andy James shreds the Blackstar HT-Blackfire, Gus G.'s signature distortion pedal - HD

Sam Bell: Nevada Music 2012

Sam Bell: Nevada Music 2012

Marco Sfogli: live clinic

Marco Sfogli

Marc Guillermont: The Deep MO

Yolanda Charles's Band The Deep MO play at Hampton Court with guest France's Marc Guillermont Soloing on Do that thing from the 2012 Album "FUNK in the 3rd Quarter"
Great guitar solo! The Deep MO + Marc Guillermont

Gary Moore: Belfast free exhibition details

Gary Moore celebrated in Belfast Oh Yeah exhibition

The former Thin Lizzy guitarist died while on holiday in Spain in February 2011.

The exhibition at the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast features some of his prized personal memorabilia, including his Gibson Les Paul guitar, gold albums and a tailored barbed-wire suit commissioned for an Amnesty International concert.

Stuart Bailie of the centre said it was a fitting time to reassess his musical legacy.

Local music figure Terri Hooley said: "Gary Moore is one of the greatest guitarists, and was certainly the best guitar player to come out of east Belfast."

Born in the same part of Belfast as his contemporary Van Morrison, Moore was inspired to play guitar by seeing Jimi Hendrix in his hometown in the mid-1960s.

The exhibition runs until 30 June and admission is free. full details

Steve Hackett: Lileigh White Lilith Genesis analysis For Fanatical Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Fans - an examination of the re-tracking and relaying of some of Steve Hackett's most well-known solos from the Live Shrine Auditorium Lamb show, in LA, in Jan,'75 - for the Archive Genesis release of 1998. An e-mail from Mr.Hackett, himself, forms the basis of this side-by-side analysis. **My apologies for my "slip-of-the-tongue" where I unknowingky reversed the words of "Firth of Fifth". This was not intentional, believe me!** FOR ENTERTAINMENT & DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY!

Analysis: Steve Hackett Part 1 Part 2 of the series - thanks to direct historical info from Mr. Hackett and Mr Davis: An insightful and informed look into the 5.1 Surround Sound restoration re-tracking of Steve Hackett's solo within the Rainbow Theatre's 1973 "Firth of Fifth" contained on the "Extras Disk" of the Genesis Live 1973-2007 Box Set. The comparison with a recording of the original live concert sets up the fascinating & superb audio mixdown editing job performed by Genesis engineer/producer Nick Davis.
Also highlighted is Steve Hackett's re-invention of "Firth of Fifth" for his 1996 album "Genesis Revisited"...and reviews of his most recent touring for "Out of the Tunnel's Mouth".
This is a NON-Commercial and Educational video. For entertainment and informative purposes ONLY!
Nick Davis photo courtesy: Dave Kerzner

Analysis Steve Hackett Part 2

Randy Rhoads: 30th Celebration of life

Randy Rhoads 30th Celebration of life part 2

Steve Lukather: 2010 interview, talks ALS

Steve Lukather in conversation with Pete Feenstra in London - Part 1 of 2 - 06.09.2010

Steve Hackett: Get Ready to Rock interview

Steve Hackett chats to Get Ready to ROCK!'s Keith Thompson about his solo work, Genesis and current projects. Interviewed on 4 February 2012.

Steve Hackett - February 2012

John Norum: Joey Tempest Europe interview

Joey Tempest (Europe) interview, 26 March 2012

Paulo Schroeber: leaves Almah for health reasons

Edu Falaschi (also of ANGRA): "I think many of you already know about health problems that our brother, partner and member of the band, Paulo Schroeber, has recently faced. Due to these problems, we had to call another guitarist to replace him at the latest ALMAH shows during 'Motion' tour, but we always hoped that Paulo would be with us again very soon. Unfortunately, a very serious heart problem made it impossible for our friend to continue his long-term works, and we received his message that he had to leave the band! All of us became extremely sad but at the same moment we
respect his decision to stay with his family at such a delicate moment.

"For us, there remains only one thing: to keep public our eternal support, love and, most of all, gratitude for all the great moments we had together!

"We are very happy to know that his treatment is going on and the diagnosis is positive. more

Teodosii Tzinguilev: French Guitar Contest 2012

French Guitar Contest - Teodosii Tzinguilev

Jon Finn: Chaplin in New Shoes

Two more performances from the March 20 performance at Tupelo Hall in Londonderry, NH. The first is a cover of a song written by Bordleaux Bryant called "Chaplin in New Shoes" the second is a original called "Right, Left, Upper and Lower"

Chaplin in New Shoes/Right, Left, Upper and Lower Live at Tupelo Londonderry, NH March 20 2012

Steve Saluto: Wicked Sensation with Oni logan a Lynch Mob classic

Oni Logan and Steve Saluto performing live the Lynch Mob classic "Wicked Sensation" with Piero Trevisan on bass and Manuel Signoretto on drums.


Eddie Jobson, Alex Machacek: UK tour dates

UK "Night After Night 2012" World Tour (so far...):

VIP tickets are selling out fast. See VIP details at the bottom of the page.


Click on show to link to venue:

Jobson - Wetton - Bozzio lineup

May 01 - The Vic Theater, Chicago IL, USA [on sale now]

May 02 - Showcase Live, Boston MA, USA [on sale now]

May 04 - The Highline Ballroom, New York NY, USA [SOLD OUT]

May 06 - Sound Stage, Baltimore MD, USA [on sale now]

May 07 - World Cafe Live at The Queen, Wilmington DE, USA [on sale now]

May 08 - World Cafe Live, Philadelphia PA, USA [SOLD OUT]

May 10 - Cabaret du Capitole, Québec, Canada [on sale now]

May 11 - The Gesù Amphitheatre, Montréal, Canada [SOLD OUT]

May 12 - Sound Academy, Toronto, Canada [on sale now]

May 14 - The Triple Door, Seattle WA, USA [on sale now]

May 17 - Aladdin Theater, Portland OR, USA [on sale now]

May 18 - The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco CA, USA [on sale now]

May 20 - The El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles CA, USA [on sale now]

May 21 - Mesa Arts Center, Phoenix AZ, USA [on sale now]


Jobson - Wetton - Machacek - Husband lineup

May 24 - Under The Bridge, London, England [on sale now]

May 26 - De Boerderij, Amsterdam, (Zoetermeer), Netherlands [on sale now]

May 27 - Colos-Saal, Frankfurt, (Aschaffenberg), Germany [on sale now]

May 29 - Lucerna Music Bar, Prague, Czech Republic [on sale now]

May 30 - Klub Studio, Krakow, Poland [on sale now]


Jobson - Wetton - Bozzio lineup

June 14 - Club Citta, Tokyo, Japan [tickets on sale April 21st]

June 15 - Club Citta, Tokyo, Japan [SOLD OUT]

June 16 - Club Citta, Tokyo, Japan [SOLD OUT]

June 17 - Club Citta, Tokyo, Japan [SOLD OUT]

June 19 - Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan [on sale now]

Alex Machacek: Gary Husband touring with UK

It’s been a while since any kind of update! Sorry! Lots of things been happening… but not so much from me in the way of updating the website!
Except(!) for the LIVE/TOURS page, which I do diligently make sure is up to date the moment events or tours become confirmed. Featured there presently are new dates I am delighted to be performing again with the writer Maria Schneider together with that great NDR Big Band in Hamburg. Preceding that is a small European tour with the group UK, featuring Eddie Jobson, John Wetton, guitarist Alex Machacek, and myself stepping in for drummer Terry Bozzio. On both these sets of work I am playing drums.
So, please do visit this page regularly as it will be frequently updated.
Update number two concerns the website itself. As you can see it’s still far from finished. I’ve been so busy with other things and haven’t managed yet to find a replacement for Nadja von Massow (who originally built this website and designed it around my specifications) to help me develop it fully. Nadja’s too busy to continue with it now, but I am optimistic I will find someone to take over in due course. The message here though, is that you will see some changes and good developments around the website once this work takes place.
Update number three is that I have plans to start some online “lessons” at some point soon. Again it’s going to take the right people to recruit to help me set it up properly but I do intend on doing it. There’s a contact for me on this website, and it’s reliable. If any of you would like to send me a notification that you may be interested in hearing more about this please let me know.
Of course, my “Dirty & Beautiful Volume 2″ is out everywhere now, and I’m delighted to note it’s generated some wonderful reviews and press already. Among those we have the following -
Walter Kolosky’s Review
John Kelman’s Review at All About Jazz
Ian Patterson’s Review at All About Jazz
Plus, there’s a new “catch up” interview with me on the same website also by Ian Patterson here.
As a special bonus, I received two beautiful and captivating videos (to accompany two of the tracks from the new album) from a dear and talented friend of mine, Sturla Nøstvik. View for yourself his great creations for the pieces Fuguie and Rain.
Thank you everyone for all the great comments on the album – for listening, and for all the continuing support. I appreciate it!
We’re all excited for John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension this year. There’ll be a new album (released around August time) of music we recorded last December in Antibes, and we’ll be touringthis October/November

Valeria Terraz: tributes to Yngwie And Vinnie Moore

far beyond the sun cover de yngwie malmsteen por valeria terraz

vinnie moore shadows of yesterday cover grabado con celular

Clinica de Guitarra de Valeria Terraz

Lena Mashkina: "Knock on wood"

Lena Mashkina "Knock on wood"

Brian May: Rescued Badger Cub

Brian May and Rescued Badger Cub, Virginia: April 2012

Fran Alonso: Fender Richie Kotzen - getting stroked

Fran Alonso - Fender Richie Kotzen Custom Impro V2 !!.mpg

Joel Alvim: The French Guitar Contest 2012

The French Guitar Contest - Joel Alvim

Dzmitry Kasyanenka: The French Guitar Contest 2012

The French Guitar Contest - Dzmitry Kasyanenka

Carlo Bardoli: Rush - YYZ

Rush - YYZ ( Carlo Bardoli )

Joop Wolters: All Areas #2


Scott Mosher: Oceans of Night

This video sampler contains graphics from the 2nd Oceans of Night CD, Domain (November, 2011) as well as song samples from the CD. These include - in particular order: Domain, Don't Look to Me, So Near Yet So Far, Seven Days of Rain, The View to You, The Future Remembered and Ghosts of the Past. Tastes great, less filling and provides your required daily dose of musical sustenance.
Ambient progressive rock band, Oceans of Night, have updated our website with ALL song samples, reviews, news reports and background information. Our music and CDs are now available across the known universe and cyberspace.

Some links for your audio pleasure:
Oceans of Night on iTunes: of Night on CDBaby: CD video/audio teaser:

Oceans of Night - Domain CD music sampler.

Nazim Ali: French guitar contest 2012 - Algeria

French guitar contest - NAZIM KRI (algeria)

Michael Dolce: funk fusion masterclass

Im excited to announce for the last time my funk fusion masterclass which will happen at the new workshop showroom at Charles cilia guitars.

Monday 25th June 7pm

There’s 5 seats left 10 in the class total,book your seat at

Dmytro Ignatov: Forever - original

Dmytro Ignatov - Forever

Renaud Louis-Servais: Iluna and quality rock fusion improvisations

Renaud Louis-Servais is a french fusion guitarist/composer.
Check his website:
Renaud Louis-Servais's album "Iluna" has just released in 2011.
-DEEZER: on Guitar Nine Records (USA): on Guitar Euro Shop (FR):

Renaud Louis-Servais (Frank Gambale style -"Rocks")

Renaud Louis-Servais - fusion improvisation on minor blues

Renaud Louis-Servais (Robben Ford style - "Help the poor")

Renaud Louis-Servais (Jeff Beck style - "The Pump")

Jon Finn: Pommies Bounce Tupelo 2012

Pommies Bounce Tupelo 032012

Tilen Sapac: The French Guitar Contest 2012

The French Guitar Contest 2012 : Tilen Sapac

Matteo Ruggiero: a lesson in shred

Some different shred examples. Hope you enjoy
Achia Universe
Mama Pickups
Reference Cables
Speedmax Handmade Custom Guitarstraps
RedBear Picks

Matteo Ruggiero_All Around Shred

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh:Dream Mechanism Budapest 2012

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh:Dream Mechanism Budapest 2012