Alex Machacek: Gary Husband touring with UK

It’s been a while since any kind of update! Sorry! Lots of things been happening… but not so much from me in the way of updating the website!
Except(!) for the LIVE/TOURS page, which I do diligently make sure is up to date the moment events or tours become confirmed. Featured there presently are new dates I am delighted to be performing again with the writer Maria Schneider together with that great NDR Big Band in Hamburg. Preceding that is a small European tour with the group UK, featuring Eddie Jobson, John Wetton, guitarist Alex Machacek, and myself stepping in for drummer Terry Bozzio. On both these sets of work I am playing drums.
So, please do visit this page regularly as it will be frequently updated.
Update number two concerns the website itself. As you can see it’s still far from finished. I’ve been so busy with other things and haven’t managed yet to find a replacement for Nadja von Massow (who originally built this website and designed it around my specifications) to help me develop it fully. Nadja’s too busy to continue with it now, but I am optimistic I will find someone to take over in due course. The message here though, is that you will see some changes and good developments around the website once this work takes place.
Update number three is that I have plans to start some online “lessons” at some point soon. Again it’s going to take the right people to recruit to help me set it up properly but I do intend on doing it. There’s a contact for me on this website, and it’s reliable. If any of you would like to send me a notification that you may be interested in hearing more about this please let me know.
Of course, my “Dirty & Beautiful Volume 2″ is out everywhere now, and I’m delighted to note it’s generated some wonderful reviews and press already. Among those we have the following -
Walter Kolosky’s Review
John Kelman’s Review at All About Jazz
Ian Patterson’s Review at All About Jazz
Plus, there’s a new “catch up” interview with me on the same website also by Ian Patterson here.
As a special bonus, I received two beautiful and captivating videos (to accompany two of the tracks from the new album) from a dear and talented friend of mine, Sturla Nøstvik. View for yourself his great creations for the pieces Fuguie and Rain.
Thank you everyone for all the great comments on the album – for listening, and for all the continuing support. I appreciate it!
We’re all excited for John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension this year. There’ll be a new album (released around August time) of music we recorded last December in Antibes, and we’ll be touringthis October/November