Scott Mosher: Oceans of Night

This video sampler contains graphics from the 2nd Oceans of Night CD, Domain (November, 2011) as well as song samples from the CD. These include - in particular order: Domain, Don't Look to Me, So Near Yet So Far, Seven Days of Rain, The View to You, The Future Remembered and Ghosts of the Past. Tastes great, less filling and provides your required daily dose of musical sustenance.
Ambient progressive rock band, Oceans of Night, have updated our website with ALL song samples, reviews, news reports and background information. Our music and CDs are now available across the known universe and cyberspace.

Some links for your audio pleasure:
Oceans of Night on iTunes: of Night on CDBaby: CD video/audio teaser:

Oceans of Night - Domain CD music sampler.


  1. Highly recommended for fans of Fates Warning, Rush, Queensryche, Iron Maiden and the like.


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