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Andy James,Benjamin Lechuga: metal jam Guitaraoke Guitar Idol 2011 Finals

Video of the "Guitaraoke" section of the Lick Library's Guitar Idol III Live Finals Event in London. Buy Benjamin Lechuga's Album in:
Benjamin Lechuga: Lechuga 
 1 Pehoe 3:14
2 O Vurdon 5:05
3 Suspiro 3:47
Animal 4:27
Entre 2 Mundos 5:50
La Subjetividad del Tiempo 3:45
EvilFunk 3:45
Chances 3:14
Cuek! 4:27

Benjamin Lechuga & Andy James Jam in Lick Library's Guitar Idol 2011 Finals

Byron Fry: learn for an amazing musician

Byron Fry
Byron FryHey all, just putting the word out:  If you want someone to teach you WHAT to play, like some kind of trained chimpanzee, I'm not the teacher for you. But if you want to achieve better musicianship---on whatever instrument---through a substantive understanding of music, I've got room for a few more students.
I teach online, one-on-one.

1) The Master Staff
2) Scales, key signatures, modes
3) 3rds and 7ths in Chords
4) Rhythmic Note Values
(This is an in-depth look at all eleven harmonic structures in conventional Western harmony, including all of the functions, interior 3, 4, 5 and 6-part chords, some special voicings, improv tricks, stylistic considerations and the trouble-shooting of faulty chord symbols.)
1) The I MA13(#11) chord in Major
2) The ii mi13 chord in Major
3) The V 13 chord in Major
4) "ii-V-I: What is chordal function, REALLY?"
5) The i mi MA 13 chord in minor
6) The ii mi7 (b5) in minor
7) The IV 13(#11) chord in minor
8) The V13(b9) in Major and in minor
9) The V7(b9 b13) in minor
10) The altered dominant / tri-tone subs
11) The so-called diminished structure and the 8-note dominant scale
12) The V9 (b13) in Major and in minor

1) Basics of time signatures
2) Polyrhythms
3) Rhythmic sightreading
4) recommendations on how to become fluent in Rhythm
5) Metronome practice techniques
6) Klaves! They're everywhere!
1) The Score
2) The 'Envelope'
3) Thematic development
4) The Arranger's toolbox (entrances, harmonizing the melody, obligato, ostinato, pedals, counter-melody, thumb lines, bass line 101, master rhythm charts, etc.)
5) Stylistic considerations to applying the 11 chords in arrangement
6) Special harmonic techniques---12-tone, reharmonization, parallel, etc.
7) Stylistic considerations of applying Rhythm to arrangement
1) Introduction to the instrument families
2) The woodwinds
3) The strings
4) The brass section
5) Mallets, percussion and rhythm section
6) developing an 'orchestral ear'
1 through 11) An in-depth look, chord-by-chord, at negotiating the 11 harmonic structures through improv
12) Superimposing tonalities; polychords
13) Composing a solo; more on the 'envelope'
1) Litany on motor skill development; building motor engrams; exercises for building independence, synchronization, speed & accuracy
2) Tuning; string winding / headstock 101; instrument care and feeding
3) Care and feeding of the forearm flexor / extensor muscle / tendon / ligament machinery
1) Understanding your function
2) Studio protocol / stage protocol
3) Tracking Guitar---the basic track, overdubs, obligatos, ostinatos, the fill track, the solo track, the acoustic track, engineer psychology 101, producer psychology, FX theory
1) Classical
2) Straight-ahead Jazz
3) Funk
4) Fusion
5) Blues
6) AAA (that 'polished' sound)
7) Hard Rock
8) Old school rock
9) Psychedelic tricks
10) Finger-style / Travis Fingerpicking
11) Slide
12) Scatting / singing harmony with your guitar
1) Listening and responding to the music around you
2) Ear training tips
3) More polyrhythms
4) The science---and love---of stupid, inane parts we must play
5) Bandleader psychology
6) Audition strategies
7) Packaging yourself

Michael Lee Firkins: 70s Gibson SG - ebay special

Ok- so I plug my old baby in, and it sounded so damn good I had to do the stupid Facebook -stop and take a picture- and post it. Early 70s SG one or two. That's not a Gibson pick guard -somebody made that. I got this guitar on eBay for 700 bucks! late 60s patent pending PAF's in there. When I got it on eBay I remember opening up the box, and I literally strummed one chord into my amp and I knew these were not replacement pickups! Score!

When Asked about his original SG

Michael Lee Firkins  unfortunately I sold that SG when I was a senior in high school worst thing I ever did- the only reason I sold it was because I had one of those stop tail pieces with no intonation adjustable bridge – I didn't know I could just put a different bridge on! All through high school I could only play certain chords because the intonation was not right on that SG- but it worked great for Godzilla!

John Browne,Olly Steele: Monuments - Gnosis details

MONUMENTS will release its long-awaited debut album, "Gnosis", out August 27 in Europe, August 28 in North America and August 31 in Australia/New Zealand through Century Media Records.

"Gnosis" was originally supposed to be released last year via Basick Records. MONUMENTS has since split with the U.K.-based label, which issued the band's debut EP, "We Are The Foundation", in 2010.


John Browne - Guitar
Olly Steele - Guitar
Adam Swan - Bass
Mike Malyan - Drums
Matt Rose - Vocals


Marty Friedman: on The Danko Jones Podcast

From Drop Box

Marty Friedman is on this week's edition of "The Danko Jones Podcast".

*PRE-ORDER* will ship on or around 08/09/2012

Three great albums for one great price! This Marty Friedman bundle includes "Loudspeaker," "Bad D.N.A." and "Future Addict." (See the individual product descriptions for more info on each title.)

Mike Orlando: Adrenaline Mob live Paris 2012 - full show

3 videos
1:30:00 duration

Mike Orlando: Adrenaline Mob live Paris 2012

Adam Nolly Getgood,Guthrie Govan,John Petrucci,Wes Hauch,Misha Mansoor: Periphery get their outside man on the inside!

Adam Nolly Getgood at the Bristol Guitar Show
From Drop Box

Truth In Shredding would like to pass on my hearty congratulations to Adam Nolly Getgood who takes up the bass role in Periphery. It's not clear what happens to Red Sea Fires or Adam Nolly Getgood will get into some Animals as Leaders style 8 string guitar as well.

"We're incredibly excited to announce that our longtime friend and contributor Adam 'Nolly' Getgood (RED SEAS FIRE) will be joining PERIPHERY as a full-time member. He will be taking care of bass duties live and in the studio, and additionally will be bringing his considerable guitar playing, production and songwriting abilities to the table.

"Nolly should already be known to many, having filled-in live on both bass and guitar several times over the years. He also played all of the bass on, and co-produced, our new album, 'Periphery II: This Time It's Personal'. He will be taking up his permanent spot in the live line-up as of this October's European tour with BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME and THE SAFETY FIRE. Our excellent friend Jeff Holcomb will be filling in on bass for all live dates between now and October, including the imminent Summer Slaughter tour."

Commented PERIPHERY guitarist Misha Mansoor: "Nolly has been an honorary PERIPHERY member for the last few years. He filled in on bass for us on our first real tour (Thrash And Burn 2009) and since then has always been there for us and has helped us out immensely. Given that we love him dearly as a friend and found that we have excellent chemistry both on stage and in the studio, and he is a master of all of his instruments, hiring him as our full-time bassist was the logical solution. His irreplaceable ability and insight brought so much to the production and bass on 'Periphery II: This Time It's Personal' — we don't feel that anyone else would be able to take on the roles he has filled. He has already been writing with us for new material, and we are proud to have him on board!"

Added Nolly: "It's absolutely amazing to be joining my friends in PERIPHERY full-time! Having felt like part of the 'family' for quite some time, this feels like an incredibly natural step. I've had the pleasure of watching them grow to their current stage and can't wait to see where we can take the band together!"

"Periphery II: This Time It's Personal" can be streamed in its entirety in the YouTube clip below. Due in North America on July 3 via Sumerian Records and in Europe on July 16 through Century Media Records, the CD will feature guest appearances by John Petrucci (DREAM THEATER), Guthrie Govan (THE ARISTOCRATS) and Wes Hauch (THE FACELESS).

PERIPHERY "Periphery II" - available for pre-order NOW!
In stores and online July 3rd 2012
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Periphery - Periphery II Full Album Stream (IN STORES 7/3/12!)

"Periphery II: This Time It's Personal" track listing:

01. Muramasa
02. Have A Blast (feat. Guthrie Govan)
03. Facepalm Mute
04. Ji
05. Scarlet
06. Luck As A Constant
07. Ragnarok
08. The Gods Must Be Crazy!
09. Make Total Destroy
10. Erised (feat. John Petrucci)
11. Epoch
12. Froggin' Bullfish
13. Mile Zero (feat. Wes Hauch)
14. Masamune

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G - Few Against Many play through

FIREWIND guitarist Gus G. plays through the title track off the band's new album "Few Against Many"!!
"Few Against Many" is Out Now Worldwide! Click below to order your copy:
Subscribe to Gus's official YouTube Channel for more hot videos

FIREWIND - 'Few Against Many' (GUS G. Guitar Playthrough Video)

In Milan - warming up before the gig

Firewind interview for 2012 (Gus G)

Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Steve Morse: G3 VIP tickets and dates

A special VIP package for the tour is now on sale It includes:

- meeting Satriani, Vai and Morse
- photograph with the 3 Gs
- autograph one item with the 3 Gs
- tour merchandise
- exclusive laminate
- early entry to the venue
- random selection of 2 people to watch the G3 jam from side of the stage

More shows have been added to the original schedule. It is now as follows:

20 - Heneken Music Hall - Amsterdam, Netherlands
21 - Offenbach Stadthalle - Frankfurt, Germany
22 - 10 Giorni Suonati - Vigevano, Italy
23 - TonHalle - Munich, Germany
24 - Stadtpark - Hamburg, Germany
28 - Guitare en Scene - Genevois, France
31 - Tesla Arena - Prague, Ctech Republic

1 - Budapest Sportarena - Budapest, Hungary
3 - Ukraine Hall - Kiev, Ukraine
5 - Crocus City Hall - Moscow, Russia

Rik Emmett: Triumph - Live At Sweden Rock Festival CD/DVD details

Rik Emmett, bassist/keyboardist Mike Levine, and vocalist/drummer Gil Moore took place at Sweden Rock Festival, on June 7, 2008. "Live At Sweden Rock Festival" will be released on the TML label, distributed by UMG in Canada and ADA in the U.S. The set will be made available throughout Europe on Frontiers Records.


01. When The Lights Go Down
02. Lay It On The Line
03. Allied Forces
04. Never Surrender
05. I Live For The Weekend
06. Blinding Light Show
07. Rocky Mountain Way
08. Magic Power
09. Rock And Roll Machine
10. Fight The Good Fight


01. When The Lights Go Down
02. Lay It On The Line
03. Allied Forces
04. Never Surrender
05. I Live For The Weekend
06. Blinding Light Show
07. Rocky Mountain Way
08. Magic Power
09. Rock And Roll Machine
10. Fight The Good Fight

Ahmad Saad: Trio - music for download

Ahmad Saad, originally from Athens, Greece is currently writing and recording original music in the United States. Visit to listen to or download mp3s, see the artwork and order CDs.

Trio Ahmad Saad

John Norum: Europe tour dates include Europe, South America and the UK

30/06/12 KirunaFestivalen / Kiruna / SWEDEN INFO
06/07/12 Midnattsrocken / Lakselv / NORWAY TICKETS
12/07/12 Wrightegaarden / Langesund / NORWAY TICKETS
21/07/12 Osla Live / Porvoo / FINLAND INFO
27/07/12 Rock of Ages / Seebronn / GERMANY INFO
04/08/12 Furuvik / Gavle / SWEDEN INFO
21/09/12 Teatro Flores / Buenos Aires / ARGENTINA TICKETS
23/09/12 A Seringueira Club / Sao Paulo / BRAZIL TICKETS
25/09/12 Enjoy / Antofagasta / CHILE TICKETS
27/09/12 Caupolican / Santiago / CHILE TICKETS
28/09/12 Enjoy / Los Andes / CHILE TICKETS
30/09/12 Enjoy / Vina del Mar / CHILE TICKETS
02/10/12 Teatro de Verano / Montevideo / URUGUAY TBC
04/10/12 Anfiteatro del Parque de la Exposicion / Lima / PERU TBC
20/10/12 Kofmehl / Solothurn / SWITZERLAND TICKETS
21/10/12 Alte Seilerei / Mannheim / GERMANY TICKETS
23/10/12 Arena / Vienna / AUSTRIA TICKETS
25/10/12 Obihall / Florence / ITALY TICKETS
26/10/12 Vox / Modena / ITALY TICKETS
27/10/12 Palabassano / Bassano / ITALY TICKETS
29/10/12 Alcatraz / Milano / ITALY TICKETS
08/11/12 KC Vltavska / Prague / CZECH REPUBLIC TICKETS
09/11/12 Columbiahalle / Berlin / GERMANY TICKETS
10/11/12 Matrix / Bochum / GERMANY TICKETS
12/11/12 La Laiterie / Strasbourg / FRANCE TICKETS
13/11/12 Le Bataclan / Paris / FRANCE TICKETS
14/11/12 Le Transbordeur / Villeurbanne / FRANCE TICKETS
19/11/12 013 / Tilburg / HOLLAND TICKETS
21/11/12 Birmingham O2 Academy / Birmingham / ENGLAND TICKETS
22/11/12 Glasgow O2 Academy / Glasgow / SCOTLAND TICKETS
23/11/12 Manchester HMV Ritz / Manchester/ ENGLAND TICKETS
25/11/12 Newcastle O2 Academy / Newcastle / ENGLAND TICKETS
26/11/12 Leeds O2 Academy / Leeds / ENGLAND TICKETS
27/11/12 Nottingham Rock City / Nottingham / ENGLAND TICKETS
29/11/12 Bristol O2 Academy / Bristol / ENGLAND TICKETS
30/11/12 Cardiff Coal Exchange / Cardiff / WALES TICKETS
01/12/12 London O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire / London / ENGLAND TICKETS

Bruce Kulick: special CD fund raiser for pet adoption

A special Limited Edition pressing of Bruce's debut full-length solo CD. In addition to the 11 tracks included on the original release, this Limited Edition also features two new songs not included on the original release: the instrumental "495" and a very special track called "Bruce Sings to Joe."

Complete Track Listing: • Pair of Dice • Strange To Me • Change is Coming • Need Me • I Don't Mind • Monster Island • Please Don't Wait • Liar • I Can't Take • Dogs of Morrison • Skydome • 495 • Bruce Sings to Joe.

The external packaging on this Limited Edition the same as the original pressing, but the disc itself reflects "Limited Edition" and includes a signed, two-sided color postcard. A part of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to the Pet Adoption Fund, the place Bruce adopted Joe from in California.

In addition to the 11 tracks included on the original release, this limited edition also features two new songs not included on the original release: the instrumental '495' and a very special track called'"Bruce Sings To Joe'.

Complete tracklisting:

Pair Of Dice'
Strange To Me'
Change Is Coming'
Need Me'
I Don't Mind'
Monster Island'
Please Don't Wait'
I Can't Take'
Dogs Of Morrison'
Bruce Sings To Joe'

Martin Miller: The Deal - live in the studio

Tom Goetze Band - Bass Shuttle out soon! Read for more info!
Here's a solo outtake that didn't make the record, recorded live in the studio.

Tom Goetze - Bass
Michal Skulski - Sax
Heiko Jung - Drums
Martin Miller - Guitar
Martin Miller - Live in Studio outtake 1 ("The Deal" by Tom Goetze Band)