Michael Lee Firkins: 70s Gibson SG - ebay special

Ok- so I plug my old baby in, and it sounded so damn good I had to do the stupid Facebook -stop and take a picture- and post it. Early 70s SG one or two. That's not a Gibson pick guard -somebody made that. I got this guitar on eBay for 700 bucks! late 60s patent pending PAF's in there. When I got it on eBay I remember opening up the box, and I literally strummed one chord into my amp and I knew these were not replacement pickups! Score!

When Asked about his original SG

Michael Lee Firkins  unfortunately I sold that SG when I was a senior in high school worst thing I ever did- the only reason I sold it was because I had one of those stop tail pieces with no intonation adjustable bridge – I didn't know I could just put a different bridge on! All through high school I could only play certain chords because the intonation was not right on that SG- but it worked great for Godzilla!