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Andy James: Shred Concepts and Petrucci Style

From musikmesse 2012
Andy James performs City - available on the Shred Concepts DVD

Shred Concepts DVD is a unique insight into Andy's guitar style and techniques. On this DVD Andy shows you how he visulises the neck to link pentatonic positions to break out of the boxes and work more of the neck in the progress. He explores three note per string pentatonic shapes, arpeggios, multiple note sequences, phrasing concepts and open string licks whilst ultilising an armoury of playing techniques including alternate picking, string skipping and tapping. Andy dives into a couple of his own solos to show you how to encompass these techniques.

Performances on the DVD - City solo performance by Andy James, Demons Solo Performance by Andy James and Void performance by Andy James

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City By Andy James - Solo Performance From Shred Concepts DVD Licklibrary Learn how to play Licks in the style of John Petrucci! Guitar lessons with Andy James!
John Petrucci is best known as the guitarist of Dream Theater - with this DVD you will learn how to play licks and develop techniques in the style of this Shredding guitarist all in the Key of Em!

This is the performance from the DVD - Check out the trailer of John Petrucci Quick Licks Here:

Licklibrary Quick Licks DVDs are aimed at teaching you the style of the artist - so you can learn the techniques and licks to create your own style performances - See if we have your Guitar Hero covered - check out our Quick Licks DVD range here;

Or alternatively check out all the Quick Licks trailers here on YouTube;

John Petrucci Style - Quick Licks Performance With Andy James Licklibrary

Walter Trout: talks about his career with Stuart Bull from Licklibrary Watch the full interview and live performances with Walter Trout at Licklibrary;

Walter Trout speaks with Stuart Bull about making the desicion to go solo and break away from all the artists and bands he had joined over his career. Walter explains how he was playing lead guitar for his Idols and heros such as playing with Canned Heat, John Mayall , big mama thornton, Bo Diddley to name a few, he then took the plunge to become a solo artist!

Check out Walter Trout live

For more features on other artists Licklibrary has interviewed - check out
Walter Trout - Solo Career - Interview With Stuart Bull Licklibrary

Roberto Restuccia: strokes his Suhr and Hayden HGT-A 40 into live

Tasty soloing :)

Hayden HGT-A 40 Jam by Roberto Restuccia

Chris Impellitteri: Rockeyez interview

Rockeyez Interview w/Chris Impellitteri from Animetal USA 7/07/2012

Tony Smotherman: Vigier ripping on TV!

Tony Smotherman 

Tony Smotherman is quickly becoming one of the most popular Guitarists on the scene... His eclectic mix of influences sets him apart from all of his peers with his own distinct sound. Innovating new techniques and combining a huge array of different styles, Tony has created a diverse musical world. Tony has opened for and played with a vast array of national and international touring acts. Although rooted in Rock. Tony intertwines all the musical worlds he explores with his own distinct fingerprint.

Tony Smotherman: pro TV of recent show at Latitude 30 in Jacksonville 2012

Tony Smotherman Project live clip from Latitude 30 in Jacksonville Fl. for local TV station CW17

Tony Smotherman Project "Trans Universum"

Tony Smotherman Project "Synthesis"

Tony Smotherman Live "Chaotic Endeavor"

Damjan Pejcinoski, Peta Lukács: SOUNDQUEST Festival 2012

Live at SOUNDQUEST Festival in Budapest- Hungary. Kottler Ákos-Drums, Nagy János-Keyboard, Kiss Zsolt-bass.
Tornóczky Ferenc guitar, Lukács Peta guitar, Damjan Pejcinoski guitar

Damjan Pejcinoski, Lukács Peta, Tornóczky Ferenc - 68

Plus the Maestros lesson series:

Purchase this lesson at .
10 close up videos showing each part slow and fast
3 speed backing tracks
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Damjan Pejcinoski - Larry Carlton style track in 11/8 HD

Nat Janoff: smooth jazz

“...Janoff isn’t John McLaughlin; he has his own style. But if you like John McLaughlin,chances are you will like Janoff!” – Walter Kolosky •

Guitarist, composer and teacher Nat Janoff, has been working steadily in the contemporary jazz scene for the past 15 years. Nat’s earliest experience with music started with the piano. Then, he switched to bass. After hearing Eddie Van Halen, Nat had to play guitar. Growing up in the 80’s, Nat’s musical interests were all things rock and metal and Nat earned a reputation for being one of the best shred guitarist in the area. Nat’s transition from metal and rock guitar to jazz occurred when he sought out a platform to improvise for longer than the standard rock riff. That, and hearing Mahavishnu Orchestra’s Birds of Fire for the first time. Pursue jazz he did and after earning his Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Performance from William Paterson University in 1996, Nat set to work forging his own musical path. 

The first marker on that path was Nat’s debut album, Looking Throughfeaturing the rhythm section of world renowned electric bassist, Matthew Garrison and drummer Gene Lake, putting Nat on the map as both a player and a composer.

“Any 29 year old that can hang with this duo (Garrison & Lake,) let alone lead the date, has transitively proven himself worthy of attention.”
Review of Looking Through by Phil DiPietro for 2000

Nat Janoff- Guitar
Francois Moutin- Bass
Chris Carroll- Drums

Nat Janoff Group

Paul Gilbert: Vibrato, the new album and DVD details

Paul Gilbert will release his latest, highly-anticipated studio album, entitled Vibrato, in Japan on September 19, 2012. Release is apparently slated for mid-October in Australia, and the rest of the world's release date is unknown.

The tracklist is as follows:

01 Enemies (In Jail)
02 Rain and Thunder and Lightning
03 Vibrato
04 Put It On The Chair
05 Bivalve Blues
06 Blue Rondo A La Turk
07 Atmosphere on the Moon
08 The Pronghorn
09 Roundabout (Live)
10 I Want To Be Loved (Live)
11 Go Down (Live)

An instructional DVD will be released simultaneously. Paul will demonstrate songs from the album. The DVD is 3500 yen, as is the deluxe edition of the new CD.

Source: WHD

Musician Lineup on the album:

Studio -
Paul, guitar & vocals
Emi, keys & vocals
Kelly LeMieux, bass
Thomas Lang, drums
4 songs are instrumental, 4 are 'with vocals'.

Live (Fuzz Universe songs, 2010) -
Paul, guitar & vocals (harmony vocals)
Tony Spinner, guitar & vocals (most lead vocals)
Craig Martini, bass & vocals (harmony vocals)
Jeff Bowders, drums

Live sound: Michael 'Ace' Baker
Mixed by: Jay Ruston

Thanks to Jenn

Gary Hoey: Less than 24 hours to help fund Deja Blues album

Gary Hoey

Deja Blues is an album I've wanted to make for a long time, and to have our fans be a part of it. This is a dream come true!

$19,181 pledged of $15,000 goal
20 hours to go

Allan Holdsworth: Bill Milkowski's Jazz Times in depth article from 2000

Ironically, Holdsworth never intended to play guitar at all. “I was just dabbling with it,” he recalls of his teenage years in the small town of Bradford in Yorkshire, England. “I had wanted a saxophone, I didn’t really want the guitar, but saxophones were pretty expensive in those days, relative to a cheap acoustic guitar. My uncle played guitar and when he had bought himself a new one he sold his old one to my father, who gave it to me. That’s basically how it started.”

His father, Sam, was a piano player who taught his son chords and scales. “But since he wasn’t a guitar player, he couldn’t tell me how it was supposed to be done on the guitar,” says Allan. “And I guess that’s how I developed such an unorthodox technique. I learned things from the piano and figured out on my own how to transpose those ideas onto the guitar. And I just acquired this dexterity through constant repetition and practice. I didn’t know it wasn’t supposed to be done that way, it just seemed perfectly logical to me.”

Holdsworth made a leap to warp speed after realizing that he didn’t have to pick every note. This became the basis for his incredibly fluid legato style. “One of the things I discovered early on was that if I played as many notes as possible on one string, I could get the kind of sustain that I was looking for. So I just practiced playing scales for hours and hours each day, playing four notes on each string until it flowed the way I was hearing it. And that completely opened up a new way of looking at the guitar for me. I would practice trying to play using a combination of left hand hammering-on and right hand picking in a way where I could try and make the notes that were hammered louder than the ones that were picked so that I could bury them in each other—so that you wouldn’t be able to tell which was which. And I just kept going with it until I got to a point where I tended to hear flurries of notes as a whole from beginning to end rather than hearing one note after the other.”

Kevin Peters: help send me to Los Angeles to meet Joe Satriani

Kevin Peters
Friends! Family! Acquaintances! Lend me your mouse clicks. You can help send me to Los Angeles to meet world famous guitarist Joe Satriani! I am participating in an online guitar contest hosted by Guitar Center. Part of the contest is having a growing fan base. I would very much appreciate your help. You can help by any (or ALL) of the following:

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Kevin Peters - Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

KevinPeters - ShredThisIII