Tony Smotherman: Vigier ripping on TV!

Tony Smotherman 

Tony Smotherman is quickly becoming one of the most popular Guitarists on the scene... His eclectic mix of influences sets him apart from all of his peers with his own distinct sound. Innovating new techniques and combining a huge array of different styles, Tony has created a diverse musical world. Tony has opened for and played with a vast array of national and international touring acts. Although rooted in Rock. Tony intertwines all the musical worlds he explores with his own distinct fingerprint.

Tony Smotherman: pro TV of recent show at Latitude 30 in Jacksonville 2012

Tony Smotherman Project live clip from Latitude 30 in Jacksonville Fl. for local TV station CW17

Tony Smotherman Project "Trans Universum"

Tony Smotherman Project "Synthesis"

Tony Smotherman Live "Chaotic Endeavor"