Andy James: Shred Concepts and Petrucci Style

From musikmesse 2012
Andy James performs City - available on the Shred Concepts DVD

Shred Concepts DVD is a unique insight into Andy's guitar style and techniques. On this DVD Andy shows you how he visulises the neck to link pentatonic positions to break out of the boxes and work more of the neck in the progress. He explores three note per string pentatonic shapes, arpeggios, multiple note sequences, phrasing concepts and open string licks whilst ultilising an armoury of playing techniques including alternate picking, string skipping and tapping. Andy dives into a couple of his own solos to show you how to encompass these techniques.

Performances on the DVD - City solo performance by Andy James, Demons Solo Performance by Andy James and Void performance by Andy James

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City By Andy James - Solo Performance From Shred Concepts DVD Licklibrary Learn how to play Licks in the style of John Petrucci! Guitar lessons with Andy James!
John Petrucci is best known as the guitarist of Dream Theater - with this DVD you will learn how to play licks and develop techniques in the style of this Shredding guitarist all in the Key of Em!

This is the performance from the DVD - Check out the trailer of John Petrucci Quick Licks Here:

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John Petrucci Style - Quick Licks Performance With Andy James Licklibrary