Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fred Brum: AMT Electronics P2 chunked and sorted

Fred Brum
And here's the weekly dose of video fun with F.A.B., this time giving the AMT Electronics P2 some exercise, using it as a preamp as recommended by the guys at AMT. It's driving my Matrix Amplification GT 1000FX and the Zilla Cabs 2x12". Hope you guys enjoy!

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This is a simple playthrough of Flying Adventure Bus done with just the AMT P2 as the preamp, driving the Matrix Amplification GT1000FX straight into one of my Zilla 2x12" cabs. Mic is SM57, going straight into the Presonus 22 VSL, without any post-production other that the delay on the melody / lead lines. Was supposed to be my Wampler Faux Tape Echo but I forgot the mains adapter at home. Yay, me.
The guitar is my trusty blue Jaden Rose OS7, fitted with a DiMarzio Crunchlab 7 + Liquifire 7, and the video was shot at Rockpit studios with my drummer Gonçalo on cameraman duties.
Hope you guys enjoy! :)

Pete Cottrell: Hurting a PRS Singlecut Metal

Martin Goulding
My student and good friend Pete Cottrell dishing out the Metal with a new "style of Lamb of God riff" awesome quality with tasty looking PRS, rock!

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I wanted to put this guitar through its paces so I knocked up this track in the style of Lamb Of God

Gear used:
Paul Reed Smith Singlecut
Line 6 POD XT
Superior Drummer 2.0
Cubase 6

PRS Singlecut Metal Test (Lamb Of God style track)

Jan Bertil Pool: Jazzing up a Gm chord series

Jan Bertil Pool:

Jazzing up a Gm chord pt 1

Jazzing up a Gm chord pt 2

Jazzing up a Gm chord pt 3 .clean playing.

Jeff Kollman: Chad Smith live Meat and Potatoes

From the live Meat and Potatoes cd release at the Baked Potato
Chad Smith- Drums
Jeff Kollman -Guitar
Ed Roth - Keys
Kevin Chown -Bass
Inspired by Leslie West and Mountain!!!

Live Meat And Potatoes - Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats

Mountain Of Meat -The Bombastic Meatbats

Bread Balls- Jeff Kollman & Chad Smith

Angel Ruiz,Claudio Pietronik,Rune Berre: Getting the funk out in this international jam

I love the idea and concept behind these jams, guys from all over the owrld jamming together on a great backing track! Long may it continue and thanks to Angel Ruiz,Claudio Pietronik,Rune Berre for lighting up my day!

Jam session Ángel Ruiz + Claudio Pietronik + Rune Berre

Rick Graham: Diminished Scale Practice and Planet Groove from 'Epic Fusion'

Hi Guys, hope you enjoy this video of myself improvising over a groove using the Diminished or Half/ Whole Scale. Please visit my website where you can subscribe to receive free guitar/music resources. This content will ONLY be available to subscribers:

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Rick Graham - Jam Sessions: Diminished Scale Practice

Planet Groove - Solo taken from 'Epic Fusion' by Rick Graham

Tom Quayle: Watches the TV while teaching guitar...

Can't believe Tom Quayle is this good, cheekily watching the TV whilst amusing hundreds of enthralled guitar students with some liquid legato fluid fusion guitar!

Tom Quayle Masterclass Footage - Wishaw Guitar School

Marcin Duński: HPM fragment fusion demo

Another part of the work, which will be on my new CD. Still very raw :)

Marcin Duński-HPM-fragment demo

News: Hollow - state of the art stage make up award 2012

Parc Jean Drapeau, August 12th 2012,

HolloW - Vlad (Live At Heavy MTL)

Andreas Oberg: Whole Tone Scale Over Minor Chords

Swedish guitar phenomenon and regular Musicians Institute guest faculty member Andreas Oberg shares a clever way to use the whole tone scale over minor chords (as opposed to using in over dominant-seventh chords, which is the scale's typical application). Filmed by Jude Gold.

Andreas Oberg - Whole Tone Scale Over Minor Chords

Esteban D Mello: Bach - Fugue and Goldberg Variations

Bach - Fugue in C minor (4 Guitars Tapping)

Goldberg Variations

Kiko Loureiro: live at Locanda Blues 24-11-2012 series

Kiko Loureiro live at Locanda Blues 24-11-2012 - Video Live Full HD
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Rob Balducci: Diatonic Arpeggios - MusicOff

Diatonic Arpeggios - Guitar Lesson with Rob Balducci | MusicOff

Eric Johnson: Interview and Live with MusicOff

translated: Hello YouTubers, it really is with great pleasure that we present today an extensive interview with one absolute myths of the six strings of the last decades, Eric Johnson! This extraordinary musician has helped to create a unique guitar style which many other artists have drawn freely and it is equally famous for its exceptional attention to the timbre of the instrument, a sound research that has made ​​it his "violin tone" their own brand factory.
meet Eric at the Roman leg of his first Italian tour, and finally, in fact, after so many years the audience of the beautiful country was able to hear the live acrobatic as Mr. Johnson and MusicOff us we could not miss' opportunity to have a chat with him.
On this occasion we thank the tour manager Richard Cappelli for their cooperation.

Eric Johnson Interview & Live | MusicOff