Fred Brum: AMT Electronics P2 chunked and sorted

Fred Brum
And here's the weekly dose of video fun with F.A.B., this time giving the AMT Electronics P2 some exercise, using it as a preamp as recommended by the guys at AMT. It's driving my Matrix Amplification GT 1000FX and the Zilla Cabs 2x12". Hope you guys enjoy!

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This is a simple playthrough of Flying Adventure Bus done with just the AMT P2 as the preamp, driving the Matrix Amplification GT1000FX straight into one of my Zilla 2x12" cabs. Mic is SM57, going straight into the Presonus 22 VSL, without any post-production other that the delay on the melody / lead lines. Was supposed to be my Wampler Faux Tape Echo but I forgot the mains adapter at home. Yay, me.
The guitar is my trusty blue Jaden Rose OS7, fitted with a DiMarzio Crunchlab 7 + Liquifire 7, and the video was shot at Rockpit studios with my drummer Gonçalo on cameraman duties.
Hope you guys enjoy! :)