Monday, 3 September 2012

Mark Abrahamian: Starship guitarist passes away after show in Nebraska, RIP

Starship lead guitarist Mark Abrahamian (abe-ruh-hehn-EE’-an), the lead guitarist for the rock bank Starship, has died of a heart attack after a concert in Norfolk, Nebraska.

Road manager Scott Harrison says Abrahamian died Sunday night after performing at the DeVent Center. He was just 46.

Our condolences to the family and friends


Steve Morse, Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy: VIP ticket competition

Flying Colors' European tour schedule is as follows:

4 - Torrence, CA - James Armstrong Theater
6 - New York, NY - Best Buy Theater
9 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
10- Berlin, Germany - Columbia Club
11 - Munich, Germany - Theaterfabrik
13 - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
14 - Zurich, Switzerland - Volkhaus
15 - Stuttgart, Germany - Zapata
16 - Aschaffenburg, Germany - Colos Saal
17 - Cologne, Germany - Gloria
19 - Paris, France - La Trionon
20 - Tilburg, Holland - 013
21 - London, England - Shepherd's Bush Empire

BEARDFISH have been confirmed as support on all European dates.

Announcing the new DVD documentary, The Making of Flying Colors. It’s action-packed tour de force of musical majesty, and also includes footage from the making of the album.

Read all about it [ here ]!

We’re happy to announce VIP packages for the European tour! Get all the details here. Our friends at Steinberg announced the VIP contest for our European tour. Read all about it [ here ]!

Jon Neto: Next Bendnote Talents competition

Amazing, clean picked single line playing... like that Jon Neto has posted two albums for download from his web site.

Jon Neto

Album Jon Neto - 2006. Download the album.

Album In The City - 2009. Download the album.

Jon Neto - Formiguinhas - Next Bendnote Talents

Keith Merrow: shows off the Arrival album cover

Keith Merrow
The Arrival- album cover

Andy James: Masterclass for Laney Amplification in Reading, UK announced

Andy James
Who's coming to my clinic at Dawsons, Reading? Masterclass with me in association with Laney Amplification. Bring your guitars down for a Jam too:\m/

Steve Vai: Guitar Interactive Magazine Issue 12 : Steve Vai Special - Out Now!

Guitar Interactive Magazine Issue 12 : Steve Vai Special - Out Now!
Including exclusive Live Performances from Guthrie Govan’s Supergroup ‘The Aristocrats’ and a special Marshall Amps 50th Anniversary Feature.

The Latest issue of Guitar Interactive, the free digital guitar magazine has been released and it’s loaded with new video interviews, interactive guitar lessons and reviews of all the latest guitars, amps and pedals. Also, this month readers can win an incredible Ibanez Steve Vai Jem 70V Guitar!

For this month’s Steve Vai Special, the guitar legend invited Guitar Interactive’s Stuart Bull into his ‘Harmony Hut’ home studio to talk about his latest album and get the lowdown on how the record was written and conceived. Vai demonstrates some of the riffs and licks from the ‘Story Of Light’ and gives readers a tour through his personal guitar collection.

There’s more exclusive material on offer in the shape of two special live performances from Guthrie Govan’s supergroup ‘The Aristocrats’. Plus Marshall welcomes GI into their amp factory for an exclusive behind the scenes tour for their 50th Anniversary celebrations.

As part of the Steve Vai Special, Andy James reveals some of the secrets of the Vai style and sound, and demonstrates why Vai is considered such a master of the guitar.

Don’t miss the column features too as Andy James profiles Periphery’s Misha Mansoor plus Tom Quayle, Rick Graham, Michael Casswell, Jamie Humphries and Stuart Bull all continue their technique lessons including tips, tricks and licks to help make you a better guitarist.

Included in the magazine is full downloadable tab for all of the lessons in the usual PDF format and starting from this month all tabs will be provided in Guitar Pro6 format too!

The rest of the magazine is jam packed with reviews including Duesenberg, Fender, Godin, Cornell, Hayden, IK Multimedia, TC Electronic, Rocktron, Marshall, Laney and two very special products…. Guitar Interactive have managed to get their hands on Steve Vai’s Ibanez JEM EVO guitar of which only 100 have been made and the new Rotosound Fuzz pedal. Both of which have never been reviewed.

Not too mention the ‘Quiet Room’ for acoustic guitarists and bass players can visit ‘The Bassment’ for the lowdown on the latest bass guitar releases.

All this is available now and it’s completely FREE! Visit to read it now!

This is the direct link to the magazine

This is the link to the Steve Vai Interview

Link to competition - Win an Ibanez Steve Vai Jem Guitar

Steve Vai Special!! Guitar Interactive Magazine Issue - Free & Online Now

Eddie Head,Brett Stine: Haji's Kitchen Twenty Twelve mini review

Haji's Kitchen have been around, but not 100% active since 1995, when their début album surfaced I saw it as a reaction to the excessive 1980's metal scene and mirrored the then growing Grungey Nu-Metal bands, like Alice in Chains, but with added guitar solos! Their début disc of 1995 was always a firm favourite with me.

Haji's Kitchen (1995)
Sucker Punch (2001)
Twenty Twelve (2012)

So roll forward to 2012 and the band are back again, with some minor modifications in guitar line up with man of the moment, Daniel Tompkins on vocals (Tesseract, Skyharbor)

Eddie Head - Guitar
Brett Stine - Guitar
Derek Blakley - Bass
Rob Stankiewicz - Drums

Twenty Twelve was recorded over a period of two years from 2010-2012 at Maximedia Studios, rehearsal rooms and various band member home studios. This is very much a labour of love and every effort has been made to get as much energy down into the recordings as possible. The formula is nearly the same, only music is tighter more concentrated, less grungy and to the point... to the point where you know these guys mean business.

Twenty Twelve features the long awaited finished versions of "Lost" and "Day After Day", plus four new vocal tracks and a brand new instrumental song. The disc also includes instrumental versions of the 6 vocal tracks as a bonus... a big plus for instrumental fans like me no doubt :).

Songs are big and metal driven, this is NOT soft pink and fluffy chorus laden rocker stuff. More post nu metal crunch with mind blowing chops and great vocals courtesy of Daniel Tompkins. Guitars, bass and drums work in unison like a well oiled machine. Guitar solos are very high quality and packed with state of the art licks. My favourite track is the interestingly titled Sidhartha, which I assume refers to Siddhartha, a novel by Hermann Hesse that deals with the spiritual journey of self-discovery of an Indian man named Siddhartha during the time of the Buddha. Looking for a ripping metal album... look no further this one is for you.

1. Nocturnus
2. Io
3. Day After Day
4. Lost
5. Notch
6. Define the Lie
7. Warrior
8. Sidhartha
9. Nocturnus (Instrumental Version)
10. Day After Day (Instrumental Version)
11. Lost (Instrumental Version)
12. Notch (Instrumental Version)
13. Define the Lie (Instrumental Version
14. Warrior (Instrumental Version)

This is a labour of love, self financed and every effort has been made to bring quality metal to you at their own expense. So if you want a copy please buy their album:

Kiko Loureiro: Sound Of Innocence mini review

Kiko Loureiro
Kiko Loureiro comes from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is most noted for his work with Brazilian band Angra.  Kiko began studying music and playing acoustic guitar at age 11. Inspired by various artists, mainly Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and Randy Rhoads, moving to electric guitar at 13. At the age of 19 he had already been playing regularly and started the world renowned Brazilian power metal band Angra.

Kiko Loureiro has become quite successful, both playing in Angra and as a solo artist, known for his tremendous technical skill on the guitar and more latterly his compositional prowess, which he demonstrates to great affect on his solo records.

No Gravity (JVC/Victor Entertainment, 2005)
Universo Inverso (Victor Entertainment/Seoul, 2006)
Fullblast (JVC/Victor Entertainment, 2009)
Sounds Of Innocence(2012)

The latest album is entitled Sounds Of Innocence and is 11 tracks of high calibre rock fusion compositions that blend influences from across the globe, amalgamated into Kilo's own unique style. The albums also features the world class drumming of with Virgil Donati and Felipe Andreoli

1. Awakening Prelude (0:54)
2. Gray Stone Gateway (3:58)
3. Conflicted (6:02)
4. Reflective (3:45)
5. El Guajiro (5:20)
6. Ray Of Life (4:03)
7. The Hymn (4:37)
8. Mae D'Agua (4:51)
9. Twisted Horizon (4:31)
10. A Perfect Rhyme (3:21)
11. Conflicted (Playback Version) (6:30)

The opening classical prelude segues into the twisted Gray Stone Gateway, a full on rocker, that combines power metal riffs and a more Brazilian feel back beat. Guitars in the solo are super fluid, legato, coloured with careful use of the bar, fading to a repeated lick that no doubt too a few days to master!

Conflicted is a more frenetic affair, with multi layered guitars with a some interesting fast paced echo guitar. The mid section is slower paced, have a more cinematic quality. In deed a number of the pieces, like the Hymn or Mae D'Agua on the album that have this quality, so I wonder if he he a film score in him somewhere.

El Guajiro shows south American root, this is the sort of thing that guitar players from Europe would find so difficult to write, but living and breathing these rhythms in his native Brazil, just come naturally,  adding another dimension to his writing skills and setting apart from others.

Overall the production is great and brings out Kiko's playing without losing the song melody.
I have no hesitation of recommending this album to guitar fans and players. There is so much music to be studied and listened to in depth. Favourite track Twisted Horizon... I still don't know how people are able to write and then play music of this degree of complexity and ingenuity and still keep it highly listenable. There is no doubt in my mind that Kiko is one of the guitar greats, being skilled in so many styles and this album is just another stepping stone on that journey to greatness.

I stand in awe of Kiko Loureiro, I don't know how he does what he does... but just thank god he does.

Buy the new album using Paypal

Hedras Ramos: BlueRojo Fontabella Festival de Guitarra 2012

Guatemalan Jazz-Fusion Band"blueRojo" with Guitar Wunderkind/Multiinstrumentalist Hedras Ramos ( and guatemalan piano-hotshot Helbert Arias, performing a great intrumental dialogue...(or is it a battle..?)
at the Fontabella Guitar Festival 2012
decide for yourself
Information, Booking & more artists:
Tel:: (00502) 53271129

"H3O" live by Hedras Ramos & "blueRojo" -

Hedras Ramos & "blueRojo" - Forte Mio live @ Fontabella Festival de Guitarra 2012

Hedras Ramos & "blueRojo" (3) live @ Fontabella Festival de Guitarra 2012

Chowy Fernandez: Tilt and Odessa covers

Greg howe & Ritchie kotzen - "TILT" cover por Chowy Fernandez (incompleto, es imposhible :B)

Animals as leaders - Odessa - cover por Chowy Fernandez

Dreamfullofzen: One handed shredding

Just messing around with the tap mode function. Using NI soft synths

One handed shredding on the YRG

Bas Paardekooper: Gutsy, emotional guitar solo

Vincent Lyons: Gutsy, emotional guitar solo by Bas Paardekoper and band, when they performed to a delighted audience, at the Gebouw-T venue in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands, on Friday, August 31st, 2012.

Extract from Bas's website:
Since age eleven, fed by records, cassette tapes, video's and not least by the musical environment of the Paardekooper family, Bas mastered the basics of blues and rock guitar. Soon his feeling for the instrument and his pleasure in playing, made him well-known locally, and soon, he performed on stage with fellow musicians. When he was fifteen, "Living Blues" legend Ted Oberg heard him play and decided to take Bas under his musical wings for a time to develop his blues-play. Since then, Bas has played with Blue Illusions, El Diablo, Tjeez Ramble and React. Bas Paardekooper and the Blew Crue made their first official appearance in 2007, although most members of the band had already been playing together in different settings.

Being inspired by Steve Ray Vaughan, Walter Trout and Jimi Hendrix their style can be best described as American Blues-Rock. The repertoire is heavy at times, but contains ballads as well. All songs are self composed, forming a perfect basis for the spectacular and surprising guitar-sound of Bas Paardekooper.


Bas Paardekooper - guitar and vocals
René Mijnten - bass and vocals
Roel van Leeuwen - drums and vocals


Misha Mansoor: Strandberg #23, Mayones 8, Blackmachine B6 tests

Misha Mansoor: People have been asking me for videos of my Strandberg and Zilla 2x12 Cab as well as for a MAKE TOTAL DESTROY playalong, so I figured I might as well kill all those birds with one stone!

It is admittedly not the tightest take ever, so I apologize in advance for the flubs here and there, and they are a bit more audible than you might expect because I wanted the recorded sound to be fairly loud as opposed to the backing so you could actually get a sense of the whole rig.

The Zilla is a 2x12 custom with some pretty cool features. The V30 speakers are rear loaded, but the front grille is removable like on a front loaded cab, this way you get the versatility of recording, whilst still having the tighter and more focused sound of the rear loaded speakers. Also it has a Neutrik jack which everyone loves of course and it is BLUE AS ALL HELL which makes it the winniest thing evar!

The Strandberg has a lightweight Ash body, Figured Claro Walnut top, Maple neck and Birdseye maple Fretboard with 24 Stainless steel frets. The scale is 24.75"-25.75" and the neutral point is around the 5th-6th fret I believe. It has the first angled BKP Aftermath set that Tim kindly made for me so that the fan wouldn't affect the relationship of the distance between the pole pieces and the bridge.

The EVH 5150 III is stock because it doesn't need anything to sound amazing other than an incredible cab to pair it with. With the Zilla this thing sounds as huge as a 4x12 and leaves absolutely no flub in the low end.

No pedals/effects or anything for this vid.


Strandberg #23 + Zilla 2x12 + EVH 5150 III = MAKE TOTAL DESTROY HD

Misha Mansoor: Here is a quick test of the Mayones 8 String in action!
Figured I might as well have a video of the instrument alongside the song, hope you guys enjoy!

Mayones 8 String Clip

Misha Mansoor: A quick test clip that I whipped up to showcase my Blackmachine B6. I had to use my Podx3 for guitar tone because the Axe-fx was at the rehearsal spot.

Blackmachine B6 Test

Steve Vai: iguitar interview

Steve Vai: iguitar magazine interview:

Jane Getter: interview on Shreddelicious

Jane Getter

Jane Getter: the first lady of rock fusion gives ten of the best to Shreddelicious

Jane Getter has been described as the “first lady of fusion rock" and with the release of her new album “Three” , Jane Getter is set to cement herself as one of the most exciting and innovative female guitarists around today. Janes playing abilities have lead to gigs with world renowned Saturday Night Live Band, touring with Jaimoe from The Allman Brothers Band, touring with electric jazz masters Ursula Dudziak, Jack McDuff, Lenny White, Michael Urbaniak. In addition, Jane’s compositional talents have been recognised when she was presented with the ASCAP Gershwin Award for Music for Theater or Dance in the mid 1990's.

Jane has appeared in Guitar Player Magazine on a number of occasions which includes a feature interview in 2006 and with also her instructional articles in the "Sessions" section. Guitar Player describe Jane as "the fieriest fretboarding female ever to strap on a Stratocaster".

But check out the touring band... Her current band which consists some of New York's elite master musicians, James Genus, Adam Holzman (her husband), and super drummer Anton Fig. They can be seen playing in the the New York City area and touring the U.S and recently opened for guitar legend Allan Holdsworth in NYC's BB Kings Blues Club.

Guitar Virtuoso Jane Getter Visits McNally Smith College of Music, Spring 2012