Misha Mansoor: Strandberg #23, Mayones 8, Blackmachine B6 tests

Misha Mansoor: People have been asking me for videos of my Strandberg and Zilla 2x12 Cab as well as for a MAKE TOTAL DESTROY playalong, so I figured I might as well kill all those birds with one stone!

It is admittedly not the tightest take ever, so I apologize in advance for the flubs here and there, and they are a bit more audible than you might expect because I wanted the recorded sound to be fairly loud as opposed to the backing so you could actually get a sense of the whole rig.

The Zilla is a 2x12 custom with some pretty cool features. The V30 speakers are rear loaded, but the front grille is removable like on a front loaded cab, this way you get the versatility of recording, whilst still having the tighter and more focused sound of the rear loaded speakers. Also it has a Neutrik jack which everyone loves of course and it is BLUE AS ALL HELL which makes it the winniest thing evar!

The Strandberg has a lightweight Ash body, Figured Claro Walnut top, Maple neck and Birdseye maple Fretboard with 24 Stainless steel frets. The scale is 24.75"-25.75" and the neutral point is around the 5th-6th fret I believe. It has the first angled BKP Aftermath set that Tim kindly made for me so that the fan wouldn't affect the relationship of the distance between the pole pieces and the bridge.

The EVH 5150 III is stock because it doesn't need anything to sound amazing other than an incredible cab to pair it with. With the Zilla this thing sounds as huge as a 4x12 and leaves absolutely no flub in the low end.

No pedals/effects or anything for this vid.


Strandberg #23 + Zilla 2x12 + EVH 5150 III = MAKE TOTAL DESTROY HD

Misha Mansoor: Here is a quick test of the Mayones 8 String in action!
Figured I might as well have a video of the instrument alongside the song, hope you guys enjoy!

Mayones 8 String Clip

Misha Mansoor: A quick test clip that I whipped up to showcase my Blackmachine B6. I had to use my Podx3 for guitar tone because the Axe-fx was at the rehearsal spot.

Blackmachine B6 Test