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Thiago Trinsi: Skype Lessons - Beginners to Advanced

Hi Folks, contact me for guitar lessons via Skype at Harmony,Theory,Improvisation / Techniques = Alternate Picking,Sweep,Arpeggios,Two Hands Tapping,Legato Technique and Hybrid Picking.
Styles : Rock,Hard Rock,Heavy Metal,Noe-classic,Progressive Rock,Nu-Metal,Blues,Country Rock,Jazz,Latin Styles,Brazilian,Pop and Funk.
Orchestration (Certified by Berklee USA).

These guitar skype lessons are 1 on 1 private instructions (face to face -- 50 minutes) by way of webcam / Fee = 50 $ per session with all material included (Backingtracks,PDF,midi Files)

1. Book your class at
2. A scheduled test date before the lesson to make sure everything is working.
3. Skype or MSN Messenger or oovoo.
4. Broadbandwith Cable/DSL
5. Capability to interface and interact (audio and video)
6. Webcam, computer, and your guitar.

Visit :

Check it out !!!
Thiago Trinsi is Releasing the New Guitar Instructional Series - Video 1
1 instructional video + backing tracks + 1 booklet ( Tabs of all examples of the Video) for 20$ Thiago Trinsi - Guitar instructional Series - video 1

Skype guitar lessons with Thiago Trinsi - Beginners to Advanced

Mike Martin: Mammoth interview with Agent Cooper s lead guitar player.

B#: And as far as your next record, how far along are you with that as far as the songwriting itself?

MM: The songwriting is ongoing. With me, I've always been a writer. Ever since I was a kid, I've always liked writing themes. I've got so much on my audio drive of demos and snippets of stuff. Lately, since I've been an iPhone user, there's a really cool voice recorder where, a lot of times you just need to record an idea. And when I was younger, I didn't have ways of recording my ideas, so I would just memorize them or write them down. I've got stacks of notebooks and folders with themes that I've written out. Some are orchestrated, some are not. Some are just verbalized. Some are very sketchy where notes aren't even specific, but I can see the gesture of the musicality on the page. And then there's just stuff that I've whistled into my iPhone. I used to, before I had an iPhone, I would call myself and leave myself a voice message while I was driving and sing an idea into my voicemail. So I've got all of that crap. It's funny! By any means necessary, when you have an idea, you've just got to get it out. So I have tons and tons of that stuff.

Without getting into too much...what "2 Of 5" was initially supposed to be. It was originally supposed to be very different. And it became "2 Of 5", largely because of me having this bold new audience and this opportunity being in Fozzy, where I needed to do a more aggressive record. So the record went that way. But it was originally going to be more sequential...maybe not necessarily concept record, but kind of concept record, where there was definite themes. Opening themes, things were going to tie in, and even if they didn't have themes that stayed together from song to song to song, but even by song title referenced each other. So, I still have a lot of that stuff that didn't make it onto "2 Of 5", so that's getting pulled forward. There's songs like "Lavender", which I wrote when I was 18, and never really had a way to get that out until I...I could write out the parts, but I didn't have a way for anybody else to hear it unless I hired an ensemble to play all of those different parts. A lot of those orchestrated guitars were initially written out for this big string symphony. There's stuff like that that's still around, that I've had forever, but has never had the light of day. There's one thing that I've got there, a longer piece called "The Redemption Of Purity and Innocence", which, just by the ostentatious nature of its's like, it's taken me a long time to even grapple with that. Because I really want to go into a thing where it's not just the song idea and the guitar idea for the sake of the guitar idea.

full mammoth interview

Eddie Van Halen: Wolfgang Guitar Series - the factory

Years in the making from Eddie Van Halen guitars, the new series of EVH Wolfgang Guitars. Join Eddie as he goes to the factory and discusses every detail of these amazing guitars with the top EVH guitar designers.

Eddie Van Halen - Wolfgang Guitar Series

Tom Goetze,Martin Miller: Bass Shuttle available in CD format

Tom Götze: I am ready now for sending the cd via paypal.
The email adress for my account is
Its 17,50 euro inc. international shipping.

Martin Miller - Live in Studio outtake 1 ("The Deal" by Tom Goetze Band)

Tom Goetze Band - Bass Shuttle (Album Teaser, Martin Miller, Michal Skulski, Heiko Jung)

Lee Ritenour: Rhythm Sessions CD - awesome giveaway!

To celebrate the release of Lee Ritenour's new album Rhythm Sessions, Concord Music Group is teaming up with Yamaha, Monster, Premier Guitar, Music Connection and D'Addario to give away some amazing prizes. One lucky fan will win a Yamaha AC3R guitar signed by Lee Ritenour. Other prizes include subscriptions to Music Connection Magazine + Premier Guitar Magazine, Monster Miles Davis Headphones and guitar strings from D'Addario. Everyone who wins will also get a copy of Rhythm Sessions by Lee Ritenour. Sign up by 1/10/13 for your chance to win!

Fill out the form below and click the confirmation link which arrives in your email to enter the contest

Grand Prize
1 Yamaha AC3R Guitar signed by Lee Ritenour
1 pair of Monster Miles Davis Headphones
1 set of guitar strings from D'Addario
1 subscription to Premier Guitar Magazine
1 subscription to Music Connection Magazine
1 copy of Rhythm Sessions by Lee Ritenour
First Prize (3 winners will be chosen)
1 pair of Monster Miles Davis Headphones
1 set of guitar strings from D'Addario
1 subscription to Premier Guitar Magazine
1 subscription to Music Connection Magazine
1 copy of Rhythm Sessions by Lee Ritenour
Second Prize (2 winners will be chosen)
1 set of guitar strings from D'Addario
1 subscription to Premier Guitar Magazine
1 copy of Rhythm Sessions by Lee Ritenour

Ed DeGenaro,Atma Anur: Holiday in Madras 57 Progosaurus

Slide show of 57 PROGOSAURUS ,from the latest CD release by guitarist/composer ED DEGENARO... HOLIDAY IN MADRAS. This track features Atma Anur on drums, also featured on other songs on the CD are drumming legends Marco Minnemann and Benny Greb. Tracks were recorded in the U.S, Europe and India.
Awesome Indian Classical vocals by Ujjayinne Roy... also Natalie John and Dr. S. Karthink... many more international musicians joined Ed for this amazing modern fusion creation!
(most musicians met at SAM in South India)

Fanalo Alaux: BendNote Buckethead's Doppelgänger with stunning tapping lessons

FR :
EN :

Special Offer : €2.99 for all Guitar Lesson!

In this first rock guitar lesson with Fanalo, you'll learn how to build up an atmosphere and bring in nuances as you play!

In this rock guitar lesson with Fanalo, you'll find the backingtrack, the tabs and his interview!

How does he get started while creating a rhythmic pattern? What techniques is he using here? How can you develop your improvisation skills?

Fanalo also explains how to use bends, tapping and legato!

BendNote is revolutionizing musical practice online by providing high-quality video music lessons (guitar and bass guitar lessons) also called JamLesson :
- Videotaped improvs by some of the greatest artists (Guthrie Govan, Mattias Eklundh, Christophe Godin, ...);
- Interviews on topics related to the JamLessons ;
- Discussion rooms...

Fanalo's Rock - BendNote - Cours de Guitare

Piotr Wójcicki: proving high class fusion Dwarfs Exist

Tasty fusion guitar work through out from Piotr Wójcicki and his band. No dwarfs were hurt in the making of this video.

Dwarfs Exist by Piotr Wójcicki

Letters from Paris by Piotr Wójcicki

Dallton Santos: Rolling Stone - more inventive video and soloing

"Rolling Stones New Animation Video"
New song with stones animation. Very nice to watch hope you enjoy!! If you like make sure you subscribed in the botton up, that will tell you when I have a new video uploaded. This is an instrumental song I made, played with Ibanez Rg Prestige series, Adictive Drums, recorded with Nuendo 5 and synths Embracer & Monologue and stones stolen from work nearby my house.If you like the song feel free to download it here In case of use in any video, just add my credits, thks.  Feedbacks would be much appreciated; you know... coments, favorite and like clicks this always helps to grow this channel.  Don´t forget to take a tour in DS TV Youtube Channel, and SUBSCRIBE for suport  Add in Facebook:  Follow in Twitter:  Buy my music in website:  Also visit my 1st channel, there´s a lot of music material over there, some of my Cds (Virtual Fusion, Timeline, Art in Motion, Jamtracks), some covers (Greg Howe, Allan Hodsworth, Van Halen, Iron Maiden) , improvisation fusion rock takes and lessons: see ya! DS TV - Dallton Santos

ROLLING STONES - New Song and Video Animation

Ignazio Di Salvo: Giant Steps - an acoustic noodle

Just for fun... I tried to play over these famous changes with my nylon strings guitar.

Jack Gardiner: Wonderful Slippery Thing

Sorry for the bad quality here! I remember recording this back in Summer during one of my practice sessions to warm up!
Hope you guys enjoy!

Wonderful Slippery Thing Cover (Jack Gardiner)

Lari Basílio: in sparkling form for Tagima guitars

Lari Basílio at the Expomusic 2012 musikmesse for Tagima guitars

Gold - Lari Basílio na Expomusic 2012

Do You Need Words? - Lari Basílio na ExpoMusic 2012

Música Tele - Lari Basílio na ExpoMusic 2012

Lari Basílio - WALKING BY FAITH - Expomusic 2012

Michael Angelo Batio: Copenhagen Guitar Show 2012

The two handed MAB in shredding action

Michael Angelo Batio at Copenhagen Guitar Show, October 7th 2012

Michael Angelo Batio at Copenhagen Guitar Show, October 7th 2012 - Dimebag tribute.

Rick Graham: Epic Fusion - a brace of solos

Hi guys, these two solo examples are from my latest website lesson 'Epic Fusion'. Check it out here:

Thanks for watching!

A couple of Solos - Rick Graham

Atanas Shishkov: "Delicious" Next BendNote competition
"Delicious" is original tune from our new upcoming album "Spiraless-2"
Special thanks to the band :
Todor Peev - rhythm guitar
Alexander Lekov - bass
Allan Varnfield - drums
Gear :
Vigier Excalibur Custom Guitar
Fractal Audio Axe-Fx
Vovox cables
Elixir strings - 9-46"
Ebony pick

I hope you enjoy and will support me with your vote & don`t forget to SUBSCRIBE!.
Atanas Shishkov - "Delicious" - Next BendNote Talent

Daniel Himebauch: World Guitar speed toppled... again

I'll leave you to decide if there is a point to the never ending quest for speed... surely at some point humans can't even detect the notes...



on UG forums username supershredderda
on username supershredderdan
Daniel proudly uses:
Ibanez guitars
Zoom guitar effect pedals
Monster cables

Worlds Fastest Guitar Player 2012 1300 BPM DANIEL HIMEBAUCH

Matt Moliti,Brian Larkin: Dark Empire Guitar Lesson

Band: Dark Empire
Album: From Refuge To Ruin
Release date: 27 March 2012

Hello again everyone! Its October, the weather is starting to get cold, leaves are on the ground, and Halloween is around the corner, which is the perfect atmosphere to compliment the 14 minute epic "The Cleansing Fires" on Dark Empire's latest album, "From Refuge to Ruin." If you haven't checked it out, You can do so here:

At the end of this tune, there is a guitar duel between myself and vocalist Brian Larkin (Brian is also a fantastic guitarist, so it made sense to give him an opportunity to showcase those talents somewhere on the album. Live, our 2nd guitarist Christian Colabelli takes the tradeoffs with me). For this week's blog, I'll be going over the first of my solos in the duel.

Find out how to play the solos:

Listen to the track in its' entirety.

Dark Empire - The Cleansing Fires

Greg Rapaport: Sojourn, the new CD

Album Notes
Sojourn is my fifth instrumental effort. Its been a long time coming due to being involved in some other projects that popped up along the way. The three big ones were tribute CD's through BHP Records. I had fun working on these projects but they did take up a lot of time resulting in me falling behind a bit. I started writing for Sojourn in 2007 so these tunes have been around for quite a while. There order of conception/recording are: "Threshold", "Asleep In The Barrows", "A King's End", "Nauticull", "The Gate's Of Golgotha", "Out Come The Wolves", "Azrael's Fatal Intent", "Exhale Into The Pit" and, "The Reanimator". I would write the main riffs and figures for each song first. Then I would write out the arrangement, then program the drums. From there I would record the drums into my DAW and then start putting down rhythm guitar tracks, bass tracks, synth, and finally solos. I've always striven to make the music as compelling as possible before recording the solos.

Production Notes:
I learned a tremendous amount during this recording. First off I used my new recording rig which has proven itself to be quite worthy and musical. It's based around a Sonica Audio PC and two Presonus Firepod audio interfaces. The DAW itself is Samplitude Pro 9. I really enjoyed using Samplitude Pro and I've found that I've gotten very decent results upon mix-down. It was a radical change from my Roland VS-1680. I'm still using my Event 20/20 monitors which I've grown to know and love.

The drums this time around are a radical departure from what I've been using in the past. A couple of years ago I picked up BFD 1.0 and fell in love with the software. I initially used them on a demo for "Get The Led Out" - A Salute To Led Zeppelin. They sounded so realistic that I started using them on my material. As the years past BFD 2.0 came out and they really hit it out of the park with this new and improved version. The interface is easy to use and the sounds are amazing!

For 90% of this recording I used my Carvin DC747c 7 string guitar. For a couple of rhythm parts that needed a low F# I used my Agile Pendulum Pro 8 string. In addition I used the Agile for a few solos as well. For preamps it was a big mix. The rhythm tracks for "Threshold", "A King's End", "Nauticull" and "The Gates Of Golgotha" I used my POD XT in conjunction with my Carvin Tone Navigator. I found the POD XT gave me a cold digital feel that I was actually looking for while the Carvin gave me the warm and fuzzy analog sound that worked very well with the POD. I found mixing the two together gave me a nice articulate fat sound that seemed to work well with my style of playing. All the solos and the balance of the rhythm tracks were recorded using my AXEFX Standard. The models I used for rhythm tracks were mainly Marshals on one side with Mesas on the other. For the bass guitar I used my Carvin LB76p bass. This bass is a real treat to play! I used it through my SansAmp RBI bass preamp which gave it a very modern sound. In the future I'd like to try to find a preamp that comes across a little bit more old school for a bit of variety.

Since I'm no where near being a keyboard player I use a Fender Roland Ready Strat to trigger any involved synth parts. The main synth module I used was Spectrasonics Atmosphere. This synth was great for laying down textures and moods throughout my tunes. The majority of the synth sounds were triggered by a M-Audio Oxygen keyboard. Another synth plug-in I used was Sample Tank.

The mix-down was challenging as usual. I employed a lot of subtractive EQ to get everything to sit in the mix properly. Samplitude has a nice 4 band parametric EQ built into every channel. All in all I really didn't use that many effects. The one's I did end up using were in the box and part of the Samplitude program. I mainly used Samplitude's compressor, delay and reverb. The compressor I used mainly on the bass and some solo tracks that needed to pop out a bit more. I mainly used the reverb as a thickening agent on some of the rhythm tracks and drums. The delay was used on mostly all of the solo tracks to create a bit of ambiance as everything else was quite dry. I ended up making a lot of mixes of these tunes to make sure that they sounded decent on many different playback devices. One of the hardest thing I came up against was dealing with the subwoofer in my car. I found it very difficult to properly adjust the bass in the mix to make it sound good with and without the subwoofer. One of the things that helped was that I used a multiband compressor on the bass and just compressed it on 20hz and lower. I found that this tightened up the low B string. Another thing that helped was applying a shelf eq of 10hz on the bass channel as well.

I like to master my own tunes. I probably shouldn't as they always say that its best to get another set of ears to listen and make objective decisions on the final master, but I just can't let my stuff go. Ozone 5 turned out to be my mastering software yet again. I used the program on Homunculus and really enjoyed its ease of use and quality of the end product. I don't master super loud as I like to leave a lot of dynamics in the material. If it ain't loud enough then reach for the volume knob and crank it up!

1. Threshold 6:19
2. Exhale Into the Pit 7:38
3. Out Come the Wolves 9:07
4. Azrael's Fatal Intent 6:38
5. Asleep in the Barrows 6:17
6. Nauticull 6:27
7. The Gates of Golgotha 5:17
8. A King's End 6:00
9. The Reanimator 6:21

Paul Kleff: How to Get Guitar Pick Hand Control For Beginner Guitar Players

How to Get Guitar Pick Hand Control For Beginner Guitar Players By Paul Kleff

Are you frustrated with your guitar picking?  Many beginning guitar players have a great deal of difficulty picking individual guitar strings with accuracy and control.  Poor guitar tone and a feeling of instability in the pick hand while picking are major indicators of an improper pick hand setup.  Getting a good setup of the pick hand is easy once you know exactly what you need to do.  It’s easier than you may think, and once you know how your guitar picking will quickly improve.  You will be able to pick accurately with confidence and even be able to pick without having to watch the guitar strings while you play.

This entire lesson is demonstrated in this guitar lesson video.  Watch it for free and learn how to improve your guitar picking now.

If your picking hand feels “unsure” when you pick and you have a hard time picking the correct string when you play, this lesson will also help attain a feeling of stability in your hand and it will be much easier for you to pick the correct string at the correct time.  Developing the ability to locate the right string at the right time by feel is extremely important because it will allow you to pick without having to watch your pick hand and the strings

Today’s lesson will show you a simple way to get your pick hand properly set up for single note picking on the guitar.  Learning the setup is easy, and if you have been struggling to get control of your pick hand, the benefits of learning the correct pick hand setup will come quickly.

Before we work through the entire picking etude, let’s look at the picking part in isolation.  The picking part of the etude consists of playing the third, second and first strings in that order using a downstroke.  Here is the picking sequence by itself:

Tablature 1:

Play the three note sequence using all downstrokes.  Be sure that all the notes are sounding clearly and cleanly and that your tempo is steady.  Do not worry about speed—this is about getting a good, even sound out of the notes with your pick hand.

Once you are able to play the repeating sequence at an even tempo, try playing it without watching your pick hand.  Keep your eyes closed or look straight ahead.   Are you able to still play the picking sequence as well as you could while watching your hand?  

If you are having difficulty playing it without looking at your hand, the problem most likely lies in your pick hand setup.  Let’s fix this problem now so you will be able to play the sequence without watching your pick hand.

Watch the guitar picking lesson video to learn the correct way to align and set your picking hand for great picking results on the guitar.

Think about this:  When you hold a pen and write, the side of your hand rests lightly on the table top which gives you a feeling of stability and control over the pen.  If the side of your hand is not resting on the desk top, it is more difficult to make the small, precise motions that single not picking requires.  The control of the pick is very similar to the control of the pen—you need the stability that this hand position gives you in order to maintain control when you pick.

Getting the best pick hand position for picking the sequence involves letting the side of your picking hand rest lightly near the bridge on the front of the guitar.  The sensation in your pick hand when you place it in this position should be very similar to the feeling in your hand when you hold a pen to write.  

With your pick hand now in a better position, try playing the picking sequence again without looking at your pick hand.  You should feel that your pick hand is more stable and in control and that it is much easier to locate and pick the correct string without looking at your picking hand.

Repeat the picking sequence for a few minutes while making sure that your hand is in the new position.  Try to play it first looking at your pick and then while not watching your hand.

Now we can add the fret hand part and play the entire downstroke picking etude.  The fret hand part is very simple so that you can focus your attention on your pick hand.  Focus your eyes on your fret hand to be sure you are playing the correct notes and allow your picking hand to feel the correct position while picking the strings.  Remember to pick slowly and to keep an even tempo as you play.  There should be no gaps in your sound when your fret hand changes from one position to the next.

Tablature 2:

The primary focus of the downstroke picking etude is to help you learn to maintain a pick hand position that will allow you to develop your picking technique so that you will be able to pick cleanly and confidently without looking at your pick hand.  Great sounding guitar playing is the result of good guitar technique.  In turn, good technique is much easier to achieve with the correct setup.  Whenever you experience problems with any area of your guitar technique, go back and review your setup to make sure it is sound.

Maintain the pick hand position where the side of your pick hand rests near the bridge throughout the etude and let your hand learn to feel the location of the strings.  Keep your picking hand in the correct position and it will have greater stability which will give you more confidence and the ability to play the correct strings at the right time without having to watch your pick hand all the time.    

Learn to play the downstroke picking etude by watching the free guitar picking video lesson.

About the Author:  Guitar instructor Paul Kleff has been a guitar teacher for over 20 years.  He has toured in the USA presenting guitar clinics and has created lessons for guitar websites.  For more videos, tips and guitar lessons visit Guitar Lessons for Beginners Online.