Friday, 19 October 2012

Joe Satriani: Australian Master Class Clinic Tour - April 2013

Joe Satriani is known worldwide for his guitar playing and technique. Joe has never been to Australia for a full master class clinic tour ever before and finally has chosen to come out with THUMP MUSIC to teach, train and empower guitarists and musicians in Australia.

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Joe Satriani Australian Master Class Clinic Tour - April 2013

Joe Satriani: Private Jack - Interview

Private Jack - Interview Joe Satriani

Steve Lukather: Private Jack - Interview - back in the day

Old interview on a French Tv channel for the "Luke" Album Tour.

Private Jack - Interview Steve Lukather

Pat Metheny: Private Jack - Interview

Private Jack - Interview Pat Metheny

Andreia Gomez: is back with some super fluid legato!

Andreia Gomez: Lead guitarist and songwriter for Progressive Rock/Metal band M.I.N.D signed to Glasstone Records. DiMarzio Endorsee

Hi all,
We've been couped up recording and producing for far too long (the best part of a year), and finally we are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel! The tracks for our brand new EP are due to be sent for mixing and mastering by Greg Brooker of Glasstone Records within the next week, three songs we already had recorded semi-professionally (Insight, Control and Wake) and one that hasn't b
een heard before (Soul Rise). Right now it's sounding great so we can't wait to hear what the producer does with it.
Of course this means that we'll finally be able to get out and play a slew of gigs with our new lineup, which we're all extremely excited about! So you can be looking here or on our Facebook page for details of when and where we are playing, as well as news about the EP and how to get your hands on it.
Solos from "Soul Rise" a new song from M.I.N.D's upcoming EP

Soul Rise Solos

Rowan J Parker: Randy Rhoads Pentatonic styles

Randy Rhoads was one of my early guitar idols and the first properly good electric guitar player I heard, so here is a tribute to his awesome pentatonic playing as featured on Mr. Crowley. A pivotal figure in the development of Rock guitar and sadly missed. More great guitar lessons at

Lick Of The Week - 22nd October 2012 - Randy Rhoads Style Ripping Licks

Not all licks that sounds awesome are impossible to play and this one proves the case. The Widdler returns, bringing you the best in easy but awesome rock licks!

The Widdler! - Episode 3 - Easy Pentatonic Shredding!

Travis LeVrier: Suhr 7 String - Giants

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Travis LeVrier "Giants" Play Through • Suhr 7 String • HD

Ricardo Marins: Guitar Player Festival - great live show

Fabio Lessa, André Fernandes, Guitar Paulinho and Ricardo Marins.

GuitarPlayerFestival-Ricardo Marins e Paulinho Guitarra-Three Days

Kenny Olson: Anton Fig, Les Paul Trio Iridium 2012 - awesome

Available now from IridiumLive - ARLEN ROTH "IridiumLive 003 - 2.29.2012" -

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IridiumLive! 10.15.2012
Kenny Olson, Anton Fig, Eliza Neals and Les Paul's Trio
with Lou Pallo, Nicki Parrott and John Colianni

The world's new home of guitar, forever the home of Les Paul - The Iridium - Webcasting live from Times Square several nights per week! With select performances available for sale worldwide via our new audiophile record label, IridiumLive! 2012 releases include DONNA JEAN GODCHAUX, GREGG ROLIE, ARLEN ROTH, CORKY LAING & THE MEMORY THIEVES and more! For schedule and exclusive live content, visit

Produced and Mixed live by Doug Yoel
Filmed by Greg "Shaggy" Zemalkowski

Kenny Olson, Anton Fig and Les Paul Trio - IridiumLive 10.15.2012

Jason Becker: Joviana Fernandes Marques gets TV coverage of Portraits Emotional Jason Becker

The exhibition was designed by a student of Visual Arts UFJF, Joviana Fernandes Marques, through the project "The Complete Art is the spectator," in which John XXIII College Application and Institute of Arts and Design UFJF propose to bring works his students for his art gallery.

Exhibition "Portraits Emotional Jason Becker" - UFJF

Steve​ Lukat​her: The new album Transition is coming

Steve Lukather
Spread the word.. The new album Transition is coming to you on January 21 in Europe and January 22 in the USA. This is the cover. — with Aps Guitars, Hernan Tallarico, Bonzo Morelli and 12 others.

Plus... on the Twitter Verse

Steve Lukather ‏@stevelukather
Rehearsals for G3 today. cant wait to play w/ my band. Its been 6 months! Looking forward to seeing Joe, John and all the gang in Mexico!

Chris Broderick: the new Pick Clip captured

Miz Anthrope

My new Chris Broderick pick clip! Thank you Chris and pick clip fairy!

Chris Feener: FankWest 2012

Hey guys. I realize I haven't posted a new video in a while. I've been going through a lot of changes lately, but plan on getting back at videoing ASAP. I haven't really done any "impromptu" videos before so... here you go. A little glimpse of a practice session earlier this evening. Total nonsense. Just keeping the stamina up as much as possible. "Enjoy!" ;)

Chris Feener - Wankfest 2012