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Russ Parrish: Satchel interview

Of course we asked Satchel, who he is, what inspired him and what advice he has for guitarists. How to learn to play like that?

The text interview is in German but the videos are in good old Steel Panther English... with the wild Satchel in great form... "I was chubby as a kid... remember Leslie West?"

Pamela Moore,Jeff Loomis,Michael Posch: new CD is guitar driven, heavy, Industrial, Melodic, Power Metal!

Pamela Moore We are working on the Artwork for my new solo CD. The music is very guitar driven, heavy, Industrial, Melodic, Power Metal.... the melodies soar! Shows off my range as a singer... but combines that with sexiness. ;-) ... My song writing partner is Michael Posch who plays guitar, however he actually did most ALL the instruments on the CD! Amazing musician! Jeff Loomis is doing a heart pounding solo, too!!!

Jeff Loomis also features on Pamela Moore's Stories from a Blue Room album. A classy bit of AOR with to notch vocals!

Marco Sfogli: The Forest - I order you to buy this album!!

Marco Sfogli, the guitar playing genius, is back! Here is the full length version of the track The Forest taken from his brand new reMarcoble CD.
To download the album or backing tracks then click above.

The incredible Marco Sfogli is back with his second album reMarcoble, and we are proud to say he released it through our very own JTC records label.
Featuring 11 songs ranging from the blistering metal of the album title track 'reMarcoble' through to the chilled acoustic 'Song of Ben and C' this album takes you on a journey of pure guitar playing musical brilliance.
Marco Says:
"I think reMarcoble is a more mature record, it reflects what I was looking for in terms of guitar playing and where I wanted to go musically speaking. The production and sound is more modern and I am very proud of it! Hope you'll enjoy this too."
Download your copy from here right now and prepare the repeat button, it's going to be needed!
If you fancy the backing tracks and TAB of five songs as well then check out the Backings edition and the deluxe version which contains the full album, backings and TAB.

*NEW* Marco Sfogli - The Forest at

Marco Sfogli:  reMarcoble 

Sarah Longfield: Strandberg going to get some treatment

Sarah Longfield
New toy! ;D I'm having wayyyy too much fun making tones for this thing haha! Video soon to follow :)

Michael Schenker: Buzz TV interview

Buzz TV conducted an interview with legendary guitarist Michael Schenker on October 6 at The Chrome Showroom in Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can now watch the chat below.

michael schenker interview

Geddy Lee: Rush Interview with Geddy Lee by Roman Rogowieckiego in May 2012.

Interview with Geddy Lee carried by Roman Rogowieckiego in May 2012.

Geddy Lee (Rush) - Interview

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G apologies to Aussie fans for postponed Firewind tour!

Gus G: "Due to circumstances beyond the band's control, FIREWIND's previously announced tour of Australia [which was scheduled to take place in April 2013] has been postponed. The band members are all extremely disappointed as they were all looking forward to playing their first shows Down Under and promise to make it up to their Australian fans with rescheduled dates as soon as possible."

Jason Becker: Uberock film review

I don't want to talk too much about the second half of the film as I want you all to watch it. Nothing, seriously, will inspire you more. It's not as if I don't want to spoil anything for you, it's more like I don't want to dilute the movie's power to uplift, inspire, warm the heart, sting the eyes and leave an indelible mark in your mind.

If knowledge is power then the more that I have learned about the life of Jason Becker, and you certainly don't have to be a fan of the music to be moved by this film, the more I have been empowered by his strength of character, of will.

'Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet' isn't a contender for music film of the year - it wins that honour with ease - it is a contender for film of the year. Jesse Vile should swell with pride, not just at the quality of the film that he has produced, but at the fact that he has done it while maintaining the dignity of a man, a great man.

Jason Becker has, since first watching this film, become something of an inspiration to me: let him be the same for you. Make this film an essential purchase when it gets its UK DVD release next month. 
Full Review

Rowan J Parker: Lydian Augmented jam

Here is a Lydian Augmented improvisation over a great backing track courtesy of Rick Graham. It was a very gloomy day in Glasgow when this was recorded and this seemed to fit the mood perfectly. Visit www.rowanjparker for more guitar insanity and to get this fantastic backing track!

Fusion Soloing - Lydian Augmented Improvisation

Allan Marcus: Pulsar - The Drake Equation play through!

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, Allan Marcus, the Drake Equation is an instrumental progressive metal project made to push the limits of his talents, and the listener's ear.
"How impossible can I make this"? "How far can I take the range on my 8 & 9 string guitars"? "How can I keep the listener guessing"?  These are a few of the questions Allan asked himself, while writing this album. The answer will soon come to many who seek intense music that push the limits of our abilities. Like the Drake Equation itself, the possibilities are endless.

Allan Holdsworth, Jason Becker, Sergi Rachmaninov, Meshuggah, The Devin Townsend project, Cynic, Symphony X, Planet X, The Dillinger escape plan, Opeth, Malmsteen, Vai, Dimebag, Nuno Bettencourt, Greg Howe, Tony MacAlpine, Frank Zappa

One take playalong video of Allan Marcus with The Drake Equation. Featuring his custom .Strandberg* boden. Album release slated for January 2013.

Drake Equation's Pulsar playalong with .Strandberg* boden

Martin Miller: Synth / Piano player wanted for awesome new band

Martin Miller
ONCE AGAIN: I'm forming a new band and we're looking for a keyboard player, who is very proficient not only on synth but also on piano! This could be a very awesome chance for you to work with some amazing international musicians!

This progressive instrumental line up consists of Sebastian Lanser(Panzerballett) on drums, Anton Davidyants (Impact Fuze) on bass and yours truly on guitar. If you have interest in creating original music with us OR you know someone who knows someone, please feel free to get in touch!!! More details soon :)

Mike Mushok: of Staind leads the way in this All-Star cast of Musicians

Mike Mushok, Guitarist of Multi-Platinum recording artist Staind, leads the way for this All Star cast of Musicians, recording all original songs for the soundtrack for the documentary film "Shame on America".

Joining Mushok is Pete Murray vocalist of LoPro, David Ellefson Bassist of Metal Legends Megadeth and Sal G. Drummer of Staind.

Also appearing on all original songs exclusively written for the film is Troy McLawhorn, Guitarist of Evanescence, Corey Lowery, Bassist of Eye Empire, D.C., Vocalist of Eye Empire and Mike Froedge, Drummer of The Dreaded Marco.

An unreleased track from Eye Empire and LoPro is included too!

Singer songwriter, Michael Evangelista, Otan Vargas and Country artist Ricky Lee also contribute songs for this soundtrack!

Not only that! But you get all the films score as well! All the bedding tracks will be included.

The Documentary "Shame on America" the story of our returning Veterans suffering from PTSD and what at risk Veterans go though once they come home. "Shame on America" is Co-Produced by Staind frontman, Aaron Lewis.

You can help make this soundtrack happen!

Please go to and search for Soundtrack for “Shame on America” and pledge whatever you can. When you make a pledge you get a reward back in return! And there are some really cool things up for grabs. Help us get these song recorded!

By backing our project, you will be instrumental in helping us get in the studio. When you join our Kickstarter, you will be an investor in the soundtracks future.

AMAZING rewards are up for grabs! There is something for everyone so take a look and see what your pledge will get you!

About Kickstarter

Kickstarter is the largest group funding resource available for creative projects in the world. Every day, thousands of people like you pledge millions of dollars to inspiring projects from various categories.

Every project launched on this site must be fully funded before its time expires or you are not charged anything.

What Happens Next

Only when we meet our goal, is your pledge actually charged to your account. Additionally, any support of our project is greatly appreciated.

Please help expand this campaign by sharing it on twitter, Facebook, and by emailing this Kickstarter link to all your friends, family members, local community leaders and start the discussion. Pass it along, help this project reach its full potential and become a part of the movement.

How your pledge helps

Your pledge will assist the artist get in the studio and pay for studio time, mixing and mastering, and much more. If we meet our goal and go over we will put the funds to work in insuring the film gets into as many film festivals we can submit to and get the proper distribution is deserves!

Thanks for checking out our project! We really look forward to working with you and getting this music out there for you all!!!

Dallton Santos: get's Bossa Gaga! Insane inventiveness alert!

Instrumental version of Gaga´s Marry the night song in Bossa Nova Style.

Acoustic Guitar LMR Ramá Violões
Drum prog. Addictive Drums and Fender Bass
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Marry The Night - Lady Gaga - Bossa Nova

more insane inventiveness

Chicken Singing The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey- Theme Song

The Walking Dead 3 Opening Theme Song - Tribute - Guitars and

Daniele Liverani: All Is Pure - playthroughs

DANIELE LIVERANI - All Is Pure (Drums&Guitar)

In this video:
Daniele Liverani: Guitars
Paco Barilla': Drums

Other musicians appearing on the song:
Marco Zago: Keyboards
Tony Dickinson: Bass

The song "All Is Pure" is taken from Daniele Liverani new guitar instrumental album "Eleven Mysteries" released on July 20th 2012 by LION MUSIC


Like new DL facebook page:

DANIELE LIVERANI - All Is Pure (Drums&Guitar)


Rowan J Parker: Holdsworth Extreme Legato Diminished

Judge Shred returns with a demonic four note per string diminished scale legato run. Sounding like a sick combination of Holdsworth, Buckethead and Rusty Cooley this lick has a serious identity crisis but is nevertheless awesome. More outlandish guitar at and more from the Judge next week!

Judge Shred - Episode 8 - Holdsworth Extreme Legato Diminished Scale!

plus two more lessons!

Lick Of The Week - 19th November 2012 - Guthrie Govan vs Albert Lee

The Widdler! - Episode 6 - Paul Gilbert Style Pentatonic Licks

Scott Miller: Brian Rademacher interview

Brian Rademacher Interviews Scott Miller Guitarist from Tango Down.
SCOTT "RIF" MILLER with David Reece of Bangalore Choir on Vocals. Signed to Kivel records. Miller has that uncanny sound that Jake E. Lee posses and can shred with amazing leads.

Jamie Humphries: EVH USA HT Wolfgang

Jamie Humphries demos the EVH USA HT Wolfgang Guitar as part of the Guitar Interactive EVH Special - Taken from Issue 10 available for FREE here

To watch the reviews of the Wolfgang USA Custom and EVH Wolfgang Special head to issue 10 of Guitar Interactive Magazine here and check out the complete EVH reviews.

Watch the EVH 5150 III review here

Eddie Van Halen - EVH Wolfgang USA HT Guitar Review

Rick Graham: Melodic Minor For The Rock Guitarist Rick Graham takes a look at the melodic minor scale and gives you ways to incorporate it into your rock guitar playing.

Rick says "There are many ways that you can view the melodic minor scale. Some musicians see it as a major scale with a flattened 3rd degree. Some see it as a natural minor scale with sharpened 6th and 7th degrees, others as a dorian mode with a sharpened 7th degree. I think the best advice is to try and view it in as many ways as you possibly can, as it will help to keep your options, as well as your mind, well and truly open"

Click here to read Ricks full lesson article in which he talks about using the scale fragments and how to practice the scale as double stop intervals.

There is also FREE TAB in PDF and Guitar Pro6 files for this lesson available here

If you don't own a copy of Guitar Pro6 you can get it for FREE in this month's issue - Click here and follow the instructions to get your copy now

This lesson is taken from Issue 13 of Guitar Interactive Magazine featuring Guthrie Govan, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Derek Trucks, Doug Aldrich and Don Alder - To read the complete magazine for FREE click here

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Rick Graham free guitar lessons feature in each issue of Guitar Interactive magazine!

Melodic Minor For The Rock Guitarist - Free Guitar Lesson (With TAB) - Guitar Interactive Magazine

Yoshimitsu Murayama: Giant Steps - stunning finger technique

Monthly at Namba [Music] raft Http://Jazz.Saloon.Jp/web/musicraft/ Trio LIVE by Yoshimitsu Murayama MURAYAMA Invitation Live g has been conducted.More in Blog Yoshimitsu Murayama Http://Murayaman.Blog72.Fc2.Com/2012-09-28 Musicraft eight / eleven Murayama Invitation Vol.5 DS Hui on right now Yasushi Hashimoto b g Murayama Yoshimitsu Nakamura Recording

Yasushi Hashimoto b ds now bright on the right g Yoshimitsu Murayama 08 Giant Steps

Chris Gordon: Strat scalloped and shredded... with a red wine jus

Chris g
Maude Scallop
My neighbor kindly scalloped an old guitar neck of mine. When he brought it over I quickly slapped it on my main Strat Maude and started shredding!

Doug Steele: Touching base Nov 17, 2012

Been awhile, bitches.

Doug Steele: Touching base Nov 17, 2012

Arnaud: Neo Geo Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas

Emotional Guitar Solo - Neogeofanatic
Backing Track :

A melodic improvisation over a nice backing track, only my Blackstar HT5R and a delay pedal.
Une impro mélodique sur un backing track sympa, avec juste mon Blackstar HT5R et ma pédale de delay.
Guitar : Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas "Pink Candy"
Facebook :
Logo by Shinsei

Jimi Mitchell,Joe Stump,Matthew Mills: Demo tracks posted featuring Mr Stump n Mr Mills

Jimi Mitchell: Ive been playing guitar since 1991. I love Metal and Classical music. Ive released 2 solo instrumental cd's. "Im For Real" 2005 and "The Intimidator" 2008. I have recently reissued my second album "The Intimidator". It was digitally remastered by Matthew Mills and has new cover art by Matthew Mills. It is currently available for mail order. Contact me for ordering info. I am currently recording the demos for my 3rd album which will feature lead vocals by my brother Aaron Mitchell. The new album will be a blend of Power Metal, Thrash Metal, NWOBHM and Neoclassical Metal. SO far there are 13 songs in the works.

Daren Nicholson: Seeing - Residual Shimmer performance video

Daren Nicholson performing "Seeing", from his CD, "Residual Shimmer". Recorded in October 2012, Copyright 2012, Raydiem Records.
Daren Nicholson: Residual Shimmer
Daren Nicholson: Residual Shimmer:
1. Seeing 4:41
2. Aida's Dream 4:24
3. Residual Shimmer 4:44
4. Moon Halo 4:39
5. Dark Matter 4:43
6. Quasar Chase 4:27
7. Read the Tell 4:54
8. Blu Ray Vapour  5:54

Vladimir Maisiuk: Daren's music is very deep and inspirational-takes me far away-somewhere there closer to my dreams area :) Lots of creativity,very nice arrangements ideas and some real quality guitar playing there...Keep it up!!!
Cheers... Vlad

About "Seeing"...
"I had completed a version of this track about 5 years ago. The arrangement was pretty much the same. Back then, I felt that it would be adequate to improvise one take over the entire backing track and that would be the track. So, after I had a couple of decent takes, I began listening a lot closer. I realized quickly that spontaneity and exuberance didn't make up for sloppiness, or lack of cohesiveness in the bigger musical picture. So, I redid the entire backing sequence with some smoother transitions in the arrangement. I got pretty meticulous with each phrase on the guitar. I think the track has an almost classical feel, where a story about overcoming despair and finding ones way to the light, to redemption and vindication, is told solely through music. I would love to see this played live with an orchestra someday." - Daren Nicholson

Daren Nicholson - SEEING performance video

Alex Hunter: Guest on Texas Pickin Party

Alex hunters appearance on this show.

Episode 107
Guest - Alex Hunter
Host - Brad Maule aka "Dr. Tony Jones" of General Hospital

Billy Kibble,Rick Graham: 13 year old ripping blues with Rick!

Billy Kibble

Hey =D
Im billy, im a 13 year old guitarist
I am a proud endorsee of beryl guitars, Splawn Amplification and H.B.E pedals!
I play in a band called The Phaze, were a female fronted rock band, who are gigging alot and getting amazing feedback.
This is 13 year old billy kibble jamming with Rick Graham, 2011 Guitarist Of The Year. Billy is endorsed by Beryl Guitars but in this video he was playing the loan guitar .Billy plays guitar with his band The Phaze

Thanks for watching

Rick Graham and Billy Kibble

Eric Maldonado: Fernandes Revolver X Shred Guitar 2.0

Eric Maldonado - Fernandes Revolver X Shred Guitar 2.0

Steve Vai: interview with Barbara Caserta for Linea Rock

Steve Vai interview 2012 by Barbara Caserta for Linea Rock

Steve Vai 2012

Jake E Lee: Rock N Roll - Tales from the Stage

Take a personal journey with some of the biggest names from the hard rock and heavy metal movement, as they relive their past, discuss the present, and enlighten us about their plans moving forward in the music industry.

Tales from the Stage #1 consists of 15 in depth interviews with some of the most influential names from the hard rock and heavy metal genre. Each interview starts with basic personal questions (birthday, hometown, education, marital status, etc) , then we dive into their career leaving no stone unturned. We clear up all controversies and ambiguities with their bands, band mates, and management. Then it’s a free for all;
If you took a drug test today what would it tell us?
When was your last run-in with the law?

Who will you be voting for in 2012 for President?
What do you drink during a gig?
Your craziest groupie experience?
Who are you listening to in your car right now?
Have you ever been afraid for your safety while on stage?

What kind of car do you drive?………and dozens others!

A portion of the proceeds from each book sold are being donated to Ride For Dime, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting music education through America’s youth.

Order Now
Jake E. Lee is back! A new album will be out first quarter of 2013, and here he is playing with Sass Jordan and Brian Tichy in S.U.N. Welcome back Jake!

Jason Becker: Evening Standard and Irish Times film reviews

This film is not just about him but about his girl, his parents, an extended family and the musicians who helped him when all seemed lost. It is impossible not to be moved and to feel that, despite all the horrible things that happen, there’s something decent about humans after all.

Deftly pieced together from straight-to-camera interviews, home movies and big-haired archive footage, Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet pays hearty tribute to Paganini-playing shredders and offers up a blueprint for dedicated care in the home and community.
In a huge, award-baiting week for film, in the rush to catch Amour and The Master, don’t overlook this crowd-funded crowd-pleaser. 

Laurie Monk: Band Camp adds a fan channel

Band Camp adds a fan channel to show peoples support of artists. Currently in beta invite only mode 

Milan Polak: Spanish Romance - Acoustic Shred

Published on Nov 16, 2012 by MilanPolak
Milan Polak - all acoustic guitars & bass
Thomas Lang - drums
Metin Meto - percussion
Milan Polak plays Yamaha acoustic guitars & basses exclusively.
Please support me by purchasing my music:
Milan Polak's albums are available on iTunes, CDBaby, amazon and guitar9.
For further order links please visit

"Spanish Romance" - Acoustic Shred (Milan Polak)

Tommy Emmanuel: Latest tour dates

For the latest tour dates, including 2013

Gary Hoey: The Kick Starter dream lands

Gary Hoey "Deja Blues" 
1. Boss You Around
2. Boot Mill Blues (feat. James Montgomery)
3. Almost Over You (feat. Jon Butcher)
4. Going Down
5. She's Walking (feat. Johnny A.)
6. Stranger
7. Born Under A Bad Sign
8. Got to Believe (feat. Frank Hannon)
9. Deja Blues
10. Hold Your Head Up High
 11. Addicted to You (exclusive bonus track)

pledged of $15,000 goal

Deja Blues is an album I've wanted to make for a long time, and to have our fans be a part of it. This is a dream come true!

It's great to see this model work for funding music and today the 286 backs are downloading digital versions Gary Hoey's latest album. I'll let you know if any more of these exciting interactive projects come on line.